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Gwen & Arie Van de Merwe (Dordrecht): 1st NPO Pont St. Maxence 35,038b.

20 May 2022

While Peter is recuperating from his back injury, daddy Arie and daughter Gwen have started a team of racers. We already knew from the past that Gwen has a real talent for "milking pigeons" and it's not surprising that the top results are achieved. The strong basis of the Van de Merwe pigeons proves once more his overwhelming class.

It all started a few weeks ago, namely on 30/04, from Quievrain (170km). 526 pigeons: 1-2-3-6-7-9-13-15-16-20-22-23-25-263013 pigeons: 2-3-5-22-25-32-50-63-68-86-88-89-93-94-107-137-140141-142 etc 55 prizes competing 48 prizes  

Winner was black cock "NL21-1196863".

Top reference

But also the Potten-Laenen combination (Ysselstein) achieved a cracking performance with offspring from Van de Merwe pigeons. Their "Big Ben" (NL20-1678400), a son out of "Brother Jill" won the 1st price Chimay against 13,753b. ! 

NL21-1196123 - 1st NPO Pont St. Maxence against 35,038b.  

The provisional highlight of this young season was achieved by cock "Arie" (NL21-1196123). He won last weekend the middle distance race from Pont St. Maxence against 35,038b. Too bad the department doesn't make the total result of the 3 rayons which are released together, because "Arie" was the fastest of the whole release ( 3 rayons).

Hereby the result  

Pont st Max 316 km 
2,500 pigeons 1-3-5-30-32-34-35-46-62-68-81-84-85-109 etc 38 prizes from 55 pigeons 
12,321 pigeons 1-8-18 etc 37 prizes from 55 pigeons 


Congrats from the whole Herbots Team


Stefan Mertens