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Jespers - Vanderwegen (Holsbeek); speaking about pure class

19 Apr 2020

Holsbeek: The tandem Jespers-Vanderwegen, and we are talking about Herman Jespers and Johny Vanderwegen, are known for their chain results on a regional, provincial and national level. After winning the 1st National La Souterraine in 2014 against 9,204 yearbirds and in 2015 the 1st National ace KBDB Fond youngsters on their palmares the last season was bingo again, this time on the national race from Montluçon. Not only were they primus against 14,104 year old pigeons but their widower "Justin" was with a speed of 1346.19 m/m also the fastest of all 23,963 Montluçon racers.


Let's see how this magnificent colony was built. In 1993 Herman Jespers started at the current address with a legion of foreigners that he had gathered from friends. Later pigeons from Sylvain Vandevelde, Holsbeek and Yschol-Janssen, Houwaart were added.

In the blessed year 2003 they bumped into Dirk Van Dyck, Zandhoven... It clicked right away. Herman and Johny paid Dirk a visit and when they got their hands on that quality they did not hesitate for a second to make the necessary investments. The Van Dyck acquisitions were a bull's-eye as Herman and Johny got no less than their basic breeder "Little Dirk" B03/6086339 who is a grandson of the "Bourges" and who in turn is a brother of the world famous "Kannibaal". "They were pigeons that could fly right away national top results" say Herman and Johnny in choir.

In 2005 they already looked over the border and one day they were on the sidewalk near Ad Schaerlaeckens, Baarle-Nassau. They got there pigeons that mainly brought speed in the trunk. The crossing Van Dyck x Schaerlaeckens took as the best butter on a thick sandwich and a lot of Herman and Johny owe to the tribe pair "Kleine Dirk" (line "De Kannibaal" of Dirk Van Dyck) x "Fleur" (line "Ace Four" of Ad Schaerlaeckens). Children and grandchildren perform really sublime. 

In 2010 pigeons were also collected from Gaby Vandenabeele, Dentergem... and also this input was successful because the 1st national ace KBDB youngsters came from the cross of Vandenabeele x "Daughter Kleine Dirk".

Globally we can say... all combinations succeed as soon as there is a pinch of Dirk Van Dyck !


We also go back to the national flight from La Souterraine. In total there were 16,449 old and yearlings basketed and the Jespers-Vanderwegen pigeons shone to run against the 9,815 yearlings with the 1st and 3rd place. National winner was "Nadette" (B13-2006488)...with her speed of 1190 m/m she was also the fastest of all 16449 La Souterraine racers. Coincidence or not ... "Nadette" is a granddaughter of regular couple "Kleine Dirk" x "Fleur". 

The 3rd place national was won by "Ramona" (B13-2006491). "Ramona" is a daughter of "Ronaldo", so half a sister (same father) of 1st National ace KBDB youngsters "Super Ricka" and on the mother's side "Ramona" is a granddaughter of the breeding pair "Kleine Dirk" x "Fleur".


B15/2000253 "Super Ricka" is the 1st Nat. ace Large Middle Distance Youngsters 2015. She was born out of "Ronaldo" (son "Rudy" - Gaby Vandenabeele) x "Tania" (daughter "Kleine Dirk" x "Breeding hen"). "Super Ricka" went immediately to her exceptional class and got 1st National ace KBDB great middle distance youngbirds with following top prizes. 141 Nat. Bourges 36,307 d... 56th nat. Argenton 11.223 d... 16th La Souterraine nat. ZB 1.633 d. entered the national ace pigeon title.

"Super Ricka" was a small fine blue hen. She had an eye shining like a pearl with lots of pigment and charisma. It was a tame pigeon that was well muscled with a very soft plume. It was a very smart pigeon that was also very alert. She had a very small mistake (?)... At the hand inspection she stuck her tail up which is not appreciated by many fanciers.

Chateauroux was her last race and unfortunately she didn't come home. "Super Ricka" had enough races on her record to qualify for the national ace pigeon title but with one more race on the calendar she could in theory be beaten by three pigeons which didn't happen in the end. She was basketed on her last race with the intention to improve her coefficient but she died on the field of honour.



And then the national flight from Montluçon. Montluçon is 533km away from Holsbeek and the team yearlings of Jespers-Vanderwegen more than felt like it. Against 14.104 years old, no less than 5 Jespers-Vandewegen pigeons classed their ring number in the Top-100 national ! They took places 1-7-22-74-93 swiftly for their account. 

The man of the race was "Justin" (B18-2010046) he won not only in the category annual but with 1346m/m he was also the fastest of all 23.971 Montluçon pilots.

"Justin" is a son of "Remy Cop" (double grandson of world famous "Rudy" - Gaby Van-denabeele) x "Lucky Mama" (B11-6240757 - original Dirk Van Dyck and daughter of top "Lucky Luc"). 


Back such a class lady from that unique yearling team of Herman and Johny. This beautiful hen shone with the following results and was crowned at the end of the season as 8th Nationa-le ace big half distance KBDB yearling 2019.

2nd Momignies 535 pigeons
4th Etampes 1,221 pigeons
10th Argenton National Zone 5,043 pigeons
31st National Issue 11,465 pigeons
74th National Montluçon 14.104 pigeons
114th National Chateauroux 6.377 pigeons
147th provincial Blois 3,050 pigeons
282nd National Four-Sun 11,574 pigeons


Her father is "Mister Lloyd", 100% Gaby Vandenabeele and inbreeds to "Tamara" (super breeding hen and direct daughter of the world famous Lightning). "Mister Lloyd" is also a grandson of "Olympic Lloyd" (1st Olympiad pigeon Poznan 2011).

Her mother is "Floriane", herself a super kite with a.o. 1st Nat. Zone La Souterraine and 2x 1st provincial. "Floriane" is a daughter of "Remy", a son of "Rudy". (Gaby Vandenabeele) x "Petite Fleur", a daughter of the pigeon where just about everything started with "Little Dirk".


1/5 - Momignies -524 old: 1-2-3-5-7-8-9-10-11...
12/5 - Etampes -1,221 old: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-7-9-10-11-12-13-15-17-18...
18/5 - Chevrainvilliers - 1,147 old: 1-5-9-10-11....
18/5 - Four-Sun - TS Demer and Dyle - 396 Yl: 1-3-9-12.
25/5 - Chevrainvilliers - 755 old: 1-3-5-10-17-19...
15/6 - Blois Prov. - 3,277 Yl: 1-2-3-32-87-89-111-143-145-148-155-156-181-190....
22/6 - Argenton - Ts Demer and Dyle - 532 Yl: 2-5-19-23
6/7 - Monlucun National -14.014 Yl: 1-7-22-74-93...
13/7 - Fay au Loges - 371 Old: 1-2-7-9-13-14
13/7 - Nanteuil - 1,086 Jd: 1-2-11-20-21.
21/7 - Issoudun - Ts Demer and Dyle - 463 YL: 4-5-9-11-13-
24/8 - Argenton -Ts Demer and Dyle - 181 old: 2-5-5-7-10
31/8 - Fay au Loges - 80 old: 1-2-8-9-
7/9 - Soissons - 123 old: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19-20-21-22

Results that say more than enough... the class of Jespers-Vanderwegen pigeons is not yet at its limit !