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Koen & Kelly Stevens - Wettinck from Serskamp definitely make the move to the big middle distance

07 Oct 2021

Kelly & Koen Stevens have been known for years for their top results in the speed and middle-distance races. Because of the move to the big middle-distance, Kelly and Koen decided to sell their speed- and middle-distance pigeons. All top pigeons who have more than proven their skills.  

When husband and wife are crazy about the pigeons and you meet each other in this world, something beautiful can come out of it. This was the case for Koen Stevens and Kelly Wettinck who each used to play separately but since 2018 they practice the pigeon sport together in Kelly's home base. They look at it mainly from the fun side of the hobby, especially seeing pigeons train and come home and having a drink around the table with friends. At home, each has his own task, Kelly is mainly concerned with the youngsters while Koen takes care of the widowers and the breeders.  

But what prevails in Serskamp is the motivation, they both want to have very good pigeons and compete every week for the win. That is why they went looking for national ace pigeons or to get children or brothers/sisters from these top pigeons. To whom did they go to get something super? Some great colonies are doing very well here. At this moment, there are 30 direct Leo Heremans pigeons on the breeding loft ( especially the lines from Rossi x Spinneke, Nieuwe Olympiade and Bolt are doing very well here) 2 children from Nieuwe Kittel from Dirk Van Den Bulck , the "Kannibaal" and "Olympic Niels" line from Dirk Van Dijck with at last the contribution of Paul Huls. Also from Halle Booienhoven came from the Herbots family some toppers which will be tested extensively now. Why this last contribution ? Mainly with the intention to compete on a national level. There is no lack of ambition.  

Biggest success on another loft

In 2019 Emiel Van den Bergh won 1st Olympiadove Cat.F 2019 with his top hen "Olympic Sofia". She was a super hen on the speed with 1 Noyon 2,515d, 1 Noyon 1,896d, 2 Noyon 3,405d, 4 Noyon 2,132d, 10 Noyon 2,992d. Both parents originate from the Stevens Wettinck colony and therefore this top hen moved to the breeding loft of family Herbots where she already became mother of 11 Nat Bourges 28,319d and 10th National Ace pigeon young middle distance LCB 2019.  

With 30 breeding couples and another 20 breeding couples that raise mainly the eggs of the best pigeons, we work here.  

Until now, we only play with widowers. Mostly 28 of them ( 8 old and 20 yearlings ) where the least of them raise in winter the eggs of the first round of breeders. Afterwards they are coupled at the beginning of March for another 4 days and the season can start for them.  

The widowers are racing every week until the end of July. Then we know who will survive and who will not. They have to fly 6 times per 10 or they don't stay. Every year we try to make the selection stricter and stricter so that it gets better and better.  

In the run-up to the season, they train once a day until the season starts, then twice and at 9.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. they take to the skies for one hour.  

For the motivation, we apply the real old widowhood. They get to see their hen for 5 minutes before basketing and then everything is taken away. When they come home, they can stay together for 2 hours and after that, they are calm again on the loft.

Some toppers from this colony which are in auction

BE18-2052727 ‘Sister Olympic Sofia’ Lot N°1

Only raced as young bird and won:
  13      Noyon               632b.                        170km
  32      combine         2,515b.           
  15      Noyon               372b.                        170km
100      combine         1,501b.
  17      Noyon               512b.                       170km
  41      combine         2,115b.
  21      Noyon               447b.                        170km
112      combine         2,197b.
  27      Noyon               581b.                       170km
  83      combine         2,132b.
  71      Noyon               754b.                        170km 
254      combine         3,004b.

Is a full sister to “Olympic Sofia”. “Olympic Sofia” won:
            1st Olympic bird Poznan ’19 – Cat. F
            1st Provincial ace KBDB short distance
            5th National ace KBDB short distance
            1          Noyon             2,515b.
            1          Noyon             1,896b.
            2          Noyon             3,405b.
            4          Noyon             2,132b.
            10        Noyon             2,992b.

Is mother to:
“B20-4138737”: 19th Sermaises 578b.
“B20-4138818”: 14th Orleans 404b.

BE 17-4117402 ‘Tripple Ace’ Checquered cock
Lot N°2a (is being sold together with his father BE154057590)
Won (no doubles):    
49 prizes on 52 races  - 27 prizes 1/10
100% prize as young bird ‘17
1st ace and “super ace” yearbirds ½ fond ’18 
(club level)
1st ace old birds ½ fond ’20 (club level)

2nd “super ace” old birds ½ fond ’19 (club level)
28th National ace KBDB ½ Fond old birds ‘19

1          Sermaises                   141b.               319km
1          Sermaises                   188b.              324km
1          Chevrainvilliers          82b.                319km
2          Noyon                        412b.              170km
2          Vierzon                       628b.              437km
31        Provincial                7,315b.
4          Argenton                    307b.              519km
4          Sermaises                   217b.              319km
5          Toury                          513b.              343km
8          Toury                          347b.              343km
8          Noyon                        207b.              170km
10        Sermaises                   196b.              324km

Is a full brother to:
“B17-4117351”: 1st Toury 1,125b. – 4th/1,718b.
“B18-4081136”: 1st Chateauroux 485b. (6th prov.
4,800b. – 294th Nat. 20,800b.) - 3rd Noyon 495b.
“B18-4081137”: 19th Argenton 607b.

Father BE 15-4057590 Chequered

Gr.V. BE 10-6211254 Dark shelled - Won 1 Noyon 801d - 2 Noyon 1,261d Son of "BE 07-764" Blue x "BE 06-030" Dark white penGr.M. BE 06-6273388 Shale - Emiel Raeymaekers Mother of 8x 1st

Mother NL 15-1895336 Scooped 100% Leo Heremans Sister of "NL 15-1895321" Father Freddy with 8x 1st Gr.V. BE 12-6321400 Golden Rossi Leo Heremans Son of "BE 06-179" New Rossi 2 x 1st x "BE 06-039" One-eyed maleGr. M. BE 13-6075085 Lizeth Leo Heremans Full sister "New Olympiad" Olympiad pigeon Poznan 2011 Daughter of "BE 09-363" Son of Galantos Koopman x "BE 08-812" Scooped

BE17-4117412 “De Crack”

Won (no doubles):    
51 prizes on 52 races – 22 prizes 1/10
2nd ace yearbirds (club) with 100% prize in ‘18

 1      Toury                          440b.              343km
  2      Sermaises                     88b.               324km
  4      Chevrainvilliers                        41b.               319km
  4      Noyon                        303b.              170km
  4      Argenton                    307b.              519km
  8      Toury                          384b.              343km
10      Noyon                        496b.              170km
10      Brières Les Scelles      397b.              308km

Is a full brother to:
“339-17”: won (no doubles) 32 prizes on 36 races – 
6 prizes 1/10 - 3rd ace yearbird (club) with 100% 
prize in ‘18
“338-17”: 13th Noyon 496b.

Is a halfbrother to:
“707-20”: 6th Sermaises 138b.

Father: “Den 028” B08-4116028
Won on 2 racing seasons: 16 x 1st prize

Mother: “Blauw 060” B14-2108060 
– original Mantels Stefan
Born out “Den 51” (29th prov. Gien 4,044b. – 33rd prov. 
Orleans 3,682b. - 74th Nat. Bourges 12,549b.) x 
“Blue Ace Dream” (daughter 2nd Nat. ace long distance 
KBDB ’07 “Blue Ace” Limbourg Erik) 

Really great material to strengthen your own breeding loft if you want to shine on speed and middle distance!

Koen & Kelly, good luck with the sale and with the full focus on the big middle distance in 2022!