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Hagens gebroeders (Achthuizen) also last season top results on the marathon races

27 Apr 2022

Achthuizen: The Bloemstraat n° 7 in Achthuizen… how much pigeon history hasn’t there been written. An introduction for Rinus, Ad and Sonja isn’t necessary anymore. Therefore is there colony known to good internationally. Known for their results on the (inter)national marathon races but also known for the many successes that other fanciers have set with the Hagens pigeons. 
The art in pigeon sport isn’t to get at the top but is staying at the top and this is what our sympathetic brothers Hagens succeed in. As proof we will put the results of the past seasons 2020 and 2021 on the table. 


Pure prove of the high quality of the Hagens birds has been given on the Internat. Barcelona race of last racing season 2021 

Barcelona 2021/ 4,838 birds national and 16,485 birds internationaal  - distance: 1,137km

9 birds basketed, 8 birds clocked at 2p.m..05 .

and this with 5 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren of “Angelo”:

09.50 u.                     67e Nationaal - 193 Internat.   “Carlos”  (Grandchild Angelo)       

10.09 u.                  100e Nationaal  - 273e Internat.  “Lilibet”   (Grandchild Angelo)       

10.24 u.                  143e Nationaal  - 350e Internat.  “Lionel”    (Grandchild Angelo)     

10.47 u.                 197e Nationaal   - 464e Internat. “Archie”    (Great grandchild Angelo)

11.07 u.                  272e Nationaal - 626e  Internat.  “Frenkie”  (Grandchild Angelo)   

12.23 u.                  540e Nationaal - 1.289e Internat.  (Great grandchild Angelo)   

12.37 u.                  588e Nationaal - 1.405 Internat. (Grandchild Angelo)

14.05 u.                  781e Nationaal  - 1.982e Internat.  (Great grandchild Angelo)

Results 2021

St. Vincent NPO S2        2,690 b.     13 basketed, 6 prizes: 18-28-37-387-500-542 
Bordeaux NPO S2           3,157 b.     22 basketed, 8 prizes: 54-193-229-339 enz.
Cahors NPO S2                3,414 b.    11 basketed, 7 prizes: 152-217-300-430 enz.
Dax NPO S2                      2,373 b.    10 basketed, 4 prizes: 26-101-128-320
Barcelona Z.L.U.              4,919 b.     9 basketed, 8 prizes: 67-100-142-197-272-540-588-781

Grandmasters Barcelona Z.L.U. 2021 
Marseille  Z.L.U.              4,310 b.      10 basketed, 6 prizes: 147-250-394-enz.
Perpignan Z.L.U.              4,873 b.     10 basketed, 7 prizes: 120-239-524 enz.
Brive NPO S2                    2,496 b.     10 basketed, 6 prizes: 53-84-143-171-388-524

Earliest prizes 2020:
16 x with the first 100 National.

7th Nat. Bordeaux S2 4,954b.
7th Nat. Bergerac 2 S2 6,140b.
12th Nat. Bergerac 1 S2 1,712b.
15th Nat. Rieux-Minervois (Perpignan) 3,354b.
16th Nat. Pau 4,255b.
22nd Nat. Rieux-Minervois (Perpignan) 3,354b.
24th Nat. Rieux-Minervois (Perpignan) 3,354b.
30th Nat. Bergerac S2 6,140b.
43rd Nat. Rieux-Minervois (Perpignan) 3,354b.
63rd Nat. Rieux-Minervois (Perpignan) 3,354b.
63rd Nat. Bordeaux S2 4,954b.
78th Nat. Bordeaux S2 4,954b.
82nd Nat. Bordeaux S2 4,954b.
93rd Nat. Bordeaux S2 4,954b.
100th Nat. Pau 4,255b.
100th Nat. Bordeaux S2 4,954b.
101st Nat. Barcelona 4,477b.

The most beautiful results 2020:
Pau Z.L.U. 4,255b. 7 basketed, 3 prizes: 16-100-240
Bordeaux S2 4,954b. 39 basketed, 17 prizes: 7-93-141-179-214-276-309-316 and so on…
Agen-Oud Z.L.U. 6,844b. 27 basketed, 17 prizes: 155-276-360-361-418-424 and so on...
Rieux-Minervois (Perpignan) Z.L.U. 3,354b. 15 basketed, 7 prizes: 15-22-24-43-63-298-447
Bergerac 1 S2 1,712b. 5 basketed, 4 prizes: 12-250-310-348
Narbonne Z.L.U. 6,725b. 17 basketed, 8 prizes: 139-251-514 and so on…
Bergerac 2 S2 6,140b. 34 basketed, 24 prizes: 7-30-63-78-82-100-120-164-192-and so on...

How it all started
As a young lad and starting pigeon fancier you never start with the idea of being famous as a pigeon fancier everywhere in Holland within 35 years. Well, the Hagens brothers didn’t start with this intention either, but in the meantime, so many years later, they aren’t only ‘world famous’ in their own South-Holland but also in the farthest corners of our globe. You can’t name a country or someone of that area has visited or bought pigeons from them. 
To be able to reconstruct the origin of their success pigeons we have to go back in time, namely until 1984. In this period they were short distance racers. But the call for the long distance world became louder and more tempting. The first purchases for the more heavy work were at John Lalieu and Tjeu van Doorn. They had the noble blood strains from the Jan Theelen-strain on their lofts. In 189 they made definitely the switch towards the long distance. There for they went looking for reinforcements that they could cross in with their already present long distance pigeons. This is how they bought at the de Weerdt brothers 12 late youngsters and also a few at Laurenz Huberts. Also via co-breeding with the van Doorn brothers out of Someren they got good pigeons. End of the nineties and beginning of 2000 the brothers Bruggeman out of Assendelft amazingly well, so Ad and Rinus also went for the perfect crossing material to them. 
Also of the current generation of long distance champions a few pearls moved to the beautiful Achthuizen. This is how they got pigeons at Arjan Beens, Peter and Hans-Peter Brockamp and with the Belgian Barcelona champion Frans Bungeneers. 

Champion breeders from the Hagens colony


This amazing hen won herself 1st International Barcelona hens but her gene material is maybe even more impressive! By crossing in their own pigeons to the strain of ‘Sarina’, many fanciers succeeded. 

1st Nat. Narbonne   (Dld)
1st Internat. Barcelona 
1st Internat. Barcelona   
1st Derby Arona Tenerife 
1st Marsan 
1st Nat. Wakkanai  (Japan) 
1st Nat. Bourges   (UK)
2nd Nat.Barcelona 
2nd Derby Arona Tenerife 
3rd Nat.Barcelona  (Dld) 
3rd Nat. Bordeaux 
4th Nat. Bergerac S3 
5th Nat. Barcelona  (Dld)
5th Nat. Barcelona (Fr)
7th Nat. Barcelona                                   
7th Nat. Barcelona                              
7th Nat. St.Vincent  (B)
7th Nat.Montauban   
7th Nat. Tarbes S2   
8th Nat. Dax     
9th Intern.Barcelona 
9th Nat. Montauban   
10th Nat. Bordeaux yearlings and so on… 

 “Angelo” NL00-1764077

 This crack was an extra ordinary racer, see underneath his palmaris: 

17th Nat.Barcelona '03 
48th Intern.Barcelona '03   
92nd Nat.St.Vincent ' 02 
124th Nat.Barcelona'05 
175th Marsan S2  '02 

But also on the breeding loft proved “Angelo” to be a pure diamond. 

 He is father/grandfather to :
 1ste  International Barcelona hens 2019 – 5,104 b. – 2nd Internat. 15,981b. – “Gouden Vleugel” winner at Raf Stynen - Geel (B)
 5de  best marathon bird Nederland Ranking  2020  with “De 3 Drietjes”
 5de ace Z.L.U. Agen Oude 3 jaar (2018-2019-2020) with “Mees”
 5de National Bergerac S2  - 3.090 d. – 2018 with “Harry”
 5de National Barcelona dv. - 2.424 d. – 2009 with “Rosita”
 7de National Bordeaux S2  - 4.954 d. – 2020 with “Ysabella”
 7de National Bergerac S2 - 6.140 d. – 2020 with “Michaéla”
 7de National Barcelona 6.909 d. - 2013  with  “Gijs”
 7de National Barcelona 8.042 d. – 2009 with “Rosita”
 7de National Agen-jl.  Z.L.U. 5.930 d. – 2017 with “Bram”
 8ste Internat.Barcelona dv. 7.636 d. – 2009 with “Rosita”
10de National St.Vincent Z.L.U. 2.570 d. – 2018 with “Angeliño”
12de Internat.Barcelona 27.630 d. – 2009 with “Rosita”
14de National Marseille 3.611 d. – 2015 with ”Olivier”
15de National Pau 4.255 d. – 2020 with “De 3 Drietjes”
17de National Perigueux S2 - 4.257d. – 2018 with “Meghan”
17de National Agen 5.210 d. – 2019 with “Annemie”
17de Internat. Barcelona 26.068 d.- 2011 with J.M. Buurma-Midlaren(NL)
19de National Marseille 2.528 d. - 2017 with “Honey”
22ste National Perpignan 3.354 d. – 2020 with “De 3 Drietjes”
24ste National Dax  S2 - 1.727 d.- 2019 with “De 3 Drietjes”
25ste Internat. Barcelona 25.382 d.-  2013 with “Gijs”
26e National Dax S2 - 2.373 d.  – 2021 with “Ysabella”
28e  National  St. Vincent S2 - 2.690 d. -  2021 with “Lionel”
40ste  Internat. Marseille 10.104 d.  - 2015 with “Olivier”
46ste National Bordeaux S2 - 3.086 d. - 2019
47e National Dax S2 - 1.727 d. – 2019 with “Lionel”
48ste  National Dax S2 - 1.727 d. – 2019 with “Kate”
49ste  National Agen-oude Z.L.U. 5.754 d.  – 2018 with “Mees”



“Angelo” is grandfather to "Gijs"



7th Nat. Barcelona '13                   6,909b.
25th Intern.Barcelona '13            25,382b. 
257th Nat. St. Vincent S2  '12      4,858b.

And is father to:

44th Nat. Agen ZLU ‘17
50th Nat. Bergerac ‘17
69th Nat. Bordeaux ’19 against 3,277b.
94th Nat Agen ZLU 

And so on…

Top references from the Hagens pigeons. 

Gebr. Hagens enjoy the sublime results of their top pigeons but they enjoy as much pleasure when other fanciers have successes with their pigeons. 


References 2021

Adrian Plestiu    Nicoresti  (Romenia|

Vilnius Lithuania (Litouwen)       

10-07-2021  Vilnius: 2nd Club           1,581 b.     (19-000501)

                                     8th National    9,694 b.   


19-06-2021 Vilnius:  38th  Zone 3        2,015 b.

                                   299th National   16,463 b.   

50th National Palmares 2 years                                 

His sister won:

10-07-2021  Vilnius: 36th Zone 3          5,471 b.     (19-000535)

                                   100th National      9,694 b.   

Mother is a full sister to Olivier, Lucibella, Annemie, Bram, Honey, Donald, Melania en Halfzus  van Vliegende Jasper and Sietse.

Carlo Berghmans   Mol (Belgie)
39th Nat. Barcelona    3,901 b.
Breeding line “Carcasonne” and “Sarina”


Verweij-de Haan    Mijdrecht

79th Nat. Barcelona                    4,838 b.

Father’s side granddaughter “Vliegende Jasper” x “Zus Rosita”

Nico Pronk      Mill

18th Nat. Perpignan                  4,873 b.

Grandchild Gijs.

Theo van Oss     Afferden

1st Nat. Cahors Sector 3                       

Mother’s side “Goede 54”, “Lucinda”, “Grandson Sarina”

References 2020
Erik Houter     Vlieland
9th Nat. Bergerac S4  - 609b.
Father is a full brother of ao: Olivier, Lucibella, Annemie, Bram, Honey, Donald, Melania and Half-
brother of the Flying Jasper and Sietse.

J. Koese     Sommelsdijk
21st Nat. Narbonne – 6,725b.
Mother is a daughter to Olivier, and a granddaughter to Epke and Ranomi.

Ludo Verstraeten   Echt
3rd Ace bird Extreme long Distance Dept. 4 Limburg
Best pigeon Dept. Limburg 2020 over the races Bordeaux and Bergerac
30th Nat. Bergerac  Dept. 4 Limburg  2,409b.
32nd Nat. Bordeaux Dept. 4 Limburg 3,439b.
On fathers’ side out of the strain Olano, on mothers’ side out of the strain Sonja

Philippe Deleu     Houthem (Belgium)
95th Nat. Pau 2,919b.
96th Nat. Pau 2,919b. / 52nd Internat. Pau Hens 3,568b.
Mother is a daughter to Gijs x Sister Rosita

David Cristian     Deva (Romania)
1st Long Distance Palmaris
2nd Marathon Grand-Prix
On mothers’ side out of the strain Alejandro, Sarina and Carcasonne

References 2019

Raf Stynen   Geel (B)
2nd Nat. Barcelona 7,301b.
2nd Internat. Barcelona 15,981b.
1st Internat. Barcelona hens 5,104b.
Golden Wing Winner
Mother is inbred Angelo

Gebr. Wagemans     Achthuizen
3rd Nat. Dax S2  4,545b.
Out of the strains of Alejandro, Rosita, Sarina, Angelo and Leontien

Mariska v.d. Made     Achthuizen
 6th Nat. Dax S2 1,727b.
Mother is ao. a granddaughter to Breeder 42.
9th Nat. Bergerac 24,043b.
On mothers’ side strain of Breeder 42

References 2018

Jan and Twan Nobels     Achthuizen
29th Nat. Agen Yearlings 4,776b.                   
Mother is a daughter to Vera and granddaughter to Marescha.
Also out of the strains Sarina, Carcasonne, Breeder 42, Lucinda.

Mariska v.d. Made     Achthuizen
10th Nat. Periqueux S2  4,257b.   
14th Nat. Agen-Oude 5,754b. 
Mother is ao: a granddaughter to Kweker 42.
13th Nat. Periqueux S2 4,257b.
Pigeon comes out of the strains Vera, Olaf Angelo,Leontien, Rosita.
19th Nat. Dax S2  2,171b.           
Pigeon comes out of the strains Lynn, Kweker 42, Sarina.

Borsboom-Steenvoort     Monster
29th Nat. Bergerac S2 3,090b.    
Father is a grandson to Olaf and Vera, and also the strain of Marescha.

Piet Zuurbier     Heiloo
20th Nat. Agen-Old 5,754b.
Father is a grandson to Kweker 42 and Britt. 
Further out of the strains Sarina, Carcasonne, Sproetje 74.

Rieks Lonsain      Nieuwleusen
6th Nat. Limoges  S4  2,183b.
On fathers’ side out of the strains from Olaf, Sarina, Rijs, Vader Sonja, Carcasonne and Sproetje 74.

References 2017

Eyerkamp-Willems    Eisden-Maasmechelen (B)
1st Prov. Limburg (B)  Barcelona 
19th Nat. Barcelona (B) 7,874b.
Fathers is out of Alejandro x daughter Carcasonne.

Aris Louwe                 Den-Helder
1st Nat. Agen S2  2,874b.         
2nd Nat. Cahors S2  3,922b.
Aan moeders kant uit lijn Kweker 42.

A.Mulderij         Hollandscheveld
1e Nat. Bergerac  S4 2.725 d.
On mothers’ side out of the strains Gianni, Maxima and Sarina. 

Gerben v.d. Loon      Boelenslaan- Friesland
7th Nat. Cahors  S4 1,306b.   1st NIC Drachten
Out of the strains Sarina, Kweker 42, Rooie kweker.

Yves van Briel    Meeswijk-Maasmechelen (B)
14th nat. Narbonne Z.L.U. 4,566b.
6th nat. Narbonne dv. Z.L.U. 1,276b. 
Father is out of Alejandro x daughter Carcasonne.

Gebr. Wagemans     Achthuizen
20th Nat. Dax S2  1,982b.
Out of strains Sarina, Kweker 42 and Angelo.

Gebr. van Doorn     Someren
25th Nat. Barcelona   Z.L.U. 4,504b.
Mother is out of Alejandro x Daughter Carcasonne (=half-sister Sarina)

Rieks Lonsain      Nieuwleusen
5th  Nat. Ruffec S4  3,532b.   
On fathers’ side out of the strains of Olaf, Sarina, Rijs, Vader Sonja, Carcasonne and Sproetje 74.