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Hok Jos Vercammen, Vremde, show their continuity with 1st Provincial Bourges fastest against 9,041b

18 Jun 2021

We don’t need to introduce them, Jos and Lars Vercammen. Jos has been racing for about 50 years and son Lars went along from the moment he was born. They have been at the top since so many years that we find it almost ‘normal’ that they keep on listing super results. But it isn’t that easy to stay at the top once you get at the top and this in now exactly what they do in Vremde.

First we’ll have a look at their provincial Bourges winner.

BE19-6016108 ‘Mustang Queen’ 

This hen gave them joy on the 1st National race of the season, Bourges, by winning the 1st Provincial Bourges against all the Antwerp Bourges racers so the fastest of 9,041b with a speed of 1,227m/m over a distance of 479km.

She already shined before with underneath results:

1 Provincial Bourges fastest against         9,041b 479km
1 Chevrainvillers                                               869b 354km
9 Melun                                                           2,897b 310km
10 Noyon                                                            512b 208km
11 Argenton                                                       473b 555km
17 Noyon                                                        1,029b 208km
18 Noyon                                                           662b 208km

She didn’t race that much in the Corona season of 2020, she was in fact on the ‘waiting list’ as they believed so much in this hen that they didn’t risk to race her too much in such a special racing year. Her preparation for Bourges was 1x Quièvrain (104km), 1x Noyon (208km), 1x Melun (310km), than she stayed at home for 3 weeks due to the bad weather to have 1 more Quièvrain on Wednesday, 1 more Noyon with a speed of 2,000m/m to go the weekend afterwards to that first heavy edition of Bourges…just saying that her performance is really appreciated.

She exist out of 75% Vercammen blood and 25% ‘new’ blood. This is something they try to become in all their pigeons. They have their own really strong strains from like f.e. ‘Elektro’, ‘Mustang’, …but go out and look for new blood. They look for it by keeping an eye on the results, when they see a not that famous fancier that is racing really hard with one of their pigeons, they go there and try to buy it or ask to co-breed with it, this is what Jos calls the ‘Houben’ strategy, as apparently he learned it from him. This is also the case with the grandmother to ‘Mustang Queen’ namely ‘My Girl’ from Staf Mertens. She won ao. 14th National Bourges 19,736b, 4th Provincial Chateauroux 2,644b, 4th Souppes-sur-Loing 1,706b,…and this always in heavy weather as this is exactly what they look for, pigeons that can take on heavy weather, they don’t like tailwind pigeons that much. 

BE17-6025089 ‘Iron Man’ new top breeder on the loft

‘Iron Man’ raced that well that Jos and Lars decided to put it on the breeding loft at a rather young age. This was a really good decision as they now have already 3 direct children and 1 grandchild that do amazingly well in the racing team.

‘Iron Man’ won himself:

1st Ace-pigeon South Antwerp Federation Middle Distance Yearlings (+ 1,000 pigeons)
11th National Ace-pigeon KBDB Middle Distance

1° fast. Melun (310km) 10,781 p. 
1° Melun (310km) 616 p. (6 minutes ahead) 
1° fast. Chevrainvilliers (354km) 907 p. (9 minutes ahead) 
1° Chevrainvilliers (354km) 379 p.
1° Chevrainvilliers (354km) 654 p. 
2° Chevrainvilliers (354km) 974 p. (after a loftmate)
1° Noyon (208km) 669 p. (7 minutes ahead) 
2° Melun (310km) 710 p. (after a loftmate) 
4° Melun (310km) 301 p. 
5° Toury (382km)1,003 p.

And is father to their best yearling hen at the racing team until now the ‘350’
BE20-6166350 won already:

1 Quièvrain           421b 104km
2 Noyon                 636b 208km
3 Noyon              1,029b 208km
4 Sermaises        1,929b 362km
9 Sermaises        1,917b 362km
15 Noyon               349b 208km
16 Quièvrain         538b 104km

Very promising!

‘Iron Man’ is also father to f.e. 
BE18-6020146 who won:
51st National Bourges 10,401b 479km
6th   Melun                          434b 310km (after 5 loftmates)

Racing team

With a racing of about 90 widow cocks and racing hens they like to race every weekend on as many races as possible. The teams are being split up according experience like f.e. late youngsters will stay longer on the short distance and middle distance races then the early ones. On the weekend of National Limoges where they basketed 8 cocks and 8 hens they also had pigeons on the middle distance race of that weekend and on a short distance race. They just like to watch many pigeons get home nevertheless that the releasing times of the 3 races that weekend made that they all had to get home about the same time. 

Making plans for the racing season is something they find really hard as you for example never know how the weather will be. They do make plans, but it changes week after week. Their youngsters 2021 should have been on the middle distance races by now but in reality they only had 2 Quièvrains (104km) by now. This does make that they hardly suffered any losses until now at the youngsters team. The only youngsters they loose is against the high voltage cables that come nearly over the lofts in Vremde, Jos states that each year they loose about 20% of their pigeons to these cables. 

All pigeons get the same food at the same time and equal amount, it doesn’t matter whether they have to go to a short distance, middle distance, greater middle distance or long distance race. Jos likes to feed heavy.

In the morning the youngsters train first, at 8 o’clock the 1st loft hens is being released, at 10 o’clock the cocks and at around 14h00 in the afternoon the 2nd loft of hens….all depending on the weather off course.

Results 2021

25/04/2021 Noyon (208km)
Federation 1,029 old birds: 
3-10-11-17-18-20-21-22-23-28-30-39-41-44-45-47-49-58-59-64-67-74-75-76-…  46/59 (old birds + yearlings) (27/59 birds won a prize in the first 10%!)

Federation 636 yearlings: 
2-8-9-13-14-15-20-21-26-28-29-31-40-42-44-45-46-… 30/38 (20/38 birds won a prize in the first 10%!)

02/05/2021 Melun (310km)
South Antwerp Federation 1,670 old birds: 
1-2-4-5-6-7-10-11-15-20-22-30-31-37-44-49-50-55-67-69-…  53/59 (old birds + yearlings) (36/59 birds won a prize in the first 10%!)
South Antwerp Federation 748 yearlings: 
2-3-6-7-10-15-19-20-24-30-31-32-41-50-51-65-73-74-75-76--…  30/38 (19/38 birds won a prize in the first 10%!)

Interfederation 2,897 old birds: 
4-5-7-8-9-10-13-14-19-27-29-38-40-49-63-68-69-75-…  55/59 
(38/59 birds won a prize in the first 10%!)

02/05/2021 Noyon (208km)
Federation 458 old birds: 
4-5-6-8-10-13-20-21-26-28-32-33-39-42-43-44-46-…  49/71 (old birds + yearlings)
Federation 315 yearlings: 
2-3-6-8-12-13-16-17-22-24-25-27-31-32-33-… 35/49

30/05/2021 Sermaises (362km)
Federation 1,556 old birds: 
1-3-6-7-21-22-28-30-…  47/76 (old birds + yearlings)
Federation 910 yearlings: 
1-3-5-16-17-20-22-…  37/65

30/05/2021 Bourges (479km)
Club St. Job 563 old birds: 
Provincial 4,313 old birds: 
1-15-…  23/30
-> 1° fast. Provincial Antwerp against 9,041 pigeons

Club St. Job 476 yearlings: 1-20-… 
Provincial 4,728 yearlings: 31-…  12/18

06/06/2021 Sermaises (362km)
Federation 1,112 old birds: 
1-4-5-6-9-11-16-22-23-24-25-26-34-38-39-42-47-…  49/66 (old birds + yearlings) 
Federation 644 yearlings: 
1-3-4-5-7-12-17-18-19-20-21-27-30-31-34-36-42-45-…  35/55

Interfederation 1,929 old birds: 
1-4-5-7-10-14-19-33-35-36-37-38-49-55-56-60-67-…  44/66 (old birds + yearlings) (24/66 birds won a prize in the first 10%)

06/06/2021 Chateauroux (526km)
Club St. Job 496 old birds: 3-4-8-9-13-19-30-32…  11/14
National zone 3,614 old birds: 23-29-67-77-108-…  11/14
National 24,617 old birds: 64-81-265-325-… 11/14
(8/14 birds won a prize in the first 10%)
(1st, 2nd and 3rd nominated win 64°, 265° and 325° national against 24,617 birds)

Club St. Job 506 yearlings: 4-… (1st nominated)-…  4/8
National zone 4,058 yearlings: 30-…  4/8
National 22,196 yearlings: 90-…  4/8

12/06/2021 Sermaises (362km)
Federation 1,144 old birds: 3-4-7-10-11-13-15-18-32-37…  38/64 (old birds + yearlings)
Federation 793 yearlings: 2-3-5-7-8-10-12-24-27-…  33/56 
Interfederation 1,917 old birds: 4-5-9-15-16-21-23-27-…  32/64 (old birds + yearlings)

19/06/2021 Argenton (555km)
Club St. Job 242 old birds: 1-2-3-5-7-9-11-21-23-…  13/17
National 14,787 old birds: 25-32-34-80-91-183-… 13/17
National 21,282 yearlings: 47-80-114-129-173-…15/23

19/06/2021 Melun (310km)
South Antwerp Federation 877 old birds: 2-3-6-8-12-14-16-28-32-43-48-52…  26/34 (old birds + yearlings)
South Antwerp Federation 572 yearlings: 2-3-4-7-9-15-17-23-27-29-43-45-…  24/32

Interfederation 1,647 old birds: 2-3-6-8-14-18-24-38-44-…  26/34 (16/34 birds won a prize in the first 10%!) (old birds + yearlings)

12/06/2021 La Chatre (544km)

Club St. Job 337 yearlings: 1-3-5-8-…  10/16
Semi-national 4,504 yearlings: 10-25-52-72-…  10/16

A very high percentage of prizes and a lot of 1st and head prizes…and this is only 2021.

Also on other lofts the pigeons from Jos and Lars perform really well.

Underneath a few of the latest references other fanciers set with their pigeons. 

Marek Trzaska (Poland)

1-2-3-4-5 against 5,592 birds (366km) with Vercammen off springs

Pyrzyce (366km)
5,592 birds1-2-3-4-5-7-17-18-19-20-23-24-26-27-28-…

1° prize: grandson to “Zorro”(BE15-6026003) and “Olympic Elektro”(PL0264-13-400)
2° prize: granddaughter “Shakira”(BE10-6052293) and “Alkis”(BE10-6052312). This bird won already 1° prize (517km) against 5,476 pigeons. She was also 9th National Ace-pigeon of Poland in the past.
3° prize: granddaughter to a half-sister to “Mustang”(BE14-6175237)
5° prize: bred from a half-brother to our “Mustang Queen”(BE19-6016108) x a daughter to “Olympic Elektro”(PL0264-13-400)
7° prize: granddaughter to “Elektro”(BE08-6174630)
17° prize: bred from a half-brother to our “Mustang Queen”(BE19-6016108) x a daughter to “Olympic Elektro”(PL0264-13-400)
18° prize: bred from a son to “Olympic Elektro”(PL0264-13-400) x a sister to “Mustang”(BE14-6175237)
20° prize: father is an original Vercammen pigeon, from the “Elekto”(BE08-6174630) family
26° prize: bred from a full brother to “Olympic Elektro”(PL0264-13-400)
27° prize: grandson to “Olympic Elektro”(PL0264-13-400)
28° prize: father is a son to “Samsung”(BE15-6026082) x “Olympic Eva”(BE14-6175226)

Mr. Ye (Taiwan)

1st Ace-pigeon (entry 8,364 pigeons) is a 50% Hok Jos Vercammen pigeon

Michal Czech (Poland)

1st Olympic Pigeon Poland Long Distance (+500km) is a 50% Hok Jos Vercammen pigeon

PL0458-15-2800 won in 2019-2020 on the races 500-750km (no double results) :
1st Olympic Pigeon Category C (+500km) Poland 2019-2020
1° Vetschau (533km) 2,152 p.
2° Kostrzyn (520km) 2,415 p.
2° Vetschau (533km) 1,383 p.
3° Halberstadt (735km) 896 p.
6° Kostrzyn (520km) 1,919 p.
7° Halberstadt (735km) 1,152 p.

Mr Wang Wei (China)

Two birds from the same breeding pair won in 2019 and 2020 the same famous One Loft Race (Vercammen bird descendant) Hui Neng Autumn Race in Xi’an, also known as the Wei Li One Loft Race.

CHN2020-26-0558572 won a.o. :
1st Ace-pigeon Wei Li One Loft Race 2020 (Xi’an, China)

1° Final Race (486km) against 3,336 pigeons
47° Third race (393km) against 4,279 pigeons
75° Second race (283km) against 4,255 pigeons

CHN2019-26-0319998 won a.o. :
1st Ace-pigeon Wei Li One Loft Race 2019 (Xi’an, China)

4° Final Race (487km) against 1,893 pigeons
51° Third race (393km) against 2,580 pigeons
88° Second race (283km) against 3,039 pigeons

Krzysztof Szkolny (Poland)

“New Elektro”(PL0355-17-4222) won a.o. :
2nd Olympic Pigeon Poland Short Distance 2020
2nd National Ace-pigeon Poland Short Distance 2019-2020
6th National Ace-pigeon Poland Short Distance 2018-2019
1st Provincial Ace-pigeon Short Distance 2019-2020
2nd Provincial Ace-pigeon Short Distance 2018-2019
4th Provincial Ace-pigeon Middle Distance 2019

1° prize (139km) 1,327 p.
2° prize (159km) 2,463 p.
3° prize (327km) 3,054 p.
3° prize (139km) 2,424 p.
4° prize (327km) 2,558 p.
4° prize (227km) 1,230 p.
4° prize (185km) 3,130 p.
4° prize (551km) 3,232 p.
5° prize (327km) 2,937 p.
7° prize (185km) 3,274 p.
8° prize (327km) 1,132 p.
10° prize (139km) 3,032 p.
12° prize (327km) 1,378 p.
12° prize (325km) 3,007 p.

“New Elektro”(PL0355-17-4222) is a 100% Hok Jos Vercammen pigeon. The father of “New Elektro”(PL0355-17-4222) is BE12-6196307, also a direct Hok Jos Vercammen pigeon. He is bred from “Panter King”(BE10-6052551) x “Bambina”(BE10-6052002). “Bambina”(BE10-6052002) was a sensational youngster at our racing loft with a.o. 1° fast. Dourdan (366km) against 5,688 pigeons and 1° fast. Blois (462km) against 4,969 pigeons. In the pedigree of BE12-6196307 you can find our basic pigeons “Barco”(BE01-6387350) and “Beckham”(BE01-6387174). As already mentioned, “White Gold”(BE15-6287064) is the mother of “New Elektro”(PL0355-17-4222).

Remarkable: “New Elektro”(PL0355-17-4222) suffered a severe injury during the season 2020, so he could only participate to a few races. Nevertheless he had already flown enough top results to be ranked as 2nd Olympic Pigeon Poland Short Distance 2020 !

Another top performing child of BE12-6196307 x “White Gold”(BE15-6287064) is “Miss Elektro”(PL0355-17-4237). She is a full sister to “New Elektro”(PL0355-17-4222).

“Miss Elektro”(PL0355-17-4237) won a.o. :
1° prize (185km) 3,274 p.
4° prize (185km) 3,130 p.
4° prize (325km) 3,007 p.
4° prize (550km) 1,358 p.
12° prize (139km) 2,011 p.
14° prize (327km) 2,558 p.

And we could go on like this for a while….

Jos and Lars, first of all again a big congratulations on winning the 1st provincial Bourges but also hats off for the years and years of performing amazingly and for your incredible breeding- and racing loft.