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Koen Van Roy (Asse) when winning 1st prizes is grounded in the genes !

06 May 2020

Asse: The  “Snassersweg in Asse” … we do not need any GPS system to show us the road to drive to the successful champion loft of Koen Van Roy. The racing season 2019 was again one of another level and when we counted well, we came to 26 x 1st prize (no doubles counted) and this on races between 170km and 550km. 
With other words the hen-team (cocks are not raced) performed on an extremely high level. For those who did not remember anymore… in the period 2014 – 2017 Koen clocked 130 first prizes (no doubles counted) and in 2018 his name was published 25 times behind number 1 on the race result. So when you count all the victories of the last 5 racing seasons you end at the number of 181 x 1st prize ! No wonder that Koen continues to impress the international pigeon world with such a list of victories. In 2017 he was crowned 1st General champion KBDB province of Flemish Brabant and before he also won: 1st provincial champion KBDB middle distance old 2015, 1st and 2nd provincial ACE pigeon KBDB middle distance old 2015 and 2nd Olympiad pigeon Brussels 2017 with "Linda". In fact, we only have one word for the Van Roy colony: "Class" ... pure class". Let's call a spade a spade! 


As acts speak louder than words… 


Koen has a treatment schedule that is anything but complicated. He will make sure to obtain as many top results as possible with a minimum of effort. By way of speaking, he only holds 1 very strong trump card: the QUALITY of his pigeons. Koen has never spared an investment in order to get to the top and the pigeons he purchased always underwent an extremely rigorous selection. If they do not live up to the expectations, they have to go. Thanks to this selection, Koen now has an efficient and powerful breeding loft that is built from original GERARD KOOPMAN, HERMANS LEO, DE RAUW-SABLON, ERIK LIMBOURG, HOOYMANS JAN pigeons. Unique and rare!


Meanwhile, Koen has been known to draw the hens' card. With a group of about 30 hens, he goes to battle every year. They are played up to and including the last national race and then they go to the aviary where they stay until March. The hens are not bred with in the winter period. From the beginning of March the hens are prepared for the new season. In the beginning they train once a day, but from mid-March the ladies have to train 1 to 1,5 hours. 

Koen's racing loft has 4 departments. These 4 departments are in fact taken over by the youngsters. In front of the lofts, there is an aviary, in one department of which the racing hens are kept. This aviary is completely open (no roof) and the hens stay in this open aviary day and night. The only thing that was changed to the aviary is the floor (see photo)… this system avoid pairing on the aviary floor.

The loft has 1 central entrance for all pigeons. When the hens are basketted Koen must first bring the youngsters in 2 departments, so that the other 2 departments become available. 30-some hens are given 15 available cocks and the party starts. The first few months, none of the cocks has a regular hen and sometimes the hens fight over a cock. Chaos and jealousy are the driving force behind the successes of this hen squad. On arrival there is chaos as well ... the first hen in gets the first pick of the cocks. 


It would wonder me if somebody on this planet has more related birds to olympiad bird “Olympiade 003” as Koen Van Roy. Koen bought in 2010 this world-famous Heremans-Ceusters cock in 2010 and the youngest direct children have a 2012-ring. All those direct children were transferred to a breeding box and thanks to this strategy Koen succeeded to breed a close “Olympiade 003” family.


A very strong base on the breeding loft is the superb breeding line of Olympiad bird “Linda”. “Linda” (B13-2068089) was not only crowned as 1st provincial ace KBDB middle distance but represented also Belgium at the Olympiad in Brussels in 2017. “Linda” won 12 x 1st prize: 1st Souppes 2,732b. – 1st Souppes 1,572b. – 1st Souppes 1,181b. – 1st Noyon 972b. – 1st Souppes 930b. – 1st Souppes 730b. – 1st Souppes 306b. – 1st Noyon 297b. – 1st Souppes 252b. – 1st Souppes 206b. – 1st Souppes 162b. – 1st Noyon 148b.

“Linda” is born in a “winning family” some full sister won.: 

“438- Sister Linda” BE17-2109438: won incl. doubles 4 x Top-5 and without doubles 21 prizes - 13 x 1/10 and 1 x 1/100. 

“470-Sister Linda” BE17-2109470 : won 5th National ace LCB 2017 – 32 prizes (without doubles) - 17 x 1/10 en 4 x 1/100

“184-Sister Linda” BE15-2313184: won without doubles 43 prizes: 1 x 1/10 and 1 x 1/100

“Linda” was born out the coupling “Lucky 29” ( won 5 x 1st prize - strain Gerard Koopman x De Rauw-Sablon - via Erik Limbourg) x “Lucky Daisy” (won 2 x 1st prize and 30th Nat. La Souterraine 16,665b. – strain: De Rauw-Sablon via Erik Limbourg)

Do we have with “Turbo Magic” one of the most underestimated grandsons of “Kleine Dirk” (Gerard Koopman) ? 
“Turbo Magic” (NL06-5624020) was auctioned by Veenstra Pieter after he has won following top results: 1st NPO Strombeek 22,153b. – 3rd Pommeroeul 24,949b. – 3rd Meer 1,972b. – 20th Duffel 28,726b. – 26th Boxtel 25,331b. – 46th Meer 21,526b.. 
“Turbo Magic” is not only a good race bird but also an excellent master breeder. He became father of: 

“Turbo liza” B15-2313200 : 9 x 1st prize: 1st Souppes 2,555b. – 1st Souppes 1,535b.

“Turbo Pootje” : 1st Souppes 2,824b. – 1st Souppes 1,978b. – 1st Souppes 259b. – 1st Souppes 256b. – 1st Souppes 232b. – 1st Souppes 215b. – 1st Souppes 207b.

“001-14”: 1st Souppes 2,255b. – 1st Souppes 1,535b. – 1st Quievrain 268b. – 1st Souppes 236b.

“Fast As Lightening” (by Veenstra): 1st Pommeroeul 17,596b. – 1st Arras 422b. – 5th Pommeroeul 2,243b. 

and last but not least is there the famous "Harry" (Jan Hooymans) family.  Also from this breeding line only the best of the best is present on the breeding loft of Koen