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Dirk Cloetens from Rotselaar shines with 1st + 2nd Provincial Argenton 3,065 youngsters

25 Aug 2022

In the 2nd national race for the youngsters, both gold and silver at provincial level were won by Dirk Cloetens from Rotselaar in the province of Flemish Brabant. Dirk has had a super season so far and with this top performance he emphasizes this even more.

You could see the youngsters improving their condition in the month of July, in the Brabant Union race from Orléans he scored 4,5,7,9 and 10 against 2,496 youngsters, in Bourges he had to be satisfied with 2nd Provincial Bourges against 3,555 youngsters but from Argenton it was completely hit with 1st and 2nd Provincial against 3,065 youngsters.

In the selection to the breeding loft he is very strict, barely room for 7 breeding couples. The best is only good enough for breeding and that way you can control the colony. The best pigeons in the breeding loft come mainly from Roger Debusschere, Louis Van Paesschen and the latest acquisitions come from Kobe & Kato Herbots who are doing an excellent job.

System of the kites

Last winter Dirk made the choice to refer the 5 best old racers to the breeding loft, thinking about the future, he said. That is why he raced this season with a smaller racing team of old and yearlings, which are also very strictly selected throughout the season. There is now still played with 7 pieces that are on a nest. In the beginning they were raced on widowhood and from Bourges II they were allowed to build a nest to fly a few more flights at the end of the season. The old birds were darkened from March 1 to April 15 and the young birds from March 1 to June 21. From that date on, both old and young were given extra light until the end of the season (05:00 – 23:00).

The youngsters consisted of a group of approximately 70, of which Jos Thoné annually places about 20 here to play. The youngsters are normally raced on the sliding door, but because the performances were so good in the beginning, I chose to let them build a nest and to race them until the end of the season. The living boxes are almost all closed and the pigeons have space over 3 lofts, 1 loft has chapels and all 3 lofts have straw. The pigeons have the space on the floor to build a nest under a cardboard door and thus mutual motivation is stimulated.

The pigeons train once a day, the old ones do this at 6 o'clock in the morning and afterwards it is the turn of the young pigeons. When they are on the nest, they are also let out in the afternoon so that both partners can still fly daily.

The racing pigeons always get the mixture of Beyers Premium Thoné Olympic and the last 3 days this is adjusted with Beyers Galaxy Long Distance TT together with Beyers Energy Galaxy.

The vaccinations with the racing pigeons are provided by Raf Herbots, they receive 1x Rota paramyxo, 1x Herpes and 1x against smallpox. The other medical supervision is discussed by telephone with Nobert Peeters. As an extra I use Grit-Mix Beyers and the products from Pigeon HP (Recup Fast) every day and before the racing season the pigeons get 1 week of Zell Oxygen together with Optimix from Herbots.

Best birds until this moment

BE 22-5006023 Chequered Hen 
1st Provincial Argenton 3.065 young birds ( 13th National 22.869 young birds )

Bred by Jos Thoné

Sire BE 14-2022358 Jonker – Jos Thoné
Topracer with a.o. 1 Chateauroux 1.068b – 3 La Souterraine 1.236b – 5 Chimay 765b – 10 Nat Argenton 13.720b – 10 Chimay 1.938b
Proven topbreeder and father from 1 Nat (z) Argenton ’19 + 6 Nat Libourne 3.697b
Son from “Junior 962” J & Y Jonckers x “Daughter Blue Viagra” H & G Baerts

Mother BE 18-5025309 Zoë - Jos Thoné
Won 4 x 1st – 1 Chimay 444b – 1 Mettet 181b – 1 Chimay 107b – 2 Chimay 104b – 7 Chimay 1.108b
Daughter from “Kwain” x “Daughter Guru” 

BE 22-2085802 Black Hen 

8th Nat Ace GMD young birds after 2 National races 2022

    2 Prov Argenton            3.065b
  27 Nat                             22.869b
    7 Br.Unie Orléans          2.496b
  24 Prov Bourges              3.555b
181 Nat                            23.846b
  49         Momignies          2.550b

Sire BE 19-2121389 Magic Dries – Herbots Kobe & Kato
Father from 15 Nat Bourges ‘ 22 23.847b - 16 Nat Bourges ’21 18.710b – 27 Nat Argenton ’22 22.869b
Son from “Black Beauty” ( Grandson F16 B & N Van Oeckel and grandson base couple Roger Buvens ) x “Super F16” ( Daughter F16 B & N Van Oeckel x Super One is daughter Gaston Jr. B & N Van Oeckel ). 

Mother BE 17-2067202 Morgan
Top racing hen with a.o. 1 Chevrain 1.312b – 2 Chevrain 366b – 4 Melun 769b – 6 Momignies 397b - 15 Melun 532b – 15 Melun 314b – 55 Nat Vierzon 20.956b 
Daughter from “Bonte Louis” Louis Van Paesschen x “Friendship” Roger Debusschere

Best results 2022

Soissons 222 old + yearlings : 1,8,… 7/7
Sermaises 1.190 old + yearlings: 1,22,39,55,56,61,62,66,100,… 15/19
Sermaises 521 old + yearlings: 5,12,14,18,22,… 8/9
Sermaises 924 old + yearlings: 2,4,5,6,7,25,29,42,48,76 10/12
Sermaises 367 old + yearlings: 2,6,8,11,19,29,… 12/14
Sermaises 407 old + yearlings: 2,4,8,12,14,40,… 8/11
Sermaises 426 old + yearlings: 4,5,6,… 6/11
Sermaises 521 old + yearlings: 2,18,22,46,51,… 7/11
Orléans Br.Unie 1.073 yearlings : 8,31,55,65,… 8/8
Orléans 196 yearlings : 1,2,6,7,12,… 7/7

Soissons 2.749 young birds : 12,12,33,35,35,89,91,91,96,149,161,247,… 23/52 
Sermaises 692 young birds : 1,4,21,26,31,53,62,… 20/49
Sermaises 680 young birds : 9,10,18,23,30,33,34,36,41,51,52,53,… 22/29
Sermaises 744 young birds : 8,18,24,31,67,… 8/8
Orléans Br.Unie 2.496 young birds : 4,5,7,9,10,12,13,31,60,62,85,110,… 18/35
Orléans 212 young birds : 2,3,5,… 4/6
Bourges Prov 3.555 young birds : 2,24,217,230,… 10/22
Argenton Prov 3.065 young birds : 1,2,332,… 4/6

Dirk, congratulations on this top performance from the entire HERBOTS TEAM.

Buelens Kim