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HOK DAVID VERMASSEN (Gavere) is national top from 100 to 700 km!

07 Nov 2022

There is currently an auction of the David Vermassen loft. They are auctioning for the first time via our website but immediately put top quality under the hammer. No less than 2 zonal winners and 3 different pigeons that win top 30 National. In addition, of course, special youngsters from the best breeders of their colony. Check this one out, because it's worth it.

Top results and versatility from 100 km to 700 km

§ 1st Belgian selection category H old birds Olympiad Poznan 2011§ 2nd Belgian selection middle distance Olympiad Ostend 2006§ 1st General Champion KBDB 2013§ 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon Extreme Middle Distance 1998§ 1st Provincial Marathon 2005§ 1st general champion OVV interprovincial 2020§ 1st general champion OVV youngsters 2020§ 1st national Gueret old birds 2010§ 1st national Brive yearlings 2013§ 1st national Souillac old birds 2020§ 2nd Belgian selection Olympiad Ostend middle distance 2006§ 3rd National Champion Grand Middle Distance KBDB 2008§ 3rd National Champion Grand Middle Distance KBDB 2009§ 4th national ace pigeon extreme middle distance KBDB 2005§ 4th national champion yearlings KBDB 2005§ 3rd overall champion Cureghem Center 2013§ 5th national ace pigeon extreme middle distance KBDB 2010§ 6th overall champion KBDB 2018§ 7th general champion OVV 2021§ 3rd champion old & yearlings OVV 2021§ 12 zonal victories from Chateauroux to Cahors§ 24 provincial victories from Orléans to Cahors


§ 24 pigeons top 100 national from extreme middle distance to long distance§ 7th Ace pigeon KBDB National all round youngsters§ 1st Ace pigeon KBDB East Fl KHF yearlings§ 1st Ace pigeon KBDB East-Fl All-round youngsters§ 4th champion KBDB East-Fl old§ 28 pure 1st prizes (without doubles)§ 1st Bourges nat zone 3.367 youngsters§ 1st Bourges provincial O-Fl 5,930 youngsters§ 1st Chateauroux nat zone 2,577 youngsters§ (a number of classifications are still unknown)§ The top 100 national performances in 2022 cover the races from Bourges, Argenton, Issoudun, Tulle, Brive, La Soutteraine, and Chateauroux. This is to illustrate the diversity of the colony.


Black Hawk as mainstay and common thread in the inheritance

When Black Hawk won the 1st national Brive yearlings against 6,842 pigeons with bravado in 2013, this pigeon was not sold and placed in the breeding loft. This was, as is the case in many cases with a top racer, a golden move. It turned out to be a strong sire directly and indirectly.Coupled with various hens, this resulted in children and grandchildren who perform strongly in the sprint, middle distance and one day long distance. We also find this success line on the father's side in the national winner Souillac. Also in the past 2022 season, several top pigeons have blood from this successful breeding line.After a few years it appears that Black Hawk and his descendants can be easily and successfully crossed with other pigeons. They are also pigeons that can top in the extreme middle distance without any problem in hard weather.Black Hawk's brother is the grandfather of the 1st national Souillac 2020.Black Hawk is the grandfather of the Super Bourgeske that flew 1st provincial, 1st national zone and 4th national Bourges against 23,846 pigeons in the past season.Black Hawk is grandfather of 7th all round pigeon KBDB 2022.This is only a limited list of pigeons that perform strongly from this line. Many still complete this successful team.

2 Children of “Black Hawk” especially present in this auction

Especially for this auction David is auctioning 2 beautiful children of the national winner and top breeder. Children of the well where it began.

BE 22-4044880 “Black Hawk 880” and BE 22-4044881 “Black Hawk 881”

Toppers present in the auction

BE 22-4044621 “Chateaurouxke”

This top hen completed the season of team Vermassen in a beautiful way by winning 1st National (z) Chateauroux against 2,577 pigeons. 

She is a full sister of 4 other top pigeons.She is also a granddaughter of stock father "De Bruycker" x "Theresa".

BE 18-4085167 “Major” ( rating 97.5% )

This top class car was top from Souillac in the 2021 season, hard work is his motto. 

He won 1st National (z) Souillac 1,348 pigeons ( 7th National 4,144p ) over 690km.

In addition, he shone on several flights of 300-700km.Family of 2 National winners is in this topper…

His father is a full brother of Black Hawk 1st National Brive x “Zus Treesje” or sister mother “Falco” 1st National Souillac 6,668 pigeons and fastest of 14,182 pigeons.

Other National winner Falco

A brother of National winner “Falco” is also present in this auction, he won 1st National Souillac 6,668 pigeons and fastest of 14,182 pigeons. This full brother “Mistral” will be the only brother that will be auctioned online since the winner and parents are no longer present in the lofts. A unique opportunity to bring in a proven racer and brother of the golden top family in your breeding loft.

“Mistral” BE 18-4085055

He himself won 3 pure first prizes from 100 to 600 km. He shone on all flights and was at home in all markets. A beautiful cock that is a grandson of stock cock “De Bruycker” and a grandson of “Moreno” ( full brother Black Hawk 1st National Brive ). Yes, again this family who inherits through and through at the Vermassen household.

Last 2 children of stock cock “De Bruycker”

The last 2 that we introduce to you are 2 direct children of stock cock “De Bruycker”. This breeder does it with several hens and in different generations, time after time. When you see what has already been born from this top breeder, you know it. We limit ourselves to 1st prize winners and top 30 National… otherwise the list would be much too long. A unique opportunity to acquire something from this top breeder because this guy is also 10 years old.

BE 22-4044879 “Blue 879” and BE 22-4044878 “White pen 878”

David, Nadine and Denis, congratulations on this fantastic work and the beautiful quality that is being auctioned here online.

Buelens Kim