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Lady Issoudun Comb. v/d Meer-Plomp at the top again heavy Chateauroux

20 Jul 2021

1st club/1st teamplay Westland/1st district west/8th Provincial Z-H

In the spotlights on our Herbots site, we have already seen the combination van der Meer/Plomp from 'S-Gravenzande on the Dutch coast with their phenomenon Lady Issoudun twice. Certainly one of the best stayers in the Netherlands in the 1-day long distance race

For the third time….

On the Herbots site, then you have to come from high places. And this top hen does that:

1st Issoudun Provincial 10850 pigeons

19th Vierzon provincial 7419 pigeons

35 Issoudun Provincial 7118 pigeons

8th Chateauroux provincial 6305 pigeons

The 700……

Or Lady Issoudun, bred from pigeons from Ted Franke and Peet and Ted Kester, real Westland pigeon fanciers. This top hen, who probably also scores highly with WHZB, thrives very well under the punctual care of Ad and Ary. A touch of Herbots products/Herbovet on the advice of Herbot's family friend Theo de kruijk has brought this lady to great heights.

Ad and Ary again a top performance!!!

Combination Van der Meer-Plomp ‘S Gravenzande