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Freialdenhofen and Sons (Aldenhoven - Germany) 1st International St. Vincent 8,269 old birds 2021

23 Jul 2021

For the international race from St. Vincent 8,269 old birds were basketed. Normally they would be released on Friday but out of solidarity for the people from Wallonia and Germany who are experiencing a disaster due to the flooding, the release was postponed for one day. Saturday at 7.20 am sharp the baskets opened in St Vincent, South of France and the marathon racers could start their race with very nice weather and north wind. 

The same day French and Belgian pigeons reached their lofts but the international winner was clocked on Sunday at 5.01 am in Aldenhoven, Germany, by the well-known fanciers Freialdenhofen and sons. With an average speed of 1064.77 m/m their "Champ of Forrest Junior" (DV06348-19-866) showed all other St. Vincent racers his tail. 

With this new international victory, the famous "Forrest Gump" breeding line shows again its overwhelming class!