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Long distance phenomenon Dieter Ballmann

25 Feb 2022

Scoring a high percentage on the national and international races for many is not given to many of us but one top fancier succeeds perfectly in this aim and that is Dieter Ballmann. 

Thanks to his strong breeding loft, he succeeds every year to come up with strong results and the results prove it more than enough. That is why Dieter can boast the following overview. Results that can more than count: 

TOP-15 to 2021 inclusive

1st International ace Barcelona 2011-2012
1st International ace Marseille 2015-2017
1st National Perpignan 6,489b. (2004)
1st National Montélimar 3,998b. (2016)
2nd National Pau 1,984b. (2009)
3rd National Barcelona 12,612b. (2007)
3rd National Marseille 3,179b. (2011)
3rd National Marseille 2,336b. (2018)
4th National Perpignan 7,611b. (2005)
5th National Montélimar 8,040b. (2011)
6th National Marseille 2,166b. (2016)
6th National Béziers 6,336b. (2003)
7th National Marseille 3,179b. (2011)
7th National Montélimar 3,624b. (2015)
8th National Barcelona 11,875b. (2003)
9th National Barcelona 12,170b. (2011)
9th National Perpignan 5,254b. (2015)
9th National Narbonne 3,506b. (2018)
10th National Montauban 6,187b. (2007)
11th National Marseille 2,612b. (2014)
11th National Valence 7,591b. (2020)
14e National Barcelona 11,590b. (2012)

No wonder that the breeding loft of Dieter is littered with top breeders. Some of the gems are:

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The class of the Ballmann pigeons does not only excel on the lofts of Dieter but also of many other well-known fanciers it is "bingo" with the input of the Ballmann pigeons. 

1 National Brive 22.026 pig 2001  Joseph Schmitz        
1 National Marseille 2.376 pig 2013 Tony Hubrechts       
1 National Narbonne 4.047 pig 2015 Joseph Schmitz       
1 National Tulle 6.229 pig Joseph Schmitz        
1 International Barcelone 2015 chez Cuffel (orig. Ballmann via Y.Deneufbourg)    
1 As International Grand-Fond 3 concours et 1 pigeon Olympique Cat E 2021 chez Daniel Bragard  
1 Meilleure Femelle Européenne Grand Fond   2021 chez Daniel Bragard      
1 As National Marseille 2020-2021 George Wauthy       
1 As International Narbonne 4 ans 2017 à 2020 chez Leon Natens      
1 As National Pau 2 ans 2017 et 2018 chez Leon Natens       
1 National Valence 2018 7.682 pig Dominiuqe Culot       
1 National Perpignan 2018 Allemagne chez Peter Nitsch       
1 National Perpignan 2020 Allemagne chez Hubert Stollenwerk      
1 National Zone Tulle 1.045 pig Roland Canion-Sobbowlak       
1 National Pau 2021 chez Friedbert Daniels Berks Allemagne      
2 National et 7 International Marseille 2015 Heinen Reiner Bütgenbach      
2 International Bordeaux et 2 As du Rhone 2011-2012 chez Joost De Smeyter     
2 Primus Inter Pares Barcelona 2018 Christian Vrebos       
2 As pigeon National Grand Fond Belgique 2021 chez Daniel Bragard      
3+4+5 National - 3+5 International Marseille 2017 chez Marc Divers      
2 National Marseille 2018 2,336 pig Georges Wauthy       
3 Final race Uman One Loft Ukraine Master, 10 ace pigeon, 3 semi-final FCI 420 km Team Gold-Pigeon Germany  
3 National Valence 2018 7.682 pig Georges Wauthy      
4 International Pau 2021 chez Friedbert Daniels Berks      
4 As Pigeon National Grand Fond Belgique 2021 chez Daniel Bragard      
5 National Marseille 2021 George Wauthy        
6 Nat Barcelona + 27 Internat Barcelona 2020   12.315 pig Mathues Willy     
1 As du Rhône Kitano Cup Olivier Devos         
Chez Yvon Deneufbourg, la ligne du 'Titan' (1 National Perppignan) a déjà donné     
plusieurs cracks comme le fameux 'l'Ange'       
Chez Depasse-Lardenoy, les pigeons Ballmann se sont très bien croisé comme p.ex.   
Miss Perpignan 2 International Perpignan Fem. 4 National Perpigan et      
7 International Perpignan.  La "Amel" a déjà fait le 62 Nat Barcelone 16,      
60 International Barcelone 13 femelles, 150 Nat Barcelone 2017, 14 as Internat.    
Barcelone 2016-2017, 7 as National Barcelone 2016-2017, 16 as International     
De "St.Vincent" chez Van Overstraeten Eugène et Steve remporte en 2018    
46 Nat St.Vincent,253 Nat Perpignan,627 Nat Pau,1419 Nat Limoges 15.789 pig     
20 Nat Montélimar 2020 Yeralings chez Krings Alex (4 Nat Zone C, 4 Prov, 2 Local)     
En outre, de nombreuses victoires au niveau provincial comme p.ex.      
1 + 2 prov Barcelone 2017 chez Christian Bouhy       
1 prov Perpignan 2018 chez Daniel Bragard        
1 Prov Tarbes 2010 Tony Hubrechts         
1 Prov Soustons (6 Internationale 10.190 pig) chez André Piret      


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