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Goossens Jos - Olmen: 1st National Limoges 17,356 old birds

11 Jun 2022

1st National Limoges 17,356  old birds

Distance: 681km
Velocity: 1313,74m/m

Olen. It was a very busy affair when we arrived in the Schoolstraat no. 12 to congratulate the national winner of Limoges. Jos Goossens is the name and you can see that the Goossens family breathes one and all "pigeon sport". As Jos was answering the phone one after the other, it was Mrs Goossens who welcomed us. "It's quite something"...she starts her story... "in the street there was a school party and I helped a bit and suddenly he was standing next to me, very emotional. I thought something had happened but he said 'I have won the 1st national prize. Since then the congratulations were pouring in and the phone was glowing red. What a fool".

A more difficult start

Jos finally got rid of the phone and tells us: "I must admit that I had a very difficult start of the new season. More than that, my courage to give 100% daily effort had ebbed away. I just let things go...the lofts weren't cleaned any the feeding they didn't pay attention to a grain and at the basketing of Limoges, my 8 participating pigeons were taken from the loft. Apparently this change has brought a certain motivation."

The Limoges winner is cock "B19-6120819", a dark-shelled cock of the medium/smaller type. Perfectly built, well closed lock and a strong back and carcass. To the question whether the "819" had any special motivation, Jos could not immediately give an answer. "I haven't noticed anything special" he says "and I can't tell much about his arrival either. It was cycling on TV and I quickly went to have a look and when I came outside I saw that he had already been identified. Everything was quickly registered and on KBDB online my name appeared at the top. We had to wait anxiously for a few minutes and then the confirmation came that the national victory had been won. Unbelievable!"


The basis of the Goossens colony was built up with pigeons from: Van Hove-Uytterhoeven, Putte; Ludo Claessens, Putte (NL); Rudy Hendrikx, Lanaken; Hans Hirn (D), Jean Verspreet, Rocourt; Hok Malfait, Jabbeke; VandyckDebeule, Geetbets and Vanoppen-Luyten, Herk-de-Stad.  

The pedigree of the "819", Jos could not show. "I don't know immediately who his parents are" Jos tells honestly "I have a suspicion but I am not 100% sure".

After the arrival of a race, the widowers get sports mixture and electrolytes in the drinking water. Sports mixture is on the menu every day. Sporadically the pigeons get vitamins in the drinking water. Before the start of the racing season, they were treated against coccidiosis and trichomonas. Also two days were given against respiratory infections. When the widowers are three to four days at home from a race, they get the "yellow drops" over the feed. This is what they have to do with Jos.  

Basketing place

As we already mentioned, the Goossens family breathes pigeon sport. The proof is that they open their garage to the local club for basketing the races Quievrain and Noyon. In no pub the local was welcome anymore and luckily Jos and his wife came with the solution. During our visit there was a basketing of Noyon and we must admit it was a very cosy place. Congratulations to everyone who put their shoulders to the wheel there.  

With Limoges, we again have a "smaller" fancier at the honour and this is what makes our national pigeon sport so beautiful.

Once again congratulations from the whole Herbots team.


Stefan Mertens 

The lofts

Stefan Mertens