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Marc & Geert Pollin, Snellegem want to put the fire in the hole in 2021!

03 Apr 2021

Also at Marc & Geert Pollin we went to ask for their expectations for the season of 2021 and their answer is short and very clear as you will read at the end of this article. 

Snellegem, a partial village from Jabbeke, when you are standing at the house of Marc you can see the church of Snellegem in the distance and when you turn around you can also see the one from Jabbeke, you can’t find an environment more Flemish as here. Nevertheless, this village is at only 10 kilometres as the crows fly from the Northern Sea. In other words not a good position at all in comparison with the rest of the country to compete the national races. 

Marc Pollin (75 year ) is the captain of the ship although a lot, not to say everything, is being talked about in tandem, Marc stays the patriarch of the loft. Opinions and thoughts can difference but Marc takes the decisive decisions on and around the loft. 
Geert Pollin (49 year):’As mentioned we work together a lot as a family, but my main job is more ‘the paper work’.
Certainly not to forget are Diana (Marc’s wife) and Samran (Geert’s wife) who are in for all the practical work and support. ‘Throughout the years we grew as a real solid team’ complements Geert.

Marc: ‘I got in contact with pigeon sport from home, my father also raced pigeons. My parents were farmers. The combination of the work on the field and the care of the pigeons wasn’t always simple. That’s why, as from the moment it was possible, the care of the pigeons came into my hands. In fact you can say that I got it given from birth on.’
‘After my marriage I started immediately with my own loft.’ continues Marc, ‘My wife, Diana, was luckily also very fond of the sport. Next to the care of our own pigeons we were also for years contributors within pigeon clubs. Myself as basketer, my wife as admin. Thanks to this I held probably hundred thousand pigeons in my hands, a very educational experience as a beginning pigeon fancier.’ 

Geert: ‘as you can read above, our family breaths pigeons…Pigeons are the talk around the table, friends are mostly fellow pigeon fanciers,…hard not to get interested (LOL).

Interesting is that I get to go my own way within pigeon sport as I am collector for a few one loft races. Organizers that I can count as friends by now. Especially the OLR Thailand, the country of birth of my wife, whereby we can combine holiday and pigeons.’ 

Pigeon history

The first big milestone in the history of the loft was the acquisition of the “De Vooruit”. A pigeon that raced super for Vondelinck-Delaleeuw from Beerst. This was still before the time of pedigrees but this pigeons would come from the old strain Vanhee in combination with Florizoone.

In the eighties we got successes with direct children, next with grandchildren…when we would go back far enough in the current pedigrees of the pigeons we would certainly find him back. 

End of the eighties a second wave of base pigeons came to the loft. Pigeons with results who proved themselves after their racing career on the breeding loft.  A few examples “De Perpignan” (1st international Perpignan), “De Montauban” (top results on national races)”, “De Kleine Poitiers” (phenomenal Poitiers racer), “De Barcelona” (10th national Barcelona),…
These pigeons were the founders of the new generation. 

A new generation based on the former pigeons manifested at the beginning of the new century. Top pigeons such as “Mortifer” (Olympiad pigeon Dortmund Extreme Long distance), “Dortmunder” (Olympiad pigeon Long Distance), “Nai” (super breeder), “Limoges” (1st nat Limoges yl),… Combinations out of these top pigeons were and still are the pigeons that set the results at the moment. 

The newest generation exists out of national winners 2015. (grand)Children to “New Belgian Pride”, “Joe”, “Bruce” and “Montauban II” are part of the racing team. 

Loft and selection 

The racing team exists out of about 90 widowers (old and yearling) and about 10 yearling hens. Yearly we breed, in different rounds, about 100 youngsters. In a matter of breeders we have 25 couples. Due to the presence of 10 breeding boxes we can easily re-couple our couples which is a huge advantage. 

Selecting is a really easy job for us…Those who don’t set results go out, no matter which pedigree you have! 

Last year, where it was unsure for a long time whether we could race or not, we selected before the start of the season once more extra strict and started the season with a lot less pigeons. 

Training schedule

Beginning of April the racing team is being coupled, than we start the training of the cocks. In about 5 steps they are being prepared for the first race, depending on the weather circumstances this is Arras (100km) or Clermont (200km). Once they reached these distances they won’t get tossed anymore. Only training around the loft, twice a day, once in the morning, once in the evening and each time 1 hour. 
It is only when the widow cocks go to the middle distance races that we spent attention to the youngsters. 

Youngsters are mainly trained, have to do races until even the nationals but seen the races with the youngsters isn’t our main goal, these races will be done without a lot of motivation. 

Food and care

Our feeding system is fully based on Versele-Laga. Their balanced out food has all what they need at the right time. The mixtures Traditional Breeding, Moulting and Sport are being given at those times needed. During the season Sport is being accomplished sometimes with Gerry Plus.

On a daily base all pigeons get Kaucabam in the drinking pot. We are convinced that Kaucabam strengthen their resistance and takes care of the fact that the pigeons are less vulnerable for small issues. 

Before the breeding- and racing season we go to vet Wim Boddaert. We never cure blindly, only on advice of the vet. We give on a daily base Kaucabam and this is already preventive. 

Expectations season 2021?

Fire in the hole!

If possible…


Our own results are very important off course. But what we can enjoy of at least as much, or even more, is that other fanciers succeed with our pigeons. 

A short overview of the past year:

1st final  OLR As Golden Pigeon Race – winter edition ’20 (50% Pollin pigeon)
1st Ace bird OLR Pattaya –Thailand ’20  (50% Pollin pigeon)
3rd final  OLR South Africa Million Dollar race ‘20  (50 % Pollin pigeon)
8th final OLR Pattaya – Thailand ‘20  (50% Pollin pigeon)
9th final OLR Pattaya – Thailand ‘20 (50% Pollin pigeon)

1st Ace bird Extreme long distance year birds Romania ’20  (50% Pollin pigeon)
5th Ace bird KBDB All Round old & yearling ’20 (50% Pollin pigeon)

A proof that our strain can cross in easily with other pigeons / strains. 

Marc and Geert (and wives off course), thank you for letting us have a look and we truly like to wish you a great season in 2021…PUT THE FIRE IN THE HOLE ! Good luck !