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Jan & Leanne Vandepasch took off again really well in 2021

13 May 2021

As every year again the Vandepasch colony is one of the best. From the first race until the races of 600km they compete in their department for the victory. They have an iron strong breeding base where especially ‘Jupiter’ and the ‘Willem De Bruijn’ pigeons have fantastic results. All their best pigeons at the moment are related to one off their best breeding lines. 

The first race was the 18th of April. Then you had Chimay for a distance of 198km which was a race where they won immediately the 1st 6 spots against 1,011 pigeons in total. Speaking of a dream start. 

18/04 Chimay ( 198km ) 1,011b : 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,11,12,14,15,16,… 40/75

The first arrival was the “NL 19-1792854” Bont Hen that has as father the super breeder “Son Fideel” from Willem De Bruijn and her mother is “Daughter Jupiter”. 

25/04 Rethel ( 245km) 2,335b : 1,10,11,14,18,19,20,24,25,29,30,41,42,46,47,63,69,79,80,96,97,98,99,… 43/63

NL 18-5143483 Chequered Hen already won in her career underneath: 
1             Rethel                    2,335b ( 5 Prov 15,550b )
2             Rethel                    2,485b ( 5 Prov 11,086b )
2             Lorris                         988b ( 26 NPO 4,789b )
3             NPO Sens           12,475b
3             Chalons                 1,900b ( 62 Prov 13,975b )
5             Chalons                     864b
7             Marche                   5,290b
7             Sens                       2,009b
12           Marche                   2,131b
12           Charleville             1,740b
34           Prov Chalons        5,672b
71           NPO Issoudun      7,587b
97           Nat Vierzon        26,141b

Her father is a co-breeding between them en Albert Derwa ( Primo x Olympic Marianne ) and her mother is a daughter to “Sergio” from Willem De Bruijn 

Beginning of May the middle distance races started off and the first race was Chalons (303km). In their district they were beaten by Ricardo Bolhoeve with Vandepasch blood in the winning pigeon and at Jan & Leanne they win 2,3,4 against 1,900 pigeons. 

02/05 Chalons 1,900b : 2,3,4,9,17,19,28,43,44,45,46,53,56,74,85,97,98,99,100,101,… 37/60

The first pigeon was NL 19-1064365 “Blue” hen and again a granddaughter to base breeder “Jupiter” who was coupled against their best breeding hen “Mother Olympic Ranomi”.