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Didier Hoflack (Boursin): one of the best fanciers of France

12 Jan 2023

A successful conversion for Didier HOFLACK, well supported by Serge, his father. 
Remember, only a few years ago, the HOFLACK colony dominated head and shoulders the national championships of long and middle distance, with the same domination, it collected the national ace pigeons and the Olympic pigeons.
As a man of challenge, Didier decided to take on a big challenge, by setting his sights on the international programme.
As we all know, approaching the big competitions implies a total rethinking of the previous know-how, everything has to be reviewed, rethought and the lines of pigeons selected on the federal competitions have little chance to shine on the international events, so it is necessary to reintroduce subjects capable of maintaining the previous level of performance. This is not an easy task!
Didier HOFLACK has targeted a few top colonies in the niche of marathon events. Intelligently, he crossed these introduced subjects with his old lines, those which made his initial reputation: "Jimmy/Bella", "Jeune Déserteur" HEBBERECHT and bingo! Look at the progression of these last three years:

2019, was the year of the decision to change course and already it announced the colour thanks to "KING JIMMY" crowned 1st European Ace pigeon with 12th Int Pau of 11714p and 14th Int St Vincent of 9544p!

2020 was the year of the plunge into the "big bath", the year of taking risks, the sale of all the pigeons with a prize list in 2019 was going to handicap the champion of Boursin strongly. Was he going to be able to reassure himself? Well yes, his yearlings were on target, winning the 1st National Agen yearlings as well as the 4th, 15th and 52nd Int among 14799 yearlings!

For 2021, one could speak of a successful conversion as the results exceeded the most optimistic forecasts, judge for yourself: 

1st Int St Vincent yearlings
10th, 11th Int Barcelona
1st Nat Grand Fond Champion
2nd Nat Grand Fond Pigeon Ace

So what about 2022? Look at this great list of achievements:

Top 10 National
1st Nat Narbonne yearlings
2nd Nat Narbonne yearlings
2nd Nat Agen females
2nd Nat Tarbes yearlings
3rd Nat Agen yearlings
4th Nat Agen yearlings
5th Nat Bordeaux old
6th Nat Perpignan females
7th Nat Narbonne females
9th Nat Agen females

Top 20 international
2nd Int Agen females
3rd Int Tarbes old
6th Int Tarbes females
7th Int Agen yearlings
8th Int Perpignan females
9th Int Agen yearlings
14th Int Narbonne yearlings
15th Int Narbonne yearlings
19th Int Bordeaux old

1st Challenge CIF/MGCG by team (with Arnaud PROVOST)
1e Champion of France females CIF
1st Ace pigeon club of the Inters du boulonnais
2nd general champion club of the Inters du boulonnais
8th general champion of the CIF
5 times 1st at the club des inters boulonnais
3 times 1st Nord Pas de Calais (Bordeaux, Tarbes Narbonne yearlings)


What characterizes the HOFLACK colony is a meticulous management, everything is thought out, planned, nothing must escape the master of the place, improvisation has no place, same rigour as regards the care, we do not count our hours, so that the pigeons are in the best dispositions.
Didier's strength is also his talent for pairing pigeons, he has this uncommon feeling that often allows him to make the optimal choice when forming breeding pairs. Let's remember that the HOFLACK loft has sent 12 pigeons to the 2019 POZNAN Olympics!
As far as nutrition is concerned, preference is given to the Versele Laga mixtures, and the De Reiger range of complementary products has the full confidence of Didier HOFLACK.
Congratulations to the artist/fancier, who knows how to bring his pigeons to the top of the results whatever the wind direction! Bravo also for the top results obtained with both females and males
Let's also note to fight some preconceived ideas that the distances that the pigeons of the champion from Boulogne have to fly are quite comparable to those of our Belgian, Luxembourg or German neighbours: 853km in Narbonne, 768km in Agen, 851 km in Tarbes, Marseille 877 km, 912 km in Perpignan, 1026 km in Barcelona (the Belgian national winner 2022 flies 1015km).

Yves Marula