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"Febeke' by Jens Van Cutsem does it again Second provincial victory in 2 weeks time

26 Jul 2022

Idegem: Indeed... they still exist... the exceptional pigeons we all dream of ringing one day. "Febeke" (B22-4116188) of Jens Van Cutsem is one of those exceptional hens. Last week she won the 1st provincial Orleans and now last weekend she did the same exploit again...again 1st provincial Orleans.

16/07/2022         1             Prov. Orleans (350km)                 7,205 youngsters             1220.68m/m

                                               Fastest of 10,811 birds.

 23/07/2022        1             Prov. Orleans (350km)                 7,093 youngsters             1220.68m/m

                                               Fastest from 10,934b.

Of course we had a super happy Jens in front of us. "What a dream I live in. We were waiting for the pigeons from Sermaises and we already knew that it was not going to be an easy race. My first pigeon from Sermaises was already clocked and I was waiting a bit for my second pigeon when suddenly 3 pigeons came down at the same time. One of them appeared to be a strange one, the other one was a pigeon from Sermaises and all of a sudden the ring number of my "Febeke" appeared on my PAS. That couldn't much faster than the pigeons from Sermaises. Quickly to the loft and indeed... she was already cuddling her cock.

Lost during the week

After her 1st provincial victory, Jens didn't change anything about his system. You can read this again in the previous report CLICK HERE

Jens "Because of the great heat on Tuesday, I decided to release my hens in the morning instead of the evening. It is not their habit but I thought...better to fly in the "coolness" of the morning than in the late afternoon at temperatures of + 35 degrees. The hens flew as usual for half an hour but when I wanted to call them in, 5 were missing. 15 minutes later, there were 4, so 1 was can already guess who...indeed "Febeke". Panic struck...I thought this is not possible. More than 2 hours she kept me in suspense and suddenly she was there. It is impossible to estimate...".

And now what? "Yes..." says Jens "there are several options...I'm not going to say anything now. A few more sleepless nights and then I will have to tie the knot."

Jens, from the Herbots team good luck

Stefan Mertens