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Frans & Dirk Maris, Itegem with their fantastic “Maxi” strain

21 Aug 2020

Those who had a look at the Frans Maris colony the past years know that they have super strong pigeons for the greater middle distance races. So they don’t only have iron strong pigeons for the middle distance work but also on the national races they throw high eyes. In the season of 2019 they had 3 hens who race together 7x Top 54 National in one season. Ladies to go to war with, where off 2 have to race again next year and fight against the best of the best. When we have a look the results of 2020 they again confirm their status. Father Frans and son Dirk run together the colony on their own way and never thought that the results would be so high so soon. 

The Olympiad pigeon of 2019 is still on the lofts over here as they decided not to sell but to focus on the co-breeding with the Belgian top of pigeon sport. Just the same as they did with their 1st National winner ‘Maxi’. When we get to see both hens again we understand why they want to build further on these and all the best racing pigeons just move to the breeding loft. Not a big breeding loft are a big racing loft, no, only 17 to 18 hens have to make sure that the name Frans Maris is known. The village Itegem was already known but after about 3 seasons they now know the name Frans Maris everywhere. 

Base breeding mother Maxi

When they won in 2014 the 1st National Argenton with their best hen “Maxi” 6024544/2012 they decided rather soon not to sell it. There were opportunities enough to sell but building on the future was the right decision over here. Now 5 years later this was the only right move they could have done otherwise the colony would have looked like very different. The heritage on fathers’ side is “Broer Argenton” 1 Nat Argenton from J & J Engels x “Maxima” a short distance hen who won 10 pure first prizes on their own loft. On mothers’ side you can find a direct hen from Roger & Nick Thijs. This is a daughter to their base breeding hen “045/06” who already gave so many national top pigeons and now once again. 

When we have a look to the offspring of this bloodline we see several top pigeons come back. 

6074365/2014 Sister Maxi
Is mother to “Martha” 1 Nat Ace bird Middle Distance year birds KBDB 2018 and 3 Olympiad pigeon Cat.G Poznan 2019
Is mother to “353/16” won 2/3.503b - 3/4.661b - 3/323b – 44/2.879b – 52/4.902b - 102/11.193b

6050088/2015 ½ brother Maxi is father to “Bloiske” 1 I.Prov Blois 921b

6074366/2014 Witte Max is brother Maxi and won himself 3 x 1st 

6075354/2014 Son Maxi
Is father to“Avatar” 1 NPO Quievrain 13.331b – 41 NPO Niergnies 11.597b ( raced at J & S Timmermans)
Is father to “Maximal Rocket” 2 Peronne 2.228b - 4 Pont.St.Maxence 22.709b – 6 Pont.St.Maxence 1.259b – 8 Sens 4.971b – 10 Morlincourt 5.020b – 25 Pont.St.Maxence 8.060b - 29 Quievrain 5.899b – 34 Melun 5.678b – 89 Melun 19.405b 

6050035/2015 Den As is son Maxi
Became himself 1 Ace bird Middle Distance Region Mechelen 
Won ao.12/368b – 13/607b – 19/945b – 25/1.017b – 46/1.055b – 77/2.839b – 93/2.067b – 117/10.308b

6061814/2018 Daughter Maxi
Won 2 Prov Chevrainvilliers 5.197b – 3/726b – 23/1.563b 
6050037/2015 Grandson Maxi
Won 1/607b – 1/368b – 1/303b – 3/3.196b – 5/897b – 11/2.067b
6020359/2016 Granddaughter Maxi
Won 12/950b – 18/3.899b – 19/1.641b – 38/1.865b

More recent references are to be found again at Embrechts – Theunis in Holland where they win again with a granddaughter to their “Millenium Koppel” 1st NPO on La Souterraine against 2.748 pigeons on a distance of 634km. A grandson won on the same lofts also the 4th NPO Chateaudun 2.927 pigeons ( 650km ). 

How do they race these hens ? 

Well we have one loft for the hens where we have 16 breeding boxes, 16 hens are being coupled in these boxes and can raise one round of youngster during Winter time. They are also some late ones in between and when we have 17 or 18, these one or two won’t be coupled and we try to be a bit more careful with them. After the breeding period barley is one of the most important things in their food, they get this until the end of February before we add a portion of corn. They also train from February more than once a week, but when it is a real beautiful day in January we dare to let them out during the breeding as well. When March arrives they come out on a daily base in the morning and keep it on a single training a day. They always train a full hour until the month of May, but from then on it’ll be maximum 30 to 45 minutes as they have enough kilometres during the season itself. 

What do you do with the hens during the week ?

We have an aviary in front of the loft where they always are during the day and with hot weather these are being shielded so they can keep cool or out of the wind when there is a lot of wind. In the evening they can move into the resting loft where we have elastics on the floor so they can’t pair up and can sit quietly in small boxes. 

The 3rd part is the breeding loft where they come into after a training and where they get their food but the boxes are closed during dinner. 

What is the best motivation for the hens ? 

We already tried so many things but have the best results when the hens can fly into their breeding box without that there’s a cock waiting. The first weeks until the National races we do it like this, from then on we also put a nest dish where they can go into for a few minutes. 

When they get home after a race, their cock is waiting and can stay together for one hour. This will become longer afterwards until the evening. 

After the widowhood also the nest game will come for the last races ? 

Yes, that is what we try to do as we thing that we can’t keep the pigeons on widowhood that long and some of them react extra on this nest. That’s why we take care that they breed during Bourges II and then race Argenton on a youngster of maximum 8 to 10 days. This is also how the result was delivered from the 2nd National Argenton in 2019.  

The best 4 hens of the colony

BE 17-6052627 Martha Chequered hen
1 Nat Ace bird Middle Distance year birds KBDB 2018
3 Olympiad bird Cat.G Poznan 2019 

1         Melun                         1.532b
1         Melun                         1.440b
2         Chevrainvilliers         1.556b
3         Melun                         1.965b
3         Chevrainvilliers         1.630b
9         Chevrainvilliers         3.043b
14       Chevrainvilliers         1.113b
82       Blois                           5.056b

Father 6110283/2009 Bonte
Gr.F. 6035373/2007 Bolt
            Son to “508/99” Dark Bull A Vermaelen x “410/98” Super 10 raced 10 x 1st
Gr.M. 6118587/2008  White tale Roger & Nick Thijs
            Daughter to “239/07” Pokkebakkes x “702/05” Charleroi

Mother 6074365/2014 Blue –  Sister  “Maxi” 1 Nat Argenton 3.660b– 39 Nat Argenton 6.801b – 48 Nat (z) Montlucon 2.373d - 87 Nat Issoudun 5.670b
Gr.F. 6110382/2009 Father Maxi
            Son to“661/06” Engels J & J x “445/03” Maxima won 10 x 1st 
Gr.M. 6118592/2008 Moeder Maxi Roger & Nick Thijs
            Daughter to “030/06” Witte x “045/06” Kleine Saliën

BE 18-6061856 Proxi Chequered Hen 

    1     Nat(z) Argenton ’19             1.547b
    1    Fastest  Prov                          4.112b
    2     Nat                                          5.158b
    7     Nat      Issoudun ’19           11.465b
  14     Nat      Argenton ’20          16.762b
  23                  Noyon ’19                 1.095b
  24     Prov    Chateauroux ’19          817b
  54     Nat      Montlucon ’19        14.104b
  56     Nat      Chateauroux ’20    20.800b
  96     Nat      La Souterraine ’20   9.469b
  96                  Chevrainvilliers ’19  2.506b
101                  Melun ’19                  2.090b
140                  Melun ’19                  3.249b
156    Nat       Gueret ’20                 7.175b
170    Nat       Chateauroux ’19      6.377b
370    Nat       Issoudun ’20           10.603b

Father BE 14-6274477 Son Portier – N & R Thijs
Gr.F. BE 06-6111039 Portier Old base breeder - N & R Thijs - Won 3x 1st 
          Son to “743/05” x “702/05” Blue white head
Gr.M. BE 10-6178937 N & R Thijs
            Daughter to “855/09” x “826/09” Chequered 

Mother BE 15-6050090 Daughter Olympic Niels x Maxi –  Co-breeding with Dirk Van Dijck
Gr.F BE 08-6338005 Olympic Niels – Dirk Van Dijck
         3 Olympiad pigeon Cat.A Nitra 2013 
         Son to “015/05” Di Caprio Leo Heremans x “110/06” Chequered Inbred “Bourges” 2 Nat Bourges 
Gr.M. BE 12-6024544 Maxi 
          1 Nat Argenton 3.660b,39 Nat Argenton 6.801b,48 Nat (z) Montlucon 2.373b,87 Nat Issoudun 5.670b
          Daughter to “382/09” Son Maxima 10 x 1st x “592/08” Daughter  Kleine Saliën N & R Thijs

BE 17-6054592 Speedy Blue white pin hen

    1                 Argenton                      174b
    3     Prov                                        1.339b
    1                 Argenton                      125b
  40     Nat                                      15.247b
    7     Nat(z)Chateauroux             5.715b
  40     Nat                                       20.516b
  12     Nat(z)Argenton                   4.957b
  36                 Noyon                       1.095b
  87                 Melun                        2.090b
  88                 Melun                        3.249b
107                Chevrain                   2.506b
346    Nat     La Souterraine         9.469b
463    Nat     Bourges                   23.195b

Full sister “BE 16-6020330” Bloiske won 1 I.Prov Blois 921b – 2 Noyon 751b – 6 Noyon 835b – 27 Prov Gien 2.240b – 70 Nat (z) Chateauroux 8.583b

Full sister to “BE 18-6061916” Brother Blois ( in  an online auction now via )

Father  BE 15-6050088 Blue white pin
½ brother “Maxi” 1 Nat Argenton 3.660b – 39 Nat Argenton 6.801b – 48 Nat (z) Montlucon 2.373b - 87 Nat Issoudun 5.670b
½ brother “365/14” Mother “Martha” 1 Nat Ace bird MD KBDB ’18 + 3 Olympiad bird Cat.G Poznan 2019
Gr.F. BE 09-6110382 Father Maxi
            Son to “661/06” Engels J & J x “445/03” Maxima won 10 x 1st
Gr.M. NL 09-5914471 Blue white pin Herman Beverdam

Mother BE 11-6079456 Blue
Gr.F BE 02-6180922 Avatar
            Son to“222/97” Cesaer x “410/98” Super 10  raced 10 x 1st
Gr.M. BE 03-6251445 Maxima won 10 x 1st 
            Daughter to “518/01” Kleine x “413/98”

BE 18-6061806 Sunny Blue white pin hen 

    5                 Chateauroux                817b
  12     Nat     Issoudun                 11.465b
  27     Nat     Argenton                   5.158b
  49                 Noyon                        1.095b
  87                 Melun                        2.090b
115    Nat(z)Argenton                    7.115b

Father BE 15-6050061 Blue
Gr.F. BE 14-6274477 Son Portier – N & R Thijs 
            Son to “039/06” Portier 3 x 1st base breeder x “937/10”
Gr.M. BE 12-6024544 Maxi 
            1 Nat Argenton 3.660b, 39 Nat Argenton 6.801b, 48 Nat (z) Montlucon 2.373b, 87 Nat Issoudun 5.670b
            Daughter to “382/09” Son Maxima 10 x 1st x “592/08” Daughter Kleine Saliën N & R Thijs 

Mother BE 12-6024534 Blue

Gr.F. BE 99-6412508 Dark Bull – A Vermaelen
Gr.M. BE 09-6110212 Sister Brad Pitt
            Daughter to “222/97” Cesaer x “223/03” Schoon Blue

Other top pigeons of the strain  “Maxi” can be found in the auction that is now online (Pigeon Bids August)


So after the breeding period it is barley until the training will restart. During the season itself they get a light mixture from Huyghens on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays for 100%. On Wednesdays this will be 50% light and 50% sport and from Thursdays on they switch onto 100% Turbo Energy from Matador.  

The first thing they get at arrival is som candy and Belgasol from Belgica – De Weerd. They only get real food from the moment the cocks are taken out. We notice that they are fully round again on Sunday morning by doing this and can train freely on the day after the race which makes that they already train again well on Mondays. 

We work especially with products from Dr.Mariën on the day of arrival. Then they get conditional powder and vitemineral over the food. The day after it is especially proteins, mostly Protein Plus on Sunday and also  Energetica and Optima  from Ortophar. Next to this it is especially apple vinegar and garlic which is very important for us for the young pigeons.  

In a medical way we hardly do anything, the pigeons are being treated seldomly against trichomoniases. Only when a pigeon had to sleep outside or something like that, they get a  ¼ flagyl and we so use mostly onece a month conditional syrup from Marien to purify everything. 

Already a big congratulations from the entire HERBOTS TEAM to Frans & Dirk  

Buelens Kim