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Herbots pigeon wins 1st prize on the 1st race with the youngsters in the loft P VD Merwe

23 Jul 2021

For many years, Peter, daughter Gwen and Nathalie have played very well in the Netherlands. The opening race with the youngsters 2021 was also exceptional! They won the 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 against 1,266 youngsters from Duffel 79 km. Peter agreed to race 20 youngsters this year from the Herbots Gebr J&R loft. Our pigeon arrived as first and is a child from ORANGE KING. ORANGE KING is a fantastic breeder in several generations, for example a granddaughter Orange King is currently in 5th place as National Ace bird KBDB extreme long distance! (2131005-19) Last weekend he also won the 1st prize interprov Liège Hesbaye against 606 old pigeons from Chateauroux with very strong weather.