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Jackie – Leen De Bruine from Niewerkerk ( NL ) have with “El Cid” and “Mr.Fit Barcelona” 2 golden bloodlines on Barcelona

24 Feb 2023

If we look at Barcelona in the Netherlands over several years, Jackie & Leen De Bruine are one of the best Barcelona lofts out there. Getting to the top and staying there is the hardest thing there is. In the period of 5 years, 1st and 2nd National Barcelona were won and on top of that another 14th and 48th National Barcelona in 2021. In 2022 it was another hit on Tarbes where a direct pigeon from Jackie and Leen shone with 2nd National Tarbes against 2,308 pigeons .

2018 : 1st National Barcelona 3,912p ( 4th International 15,707p ) with “El Cid”
2019 : 2nd Nat Barcelona 4,132p ​​( 8th International 15,981p ) with “Mr.Fit Barcelona”
2021 : 14th Nat Barcelona 4,919p with Granddaughter El Cid
            48th Nat Barcelona 4,919p with Niece El Cid
2022 : 2nd National Tarbes 2,308p ( 10th Int.Nat 10,246p )

Tarbes 2022

In the tough season, the S.Dijkema loft excelled in this tough race from Tarbes with a direct De Bruine pigeon. This top hen won 2nd National Tarbes against 2,308 pigeons in the Netherlands, 1st International Hens against 2,318 pigeons and 10th International against 10,246 pigeons. This at a distance of 969km and with a speed of 1020m/min.

The father of this hen is “Redhead” ( Jellema x Harold Zwiers ) and mother is “Granddaughter Luca”, “Luca” won 14th National Bordeaux against 12,191 pigeons.

Especially for this auction the 1st child of superstar "Sander" coupled to her own father.
Pure inbreeding to the very best of this family

NL 22-8690997 “Red Tarbes 997” Cock

Barcelona 2021

Now in the last edition of 2021 it was hit again. They clocked at 8.40 am and 9.26 am, these 2 top pigeons were good for 14th and 47th National Barcelona against 4,838 pigeons in again very difficult conditions.
The 1st pigeon is a daughter of “Barcakid 4”. He in turn is a son of “El Cid” 1st National Barcelona ’18 3,912 pigeons. The mother of is "Super 836", a direct PWA Van der Meulen and daughter of "Stamvader 823/05". Several super pigeons have come out of this class pigeon in recent years.

NL 19-3902149 White pin Hen
14 National Barcelona 4,919 birds 2021

Father NL 18-3834378 Son El Cid 
Son from “El Cid” 1st Nat Barcelona ’18 x ½ sister 32 + 89 Nat Barcelona 

Mother NL 14-3408836 Chequered
Full sister “NL 14-414” Mother El Cid is mother to “El Cid” 1ste Nat Barcelona ’18
Sister “NL 11-335” Grandmother “Mr.Fit” 2 Nat Barcelona 4.132d
Sister 8 Nat Perpignan 
Sister “NL 08-061” Father “Bergerac”  1 Nat Bergerac 23,728b Walter Van der Meulen
Is a daughter from the best breeding pair from the lofts De Bruine / Van der Meulen

In this auction a daughter of "Sunshine" coupled to top breeder "Sjors".Jackie couldn't offer better£

NL 22-8690930 “Sunshine 930” Hen

Special boy in current internet sales

We asked Jackie to do something special last summer and he bred some beautiful youngsters from the best of his colony

NL 22-8690910 “Brother Bolletje Blue” Cock 

This is a beautiful cock and son of 2 proven top breeders.
Full brother of stock hen “Bolletje Blauw” who is mother of “Mr.Fit Barcelona” 2nd National Barcelona in 2019 against 4,132 pigeons
Full brother of "Sjors" who is the father of 47th National Barcelona in 2021 against 4,919 pigeons.

Grandson foundation breeder “823” of Walter Van der Meulen

NL 22-8690999 “Hulk Boy 999” Cock 

A cock from “Son Mr.Fit Barcelona” 2nd National Barcelona in 2019 against 4,132 pigeons coupled to “De Hulk” 47th National Barcelona in 2021 against 4,919 pigeons.

Congratulations to Jacky & Leen with these unique results from the entire HERBOTS TEAM.

Buelens Kim