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Nick & Roger Thijs from Hallaar shine with 1,3 & 4 Nat (z) Bourges yearlings

16 Jun 2021

In the Antwerp village Hallaar, the colony from Nick & Roger Thijs started of iron strong on the national races. The pigeons already came home very good from April on and took care of the necessary confidence direction their favourite terrain namely the national races of the greater middle distance. We know how hard they can hit when their pigeons are in shape and this was immediately the case on Bourges National. With the 1st , 2nd and 4th National (zone) with the yearlings against more than 3,000 pigeons they showed themselves immediately 

The week later on Chateauroux the confirmation followed with 4 pigeons in the Top 100 National and many prizes per 10 . 

Overview 2 National races

Bourges Nat (z) 4,514 old : 26,77,101,322,… 7/10
Bourges Nat (z) 3,333 yearlings : 1,3,4,24,41,52,58,185,203,215,264,287,… 18/20
Chateauroux Nat (z) 2,777 old : 22,26,50,…. 6/7
Chateauroux Nat (z) 2,441 yearlings : 5,16,18,42,84,115,147,189,… 13/18
Chateauroux Nat 24,617 old : 89,119,208,… 7/7
Chateauroux Nat 22,196 yearlings : 13,50,62,172,403,502,746,1001,1387,… 14/18

Both with cocks as hens 

Where they went a few years ago with the hens direction national races they decided to change strategy and do this now with the widow cocks as well. Both sexes are being raced on the classic widowhood and only the old pigeons could have a winter breeding. 

Afterwards only the hens were being darkened from the 1st of March until the end of April and no other coupling followed. 

The pigeons train twice a day as otherwise they don’t train enough. They only train per training flight 10 to 15 minutes and sometimes they have one more go but that’s it. This is also what they did in Spring so we can’t really talk about a base condition, they really had to get it from the races. 

What do you do as motivation?  

We like to keep it simple. The hens are during the week on the resting loft with an aviary in front of the loft where they can choose between the rest loft and the aviary. When we are going to basket them they can go into their box and after 1 to 2 minutes they are taken away. No dish or cocks is being showed at the moment. Normally we will show the nest dish soon but not a cock. 

Also the widow cocks don’t give a lot of work at basketing, they are just being taken out of the loft like that into the basket. 

When they get home they can stay together until the evening. 

What’s on the planning after 2 national races ?

The cocks get a week of rest and will do again double Argenton and La Souterraine while the hens will do shorter races. Depending on the weather we will decide what it is going to be, short distance or a smaller middle distance race. 

Which mixture do you use now ? 

We switched onto Aïda where we use Flight mix 1,2 & 3 and for the hens we use in the beginning of the week Girl Power. The last day they get Turbo Energy from Matador and as extra’s we make a lot of use of pealed sunflower pits. 

Best pigeons at the moment

BE 20-6185770 De 70 Hen

    1         Nat (z) Bourges                  3,333b
  20         Sermaises                               823b
  29         Sermaises                            1,729b
116         Nat Chateauroux             15,322b

Father BE 17-6052857 Favoriet 
Brother to “562/16” 6 Nat Ace bird GMD KBDB 

Gr.F. BE 14-6274403 Thor 
                Son to “Witte 6” x “826/09”
Gr.M. BE 15-6285010 Blue – Gaston Vandewouwer

Mother BE 14-6274422 De 22 Hen  
Won 1 Noyon 896b – 1 Sourdun 640b – 1 Gueret 324b ( 22 Nat 16,262b ) – 10 Nat (z) Chateauroux 5,939b – 16 Nat Bourges 19,736b – 36 Nat (z) Argenton 2,461b
Super breeding hen 
Mother to “868/17” 1 Nat (z) Gueret 1,413b 

Gr.F. BE 12-6234511 Den 11 Won 2 x 1st 
                Son to “BE 08-944” Son Bourges hen x “BE 07-209” 1st Ace bird MD 
Gr.M. BE 12-6234521 ½ sister Bourges hen 
                Daughter to “BE 07-229” Chequered x “BE 06-045” Base breeding mother Saliën 

BE 20-6185703 Blue hen

  3           Noyon                                   1,299b
  4           Nat (z) Bourges                   3,333b
50           Nat Chateauroux             22,196b
61           Sermaises                            1,393b

Father BE 14-6274857 Black Mol
Super breeder
Father to “Victoria” 10 Nat Chateauroux 14,762b – 21 Nat La Souterraine 16,613b
Father to “551/16” 2 Prov Blois 2,652b – 7 Nat Chateauroux 14,953b – 51 Nat Chateauroux 14,762b

Gr.F. BE 11-6217606 Witte 6 – Super breeder
Gr.M. BE 10-6197299 Vermeerbergen Wilms

Mother BE 17-6042924 Geert Lambrechts

Gr.F. BE 11-6132214 Lambrechts Stefaan
Gr.M. BE 14-6078731 Geert Lambrechts

BE 20-6185714 Hen 

10           Noyon                                      565b
13           Nat Chateauroux              22,196b
16           Noyon                                   2,092b
33           Sermaises                            1,729b
33           Sermaises                               823b

Father BE 18-5056489 Paul Huls

Gr.F. BE 16-2314770 Paul Huls
Gr.M. BE 15-2162301 Granddaughter Schilderij – Paul Huls
             Daughter to “BE 09-152” Son Jackpot Hen x “BE 13-778” Daughter Schilderij

Mother BE 15-6249630 
Won 5 Prov Vierzon 1,131b - 6 Nat Chateauroux 10,454b – 19 Nat Chateauroux 9,540b – 20 Prov Blois 1,022b

Gr.F. BE 09-6169816 Son Portier – N & R Thijs
                Son base breeder “Portier” x “09 Duivin” 1st Ace bird MD
Gr.M. BE 12-6234557 Daughter 12 – N & R Thijs 
                Daughter to “BE 11-648” Witte Van Dijck – Van Dijck x “BE 10-912” 1st Ace bird MD

We like to wish Nick , Roger & Godelieve a big congratulations on these wonderful results and a lot of success on the coming national races. 

 Buelens Kim