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Kobe & Kato Herbots from Velm and their super breeding line “Geof”

26 Aug 2022

The Limburg Velm, home of Kobe & Kato Herbots together with their dad Raf Herbots. A search for ace pigeons that can come in all circumstances, that was the goal in recent years. The search for the super breeder against whom you can cross multiple pigeons and who then continue to pass on their best genes. By discovering the super breeding line of “Geof” they are sitting here on roses.

A short overview of what achievements have come from this bloodline so far

1 World Best Pigeon All Round Belgium 2019
1 Nat Olympiad bird Cat.B Belgium 2020
4 Nat Olympiad bird Cat.D Belgium 2020
6 Nat Ace GMD young birds KBDB 2020

1st National La Souterraine 14.315 young birds
1st Semi National Montlucon 8.334b
1st I.Prov Montlucon 2.412b ( 3th National 23.960d ) 
1st Provincial Fay Aux Loges 2.330b ( fastest from 5.460 birds )
1st Bourges 730b ( 16th National 18.710b ) 
2nd Provincial Argenton 3.065b ( 27th National 22.869 young birds ) 
4th Provincial Argenton 5.661b ( 18th National 22.869 young birds ) 
7th Br.Union Orléans 2.496 young birds
13th National Chateauroux 20.789 young birds
24th Provincial Bourges 3.555d ( 181th National 23.846 young birds ) 
24th Provincial Chateauroux 3.525 young birds
31th Provincial Bourges 6.538 young birds
28th National Tulle 3.064b 
38th National Bourges 23.847 jonge.
40th National Bourges 23.191b
69th National Bourges 23.854b

Successes in other lofts thanks to a strong breeding base

BE 16-2146541 “Geof”

This is a cock that came about thanks to the strategy of this colony. Performing first and then breeding, the best pigeons were always coupled here after the season with the best breeders and that's how "Geof" was created. His father won a 6th National Bourges against 36,307 youngsters and his mother is a daughter of “Super One” who won 44th National Argenton against 19,303 pigeons (she is also a daughter of super breeder Gaston Jr from Bart & Nance Van Oeckel) who was coupled to “F16”, the ancestor of Bart & Nance Van Oeckel.

Recent top references at national level

In the meantime he has already become father and grandfather of several top pigeons.

The “Geof” had really grown into a real top breeder in recent years and now again in the 2022 season, the breeding line of “Geof” can be found in several top pigeons that race in Belgium.

He is father of “BE 22-2124009” ( bred by Kobe and Kato Herbots )
( flown at Van Den Abbeel – Van Paesschen )
1st National Ace Pigeon extreme middle distance youngsters after 2 national races all over the country.

Races in 2 National races 4th Provincial Argenton 5,661 youngsters ( 18th National 22,869 youngsters ) and 38th National Bourges 23,847 youngsters.Thanks to these performances, this pigeon is in the lead as 1st National Ace Pigeon longer middle distance youngsters after 2 national races all over the country.

“Geof” was here coupled to a daughter of stock father “Yvan” ( Herbots Jo & Raf ) who was then coupled to “Inteelt New Nationaal 1” ( Vader x Daughter). “New National 1” won 1st National Limoges 10,554 pigeons from B & N Van Oeckel.

At Dirk Cloetens "Magic Dries" has become the new super breeder in 2 years time, he is a ½ brother of "Geof" and comes from the same mother "Super F16" ( Daughter F16 B & N Van Oeckel x Super One ). He already breeds real toppers with 3 different hens.

Father of

“BE 22-2085802” Black
She is so far the 8th National Ace Pigeon Extreme Middle Distance Youngsters after 2 national races all over the country.

She won 2nd Provincial Argenton 3,065b ( 27th National 22,869 youngsters ) and 24th Provincial Bourges 3,555b ( 181st National 23,846 youngsters ) and also won 7th Br.Unie Orléans 2,496 youngsters. A real super hen.

 “BE 21-2076154” 
Won 1st Bourges 730b ( 16th Nationaal 18.710b ) – 2 Sermaises  367b - 3 Sermaises 1.052b – 4 Sermaises 924b – 11 Br.Unie Orléans 1.725b

“BE 21-2076112” 
Won 2 Sermaises 521b – 2 Orléans 196b - 3 Momignies 315b – 5 Sermaises 426b - 7 Sermaises 924b - 14 Momignies 1.568b

“BE 21-2076153” 
Won 2 Sermaises 407b - 3 Sermaises 164b – 6 Sermaises 426b - 10 Bourges 614b – 13 Sermaises 668b

"Geof" used to be father and grandfather of the following toppers

Father from “BE 18-2135111” Olympic Manuela
( raced with Herbots Jo & Raf ) 5 x 1st

1 World Best Pigeon All Round België 2019
1 Nat Olympiadeduif Cat.B België 2020
4 Nat Olympiadeduif Cat.D België 2020
1         S.Nat Montlucon I             8.334p        529km
1         I.Prov Montlucon II            2.412p        529km
3         Nat                                   23.960p       old + yls
28       Nat     Tulle                        3.064p        635km
40       Nat     Bourges                23.191p       458km
69       Nat     Bourges                23.854p       458km

Father from “BE 20-2100210” Super Geof
( raced with Van den Abbeel – Van Paesschen )
6 Nat Ace GMD young birds KBDB 2020
13       Nat     Chateauroux I        20.789p       497km
24       Prov   Chateauroux II         3.525p        497km
31       Prov   Bourges                    6.538p        452km

Grandfather from “New National Geof” ( raced with Van Den Abbeel – Van Paesschen )

1         NAT   La Souterraine       14.315p       563km


Grandfather from “Home Alone”
1         Prov   Fay Aux Loges          2.330p        386km
                        Fastest from           5.460p
2         S.Prov Sourdun                      776p        280km
9                     Laon                            615p        165km
44                   Soissons                  2.166p        197km

This is a short summary of some super top pigeons from this fantastic breeding line "Geof", the last of which we will not have seen yet. Always looking for "Number 1" is the motto of the Herbots house. This was the case in the years when Filip Herbots started with pigeons and is still the case today. Only the best is good enough.

Next winter we will definitely come up with something very special in an internet auction of this super line. Keep an eye on our website

Buelens Kim