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Jackie – Leen De Bruine from Niewerkerk ( NL ) have 2 golden bloodlines from Barcelona with “El Cid” and “Mr.Fit Barcelona”

16 Jan 2022

If we look at Barcelona in the Netherlands over several years, Jackie & Leen De Bruine are surely one of the best Barcelona lofts out there. Getting to the top and then standing there is the hardest thing there is.

2018 : 1st National Barcelona 3,912b ( 4th International 15,707b ) with “El Cid”
2019 : 2 Nat Barcelona 4,132b ( 8th International 15,981b ) met “Mr.Fit Barcelona”
2021 : 14th Nat Barcelona 4.919d with Granddaughter El Cid
            48th Nat Barcelona 4.919d with niece El Cid 

Back to 2018 where the unique story started, around 13h02 they clocked NL 15-3537577 “El Cid” who became after a two hour wait the 1st National Barcelona. This over a distance of 1151km and in very though circumstances. On an international level he became the 4th against 15,700 pigeons. “El Cid” was a pigeon bred by Walter van der Meulen where they work closely together with, which will become more clear in the article of Walter tomorrow. 

One year later we go to the edition of Barcelona 2019. An even tougher one as the former year and now they clocked at 14h50. At that moment it was the 2nd National which would stay like that, on an international level ‘Mr.Fit Barcelona’ ends at the 8th place against 15,981 pigeons. An unique double when you have 2 shining years after each other. 

Of course it didn't just stop with the 2nd National in 2019, he also clocked 25th , 154th , 202nd , 233rd , 249th , 287th National and with 11 prizes out of 20 an excellent result.

Barcelona 2021

Now in the last edition of 2021 it was hit again. They clocked at 8.40 am and 9.26 am, these 2 top pigeons were good for 14th and 47th National Barcelona against 4,838 pigeons in again very difficult conditions.

The 1st pigeon is a daughter of “Barcakid 4”. He in turn is a son of “El Cid” 1st National Barcelona ’18 3,912 pigeons. The mother of is "Super 836", a direct PWA Van der Meulen and daughter of "Stamvader 823/05". Several super pigeons have come out of this class pigeon in recent years.

NL 19-3902149 White pin Hen
14 National Barcelona 4,919 birds 2021

Father NL 18-3834378 Son El Cid 
Son from “El Cid” 1st Nat Barcelona ’18 x ½ sister 32 + 89 Nat Barcelona 

Mother NL 14-3408836 Chequered
Full sister “NL 14-414” Mother El Cid is mother to “El Cid” 1ste Nat Barcelona ’18
Sister “NL 11-335” Grandmother “Mr.Fit” 2 Nat Barcelona 4.132d
Sister 8 Nat Perpignan 
Sister “NL 08-061” Father “Bergerac”  1 Nat Bergerac 23,728b Walter Van der Meulen
Is a daughter from the best breeding pair from the lofts De Bruine / Van der Meulen

The 2nd pigeon comes from “Sjors”, he was a proven racer in the extreme long distance and is a full brother of “Bolletje Blauw” who became mother of “Mr.Fit Barcelona” 2nd Nat Barcelona ’19 4,132b

NL 18-3834363 “De Hulk” Duivin  
48 Nationaal Barcelona 4.919 duiven 2021
53 Bergerac 1.467 duiven in 2020

Father NL 14-3808761 Sjors
Won himself 52 Nat Perpignan 3,778b - 151 Nat Agen 5,055b – 250 Nat Barcelona 4,132b 
Full brother to NL 15-3502902 Bolletje Blauw is mother from “Mr.Fit Barcelona”
2 Nat Barcelona 4,132b ( 8th International 15,981b ) 2019

Mother NL 14-3808767 Daughter Luca
“Luca” won 14 Nat Bordeaux 12,691b x “Spierbundeltje” Daughter 061 Superbreeder

The 2 breeding lines for the future

NL 16-1568386 “Mr.Fit Barcelona”
2 Nat Barcelona 4,132b ( 8th International 15,981b ) 2019

When you hold Mr.Fit is he one of the most beautiful Barcelona pigeons, he got all the qualities and Jackie hopes to have found a new base breeder with him that can set national top results under very hard weather circumstances. 

Father NL 15-1750970 Chequered

Gr.F. NL 10-3002883 Chequered
Gr.M. NL 11-1812762 Lindeberg Hans Hen

Mother NL 15-3502902 Bolletje Blue
Full sister “Perpignan” 52 Nat Perpignan 3,778b and 151 Nat Agen 5,055b

Gr.F. NL 12-3205157 Blue Kortkop
          Top racer with ao 75 Nat Narbonne 6,648b and 104 Nat Narbonne 4,515b
          Son to “NL 10-887” Justin x “NL 11-785” L Kouters x Walter v/d Meulen
Gr.M. NL 11-1739335 Chequered white pin
                Sister to “NL 14-414” Mother “El Cid” 1 Nat Barcelona 3,912b 
            Daughter to “NL 05-823” Den 823 Base breeder Walter v/d Meulen x “NL 07-115” Daughter 
            Barcelona hen with 8 I.Nat Barcelona 22,887b

NL 15-3537577 “El Cid” 
1 Nat Barcelona 3,912b ( 4th International 15,707b ) 2018

Father NL 06-0702982 Old ring 2010 – Walter Van der Meulen

Gr.F. NL 09-1145380 Piet De Vogel
Gr.M. NL 04-2114491 Won 1 Prov Bordeaux - Walter Van der Meulen

Mother NL 14-1105414 Mother El Cid
Sister “NL 11-335” Grandmother “Mr.Fit” 2 Nat Barcelona 4,132b
Sister 8 Nat Perpignan 
Sister “NL 08-061” Father “Bergerac”  1 Nat Bergerac 23,728b Walter Van der Meulen

Gr.F. NL 05-0503823 Base breeder 823 - Walter Van der Meulen
                Son to “NL 03-511” x “NL 06-210” Janssen Hausoul
Gr.M. NL 07-3708116 Superke 116 - Walter Van der Meulen
                Daughter to “NL 02-852” 2 Prov Bordeaux x “NL 99-490” Jan Ernest

Special youngsters in current internet sales

We asked Jackie to do something special last summer and he bred some beautiful youngsters from the best of his colony

NL 21-2127919 “Golden Mr.Fit” N°1 for sale
Is a son of "Mr.Fit Barcelona" coupled to his own motherThe unique reinforcement for everyone's breeding loft can be found here, this is pure gold!

NL 21-2147321 “Sister Bolletje Blue” N°3 on sale
Is a full sister of the super breeding stars "Bolletje Blauw" and "Sjors" who are doing fantastic in the breeding loft, you can't get closer to the old stock

NL 21-2147306 “Bonte Fit” N°5 on sale
Again a son of “Mr.Fit Barcelona”, but this time he was coupled to an old stock hen. She became the dam of 68th National Agen 5,754b and grandmother of 14th National Barcelona 2021 against 4,919 pigeons.

NL 21-2147320 “Super Fit 320” N°7 on sale
A daughter of "Bolletje Blauw". This is the mother of "Mr.Fit Barcelona" who was paired here with a son of "Mr.Fit Barcelona". Pure inbred to the very best

NL 21-2147316 “White pen Barca 316” N°9 on sale
Inbred to “Mr.Fit Barcelona”. A son of "Mr.Fit Barcelona" coupled to a sister of "Bollejte Blauw".

Jacky & Leen congratulations with these unique results from the entire HERBOTS TEAM.

Buelens Kim