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Hermans – Bonne (Loksbergen) wins 1st Nat (z) Bourges 2,035 yearlings

04 Aug 2022

Sporting revenge after not being allowed to play for 4 weeks, many fanciers who were not allowed to participate in competitions for 4 weeks due to the bird flu. The winner from Bourges among the yearlings in the province of Limburg can be found in the lofts of the top colony of Hermans – Bonne from Loksbergen. This yearling also wins 1st National (z) Bourges against 2,035 yearlings.

For Roger and Wim the bird flu was a blow and they had to think about how they would get their widowers in order within 4 weeks. The racing pigeons were coupled and allowed to breed for several days. In the past, when only speed was played, they always did this and this ensured a 2nd peak in the season. Now they hoped that this would also be the case and with the victory over Bourges they are sure of this. But their result from Soissons is even more impressive, locally against 118 old birds they win 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,… and their 1st pigeon also wins regionally against 541 old birds. That promises for the next flight from Sourdun where the Soissons team will go.

Winner Bourges

DV 0458-21-547 Blue Cock
( Breeder : Dieter Wöhr via SG Frick & Frick )

    1 Nat(z) Bourges           2.035b
    1 Prov                             1.341b
  19 Nat                            10.366b
    5           Momignies           466b
  13           Melun                   135b
  26 Prov Orléans             5.345b
  55          Nanteuil            1.048b
  68 Prov Lorris                 5.397b
415 Prov Lorris                 4.281b

Sire BE 12-6321684 Grandson Jan – Leo Heremans

Gr.F. BE 06-6148032 Son Jan – Leo Heremans 
                Son from “Jan” x “Natalia” 
Gr.M. BE 08-6372811 Sister Superduifje – Leo Heremans
                Daughter from “Son Favoriet” x “Daughter Jan”

Mother DV 08582-19-450 Daughter Fenomeen – Dieter Wöhr 

Gr.F. DV 0828-14-93 ½ brother Fenomeen – Dieter Wöhr
                Son from “Son Di Caprio Dirk Van Dijck” x “Daughter Safier” Leo Heremans
Gr.M. DV 08582-14-142 Fenomeen – Dieter Wöhr
                Won 1/4.245b – 1/1.033b – 1/525b – 1/289b – 1/201b
                Daughter from “Son Comijntje” Rik Cools x “Daughter Safier” Leo Heremans

Wim & Roger, congratulations on this victory from the entire HERBOTS TEAM and on to the next.

Buelens Kim