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20 Jan 2021

Ton and Riekie Vromans, Udenhout (NL)
The last years they invested a lot in the best of the best from RACING SENSATION Jelle Jellema!
Children from the breeders in this brochure are at the price of 800 EUR per pigeon, only from these 3 breeders the children are a bit more expensive:
NL1559770-14: 1.000 EUR
NL1559769-14: 1.000 EUR
NL1328202-19: 1.200 EUR
All prices are excl VAT/BTW & transport costs
Comb. Vromans pairs them how they think it will bring good quality youngsters!

Here you can find our brochure.

When you prefer a special pairing, like to order youngsters or you have an other question send a message to [email protected]

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