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Engels Jules & Yves, Putte are having an amazing season in 2021 with 2x 1st National (z) and so much more…

30 Jan 2022

The Engels family from Putte, a tradition of years what pigeons are concerned and especially iron strong pigeons who can set strong results with head wind. But the wind doesn’t matter that much for them when you see what a year they had in 2021 and are ready for 2022. Jules and Yves were to be found constantly at the top of the results on all races and win 1x 1st and 3x 2nd National zone without mentioning all their other top prizes. 

Aside that we also know them from their iron strong base that starts with “231/86” and “178/94”. After them you got “Den Argenton” – “Marieke” – “Den As” and so many other top pigeons. The last few years the name of the Engels family is at the highest level again were they always belonged. Then the “De Limoges” came, who won the 1st National Limoges 15,009 pigeons and who became the new coming star and where now especially children, brothers and sisters give excellent off spring on the breeding loft. 

By directing new top pigeons to the breeding loft they are more than ready to make a super season in 2022. 

Or how 6 pigeons who win TOP 10 National on the greater middle distance are present on the breeding loft without mentioning the toppers of the season 2021, which makes their breeding loft one that seldom has been seen before. 

“Jolien” 2nd National Chateauroux 2.780 birds – 12th National Argenton 16.363 birds
“Juliette” 5th National Bourges 7.253 birds – 16th National Issoudun 8.248 birds
“Julia” 13th National La Souterraine 9.469 birds
“Sanne” 3th National Issoudun 8.248 birds – 48ste National Argenton 15.235 birds
“Thibau” 2nd National Bourges 22.506 birds
“Tom” 7th Nat Chateauroux 22.818 birds 
“339/17” Dochter Tom” 4th National Issoudun 8.263 birds
“Son Wout” 11th National Chateauroux 17.269 birds
“083/17” is a full sister “Julia” en “Juliette” and won 1st Nat (z) Tulle 1.300 birds ( 4th National 7.004 birds )
“Nina” 4th National Ace Gr.M.D. KBDB 2021 with a.o. 1st Melun 2,202b – 1 Nat (z) Bourges 2,258 birds – 19th National Argenton 21,282 birds – 42th National Chateauroux 10,317 birds

Without off course the overview underneath that has also more than one top pigeon amongst their young pigeons and yearling pigeons who did amazingly well. The competitors are warned as in Putte they are ready.. 

Top season National 2021
32 x TOP 100 National
13 x TOP 10 National Zone 

  1           Nat (z)  Bourges                 2,258 year birds
  1           Nat (z)  Tulle                        1,300 old birds
  2           Nat (z)  Argenton              3,776 young birds
  2           Nat (z)  Chateauroux       3,624 young birds
  2           Nat (z)  La Souterraine    2,268 young birds
  4           Nat        Tulle                        5,067 old birds
  4           Nat (z)  Issoudun               2,602 year birds
  4           Nat (z)  Chateauroux          821 old birds
  4           Nat (z)  Bourges                 3,531 young birds
  5           Nat (z)  Argenton              3,755 year birds
  5           Nat (z)  Chateauroux          982 old birds
  6           Nat        La Souterraine  14,315 young birds
  8           Nat        Issoudun             14,758 year birds
  8           Nat (z)  Chateauroux       3,614 old birds
  9           Nat (z)  Chateauroux       1,668 year birds
  9           Nat (z)  Argenton              1,615 old birds
10           Nat        Chateauroux     24,617 old birds
10           Nat        Chateauroux       5,140 old birds
12           Nat        Argenton            14,787 old birds
15           Nat        Chateauroux     18,741 young birds
17           Nat        Argenton            23,124 young birds
19           Nat        Chateauroux     24,617 old birds
19           Nat        Argenton            21,282 year birds
27           Nat        Argenton            14,787 old birds
28           Nat        Chateauroux     24,617 old birds
31           Nat        Bourges               11,952 year birds
33           Nat        Chateauroux       7,099 old birds
35           Nat        La Souterraine  14,037 year birds
36           Nat        Bourges               18,710 young birds
44           Nat        Argenton              9,851 old birds
45           Nat        Argenton            14,787 old birds
47           Nat        Chateauroux     10,317 year birds
56           Nat        Limoges                 9,218 year birds
60           Nat        Chateauroux     22,196 year birds
60           Nat        La Souterraine  14,315 young birds
66           Nat        Argenton            23,124 young birds
69           Nat        Argenton            23,124 young birds
70           Nat        La Souterraine    8,383 old birds
71           Nat        Issoudun             14,758 year birds
75           Nat        Tulle                         5,067 old birds
79           Nat        Chateauroux        2,396 old birds
85           Nat        La Souterraine  14,315 young birds
93           Nat        Tulle                         7,267 year birds
94           Nat        Argenton             21,282 year birds
94           Nat        Issoudun             14,758 year birds

BE 18-6117113 “Eden”
6th National Ace bird extreme middle distance old KBDB 2020

A top class pigeon in 2020 that, with several top prizes in the middle distance and national races, was crowned 6th best pigeon in Belgium in the extreme middle distance.

He follows the example of his older brother “304/17” who already won 12th National Argenton 21.915p, 24th National Issoudun 8,248p and 109th National Bourges 38.456p.

His younger brother “630/19” shone with 22nd National Gueret 12,888b and 124th National Argenton 26,085b.

The father of these clappers is a grandson of "Den Argenton" and "178/94" and the mother comes directly from Herbots Gebroeders.

A full brother of these 3 toppers is already present in this sale

BE 21-6073769 “National Boy 769” N°1 in auction

BE 19-6103718 “Thibau”

The class pigeon who won 2nd National Bourges yearlings in 2020 against 22,506 pigeons. A pure inbred to stock father “Argenton” 1st National Argenton 3,942 pigeons and a breeder who passes on his genes generation after generation.

In this auction a full brother of “Thibau” under sale 2 BE 21-6073775 “Argenton 775”

The Limoges

The bloodline of which a lot was expected at the Engels house and which they also immediately realize. “De Limoges” itself was a super cock that won 1st National Limoges against 15,009 pigeons in the first long distance classic of the season.

A pure example of “Den Argenton” x “Limoges” is BE 21-6073763 “Teen 763”

A cock from super breeder “Teen” who is pure inbred to stock father “Argenton”The mother is daughter “Limoges”

This couple already provided good references in the national flights together. Pure top quality.

The golden breeding couple “Tom” x “Zus Limoges”

Due to the national victory of their “De Limoges” Jules & Yves decided to put everything on this strain. Full brothers and sisters have to take care of new top pigeons 

This is how they discovered a new super couple. 

BE 14-6022061 “Tom”
Won 7th National Chateauroux 22.818 birds and 9th Prov Gien 6,646 birds
Is an inbred to super breeder “Den Argenton” 1st National Argenton 3,942 birds
Tom is also a full sister to “Jolien” who we will introduce further on

BE 14-6022850 “Sister Limoges”
Is a full sister from superstar Limoges”
Daughter “Junior 178” ( Son 178/94 ) x ½ sister Argenton 
Pure inbred to famous old breeder “178/94” 

They are the parents to 4 real top pigeons at the Engels loft 
Full brother “433/17” Juliette
5th National Bourges 7,253b & 16th Nat Issoudun 8.248b
Full brother “434/17” Julia
13 Nat La Souterraine 9,469b – 19 Prov Argenton 1,339b – 61 Nat (z) Issoudun 3,129b – 63 Nat (z) Chateauroux 3,618b – 94 Nat (z) Chateauroux 5,507b – 161 Nat Issoudun 8,248b and 385 Nat Bourges 23,195b
Full brother “083/18”
1st Nat (z) Tulle 1,300b ( 4th Nat 7,004b ) & 104 Nat Bourges 23,195b
Full brother “339/17”
4th Nat Issoudun 8,248b and 54 Nat (z) Bourges 2,836b

In this sale a daughter of "Juliette" coupled to brother "Limoges"

BE 21-6073773 “Juliana 773”

Super racing hen “Jolien” 

In her racing career she was already a crack. “Jolien” won herself 2nd National Chateauroux 2,780b – 7th Nat (z) Chateauroux 5,761b and 12th National Argenton 16,363b.

Also “Jolien” is an inbred to the base breeder “Argenton” 
Her father is a ½ brother Argenton and her mother is a daughter “Argenton”.

She became on the breeding loft already mother to  
  9  S.Nat Vierzon            4,019b 465km
12 Nat(z)Chateauroux 10,995b 516km
15 Nat     Chateauroux 18,741b 516km
45 Nat     Argenton       14,787b 542km
62 Nat     Chateauroux   6,303b 516km
94 Nat     Issoudun        18,176b 494km
And grandmother to 
   2 Nat (z)  Chateauroux    3,624b
 12 Nat       Argenton          14,787b
 22 Nat       Gueret               12,888b
 27 Nat (z) Chateauroux    10,995b
 31 Nat (z) Bourges              8,358b
 40 Nat (z) Bourges              8,215b
 42 Nat (z) Issoudun            6,271b
 60 Nat       Chateauroux   22,196b
 69 Nat       Argenton         23,124b
 71 Nat       Issoudun          14,758b

Also 3 grandchildren “Jolien” are to be found in this top auction 

BE 21-6073739 “Julio 739”

BE 21-6073729 “Limoges 729”

BE 21-6073733 “Jolientje 733”