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E.B.C. Europe vouches for top quality for specialists on the Barcelona races

16 Mar 2021

For many amongst us is racing Barcelona a dream, winning this classic is the ultimate of the ultimate. Also in England they participate to this Spanish flight and the idea to go for the very best pigeons on Barcelona and bundle these forces was born. 

That’s why they started by buying direct children from super racers on Barcelona and afterwards real top racers themselves were being accomplished to these. A breeding loft to dream off where special couples became the new normal. 

Barcelona El Cid

This topper from 2015 won in Holland in the year 2018 on a national level against 3,912b over a distance of 1151km. Heavy weather, a real marathon distance and then is winning only put away for the best. Both him as his sister made the cross over to England. 

Special in this auction are 3 direct children to this winner. 

GB-20-C-44007 “El Cid Laureaat 007” ( N°1 in auction )
A wonderful son out of the National Winner Barcelona coupled to a double granddaughter of “New Laureaat” 1 I.Nat Barcelona 15,382 birds in 2013.

GB-20-V-12353 “El Cid Loyd 353” ( N°2 in auction )
A super cock out of the National winner Barcelona “El Cid” x “Daughter Lloyd” 1st I.Nat Barcelona 15,707 birds in 2018 who was coupled with “Miss New Laureaat” 1st National Agen 4,776 birds. In this super offer you can find 3 x 1ste National.

GB20-C-44197 “El Cid x Red Barca” ( N°10 in auction )
A wonderful hen out of the National Winner Barcelona coupled to a daughter of “Red Barcelona” from Gilbert & Julien Pronckaert who won also 1st National Barcelona in 2016 against 7,693 birds. 

Specially for you some inbred products to famous racer “El Cid” 

GB-20-V-12362 “El Cid x Conquistador” ( N°7 in auction )
Double grandson to “El Cid” and grandson from “Conquistador” 2nd National Barcelona 7,693 birds with Lieven Buelens 

GB-20-V-12386 “Double El Cid 386” ( N°8 in auction )
Double grandson to “El Cid”

GB-20-V-44028 “Double El Cid 428” ( N°9 in auction )
Double granddaughter to “El Cid” and inbred to famous racer “New Laureaat”

Silke – Jelle Jellema

We all know the story from top hen “Silke” from Jelle Jellema. The top fancier out of Holland that won with this hen inn 2016 the 2nd International Narbonne against 7,811 pigeons and in 2020 shined again with this same top hen and won again 1st National Barcelona 4,480b and 2nd International Barcelona 14,500b old birds. Unfortunately this hen was stolen in Autumn from the lofts of Jelle Jellema and that’s why this offer is even more exceptional. 

A direct daughter to “Silke” was coupled to a son of “New Laureaat” from Batenburg – Van de Merwe. Or again a Barcelona winner with the 1st International Barcelona 25,382b and the 8th National Barcelona 12,281b the year before. In other words, golden Barcelona origins crossed in with each other. Who wants this unique opportunity… 

GB-20-X-42381” is a granddaughter from “Silke” and “New Laureaat” ( N°3 in auction )

Second Speedy didn’t only shine on Barcelona

The purchase of “Second Speedy” isn’t only aiming for one day flies that only shine on Barcelona but this one also won 5th National Barcelona 4,504b – 15th National Dax 8,398b – 60th National Tarbes 4,670b and 91st National Bergerac 4,663b. 

By crossing in other children from international and national winners you can compete with the best on the extreme long distance. 

GB-20-V-12351 “Sumerian Speedy” ( N°11 in auction )
Son to “Second Speedy” x “Daughter Sumerian Fighter” 1st I.Nat Barcelona 17,094 birds

GB20-C-44195 “Speedy Laureaat 195” ( N°17 in auction )
Dochter to “Second Speedy” and granddaughter from “New Laureaat” and “Miss New Laureaat” 

New Laureaat 

We all know the worldwide story of the “New Laureaat”.  The classful pigeon from Luc Wiels who became famous worldwide by winning first the 8th National Barcelona in 2011 against 12,281b and was able to concor the real big victory two years later by winning the 1st International Barcelona against 25,382b. Afterwards he took care of many offspring that make good weather on the extreme long distance in Holland and elsewhere. 

For those who want a golden key to success with this kind of parade horses of the golden breeding line we offer you:

GB20-C-44073 “Triple 5 Laureaat 073” ( N°4 in auction )
Grandson “New Laureaat” and “Barcelona Triple 5” 2 x 5th National Barcelona with Erik Limbourg

GB-20-V-12396 “Triple 5 Laureaat” ( N°5 in auction ) 
Granddaughter “New Laureaat” and “Barcelona Triple 5” 2 x 5th National Barcelona with Erik Limbourg

Conquistador – Lieven Buelens

In 2016 it was Lieven Buelens that won with the 2-year old cock “Conquistador” in very though circumstances 2nd National against 7,693 old pigeons ( 5th I.Nat 17,732b ). The blood of Lieven Buelens is going around already for years on Barcelona and that’s why the purchase and to get this top pigeon to England at a young age. He is being coupled to his own strain over here ( Last daughter superbreeder 609 ) 

In this auction a direct son from this top pigeon GB20-X-42393 “Conquistador 393” (N°6 in auction )

Have a look at the auction and discover the top quality on Barcelona winners that is being offered in 1 auction. 

Buelens Kim