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Jo & Florian Henriks (Nijswiller) win 1st and 2nd NPO Sezanne against 8,463 birds

28 Aug 2020

We already knew for a long time that Jo & Florian Hendriks are top class. Last year they conjured up world results from Vierzon, Chateauroux and Argenton and last weekend it was bingo again. On the program was the NPO race from Sezanne. Just counted 282km from Nijswiller and against 8,463 pigeons our sympathetic champions win: 1-2-15-70-114-119-125-132 and so on.


“Galactico” wins 1st NPO Sezanne against 8,463 youngbirds

“Sienna” wins 2nd NPO Sezanne against 8,463 youngbirds, with 1 second of difference with loftmate  “Galactico”


At the beginning Jo had pigeons from ao. Janssen via Wout Sleulders (Neunen) and this out of all his toppers like “Het Kanon”, “De Generaal” and “Olympiade 08”. Via uncle Thijs Vluggen (Gulpen) the “Kleine 273” came on to the loft and the offspring of this top pigeon is unique. His son “Popeye” was a super breeder and his off spring are still to be found in the current pigeons.  
In 2008 Jo and Florian decided to align the game of the old pigeons totally on the long distance races and that’s why they did some targeted sales in buying pigeons from known champions such Gaby Vandenabeele, Jan Hooymans, Gerard Koopman and Verkerk Gerard & Bas (daughter out of “Eye Catcher”).
The breeding loft of our champions is a wealth on top quality as at this moment there are no less than 10 direct children form the world famous “Harry” (NL07-2007621 - 7 sons and 3 daughters) and about 10 original Gerard Koopman pigeons (especially out of the strain “Zina”). Next to this our champions are also very successful with children out “King Kong” (NL09-1499901 – 5 x 1st prize), a full sister to “Friendship” (Jan & Rik Hermans) and the explosive breeding line from “Kleine Gerard”