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Emiel Denys – Tielt For decades a top runner on the marathon and OLR races

17 Jan 2023


Out "Black Sea Star",  won Emiel a few days ago the 26th place Final race OLR Thailand Masters 2023 against 2,306b. on 530km 


Congratualions to Team Demeyer-Boddaert for winning the Princess Cup (12,500€ prize money)  with 2nd position in the final race .
Father of the winning bird: "Geschelpte Miel" is bred from a full sister 6.International Barcelona 2018 this crossed with the best of Joost Desmeyter-pigeons .
Emiel Denys won the Princess Cup himself 3 times in 2006-2011 and 2018. In 2015 the Princess Cup was won by Wim Kerkhove with a 100 pvt Emiel Denys pigeon




In which part of the world would they not know this ever sympathetic man? When you enter his office you see everywhere "memories" of the many successes at home and abroad. His trophy cabinet is really unbelievable, international victories, ace pigeons, national championships, .... he has won everything, or almost everything, in his long career. 

In 2020, the Denys family celebrated its 100-year jubilee in pigeon racing. It all started in 1920 with grandfather Emiel Denys Sr and thanks to the fanatic/professional efforts of grandson Emiel the name Denys never stayed out of the spotlights of international pigeon racing. 

During his brilliant career he won:

1st Overall champion long distance KBDB 
3rd and 4th National Champion Long distance KBDB
1st European Champion long distance
2 x National marathon

There were (inter)national victories on Limoges, Cahors, St. Vincent, Perigueux, San Sebastian and 2 x Narbonne

1st FCI Worldchampion OLR (Olympiad Dortmund)
2nd FCI Worldchampion OLR (Olympiad Brussels)
3rd FCI World Champion OLR

In spite of all these victories Barcelona remains on the international flight calendar in fluor. For Emiel this is the flight among the flights. And if Emiel concentrates on a certain target, prizes will fall from the sky anyway:

1st Golden Wing Brugse Barcelona club 1982
1st Golden wing Brugse Barcelona club 1986
Silver Wing Barcelona Club 2006 and 1980
1st Primus Interpares 1982
1st National ace Barcelona 2006-2007-2008
5th National ace Barcelona 2019-202021
2nd National Barcelona in 1980 and 1986
3rd National Barcelona in 1980 and 2018
6th National Barcelona 2001

No wonder that  Emiel received the "Lifetime Achievement award" of the KBDB. Emiel has written a piece of the history of Belgian pigeon racing. 

A breeding loft built up with historical bloodlines

Emiel has found the perfect mix in his breeding loft for years. The basis is formed by bloodlines that dominate the world of long-distance pigeons for years. So he created with descendants of the breeds Cattrysse, Vanbruaene, Stichelbaut (The "Remie 54") and Coutteau a strong long-distance strain. Also the contribution of the Dutch long-distance expert Anton van der Wegen can be called more than successful. Besides the basic breeds, the famous "Tee" line is still woven into almost all toppers. Emiel has always been a collector of international winners/ ace pigeons. Toppers who also left their mark on the current strain and here we spontaneously think of the recent toppers "Silver Wing Barcelona" (3rd Internat. Barcelona - Decherf Etienne) and "Trapke" (1st Nat. ace KBDB allround - Leutenez)

"Sophia": 1st International Narbonne yearlings 2018

This hen with ring number 3017438/17 must have enormous willpower. She braved the terrible heat and the subsequent heat storm to crawl onto her nest as quickly as possible. After the release at 7:15 in the South of France in Narbonne, she set a firm pace. After 875 heavy kilometres she arrived at 20:54 in Tielt, West-Flanders, good for an average speed of 1068.31 m/m. This made her not only the fastest Belgian pigeon but also out of 6,423yearlings internationally. As an extra bonus, she was even the fastest hen of the whole pack, so she also took the title of 1st International hen.
When we take a closer look at the pedigree of "Sophia" we see nothing but proven bloodlines. Her father is a son of the "Silver Wing" (who won the 3rd Int. Barcelona 2013 with Etienne Decherf). That "Silver Wing" was then coupled to a full sister of the 1st Int. Barcelona hens in 2013 at Daniël Arens. Her mother, the "Blue Narbonne" is a pure Emiel Denys product. She herself won the 11thProvincial Narbonne in 2016 before she started to prove her breeding value.

The beauty of it is that Emiel also won the 1st International in 1974 with his "Prince" and look 44 years on he did it again with his "Lady Narbonne"

1st National ace Allround 2017 "Trapke".
This topper was bought by Emiel on the auction of Eddy & Maarten Leutenez (Kruisem). "Trapke" became the 1st National ace KBDB Allround 2017. And when we talk about the all-round ace pigeons of the KBDB, we can safely say that the winners of this ace pigeon competition are the "pentathletes" (all-round discipline in athletics) of our pigeon sport .... polyvalent and athletic over all distances, real powerhouses. Remarkable about this 2017 edition was that only 1 pigeon won the 5 prizes, namely "Trapke" (B16-4157845) of Eddy and Maarten. The other 41 ranked in this ace pigeon competition only obtained 4 of the 5 necessary prizes. 
In other words "Trapke" feels at home on all terrains and the word "give up" is not in his dictionary. No wonder Emiel made a move when this top pigeon came for sale on the Herbots site.

At this moment Emiel offers on internet auction Pigeon Bids a well selected group of direct children born out his breeders and proven OLR birds 

Some top birds in this auction are: