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Combination Janssens - Hausoul. The year of saying goodbye and success

24 Mar 2020

The marathon specialists out of Epen, the combination Janssens-Hausoul, had a year with two various occurrences. The most tragic is the passing of Jean Hausoul on the 17th of July. Jean became 83 years old and with him a marathon icon in the Dutch pigeon world passed away.  It was a hard blow for the Hausoul family and for his pigeon buddy Giel Janssens who formed a combination with him since 2003. 


Jean Hausoul had built up a big reputation. In 1990 he became 1st National Champion Marathon and 1st National Champion Overnight Long distance together with Hub Keulers. As Jean suffered pigeon allergy more and more he decided to say goodbye to pigeon sport in 2001. He gave his friend, Giel Janssens, a round of eggs of his best pigeons and all pigeons were sold afterwards. They did make the deal that Jean could go and watch the pigeons coming home after a race at Giel’s place. It didn’t stop at looking. Giel and Jean saw each other a lot and Jean told how he would race hens. He selected out 10 hens, mainly yearlings and two-year olds. These hens were being raced on a nest position and the results didn’t wait. The pigeons were a mutual experience and responsibility. 
In 2003, the combination Janssens-Hausoul was born at the lofts of Giel. Giel was a fanatic care taker and implementer, Jean took care of the planning, way of working and system. Together a sublime team. Both were very fanatic and had an unknown love for pigeons in common. The ladies , Els Hausoul and Maria Janssens supported Jean and Giel fully when practising their hobby. 

The base of the current strain is out of the eggs that Giel received in 2001 out of the best pigeons from Jean Hausoul. It was an iron strong strain built up with pigeons out of the ‘Zwarte Moordenaars’ (‘Black Killers’) from Marcel Braakhuis crossed in especially with van der Wegen and Brothers  Kuijpers blood.  Eighteen youngsters came out of these eggs and weren’t raced, but used to build up the current strain. The inbred pigeons were raced just as all other pigeons and used for breeding afterwards. Jean and Giel went looking together for reinforcement and got these at Jef Eijkeboom out of Mechelen. They got cocks over there which still had blood from the old kind from Jean himself. Next to him, Giel and Jean went to Gerrit Boyen from Nuth.


To be able to stay for decades at the top of the international pigeon sport it is extremely important to have an iron strong breeding loft. Well…our marathon champions have this pure class on their loft. All of them pigeons that had proven themselves being able to put super results on the results lists. 

A few top pigeons: 

“De 800” NL13-1548800 , winner of: 
1st International Ace bird Perpignan 2015-2017
16th  Nat. Perpignan ’16                 against 4,029b.
33rd  Nat. Perpignan ’17 against 4,789b.
127th  Nat. Perpignan ’15 against 5,589b.
46th  Internat. Perpignan ’16 against 12,689b.
76th  Internat. Perpignan ’17 against 14,581b.
438th Internat. Perpignan ’15 against 15,594b.

Is at the moment the base breeder on the loft. In 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation he is perfectly able to give on his class. 

“Evi” NL07-1031871, passed away in February 2018
Won: 1st National Ace bird Holland Barcelona 2009-2013

37           Nat. Barcelona ‘10
161         Nat. Marseille ‘08
435         Nat. Perpignan ‘10
609         Nat. Barcelona ‘09
612         Nat. Barcelona ‘12
746         Nat. Barcelona ‘11
791         Nat. Barcelona ‘13

A daughter to “Evi” is “Fleur” (NL14-1358056), winner of: 
12th  National Barcelona ‘17
25th  International Barcelona ’17 against 17,026b.
200th  National Barcelona ’19 against 4,132b.

“Fleur” is on her turn already mother to: 21st National Pau ’17 – 23rd  International Pau ’17 against 11,285b.

“Fleur” is a half-sister of winners of : 15th National Narbonne ’17 – 30th  National Bergerac ’17 – 36th  National Barcelona ’19 – 88th  National Narbonne ‘17

“Juweeltje” NL15-1129416 , winner of:

16th Nat. Barcelona ’17 against 4,504b.
31st Internat. Barcelona ’17 against 17,026b.
6th Nat. Barcelona ’17 hens
13th  Internat. Barcelona ’17 hens
686th  National Barcelona ‘18

The beauty of the story is that the mother to “Juweeltje” is a full sister “Fleur” (see above) or in other words; we get back to that strong “Evi – family” .

“Juweeltje” is a granddaughter to that other base cock “Zwarte Lourdes” (NL04-1195457 ), winner of :
1st Nat. St. Vincent ’06 against 16,621b. (961km)
21st  Nat. Narbonne ’05 against 2,992b.
31st  Internat. Narbonne ’05 against 5,870b.


In a sportive way they set a world result on the most important marathon race of the year namely Barcelona. Jean and Giel basketed 24 pigeons and they showed more than their class on this for them 1,089km race. 

National, against 4,312 pigeons, they won: 15 -16 -35 -36 -83 -111 -160 -200 -283 -731 -779 -786 -866 and 946 prize ! 

On an international level, against 15,981 pigeons, they won : 27 – 29 – 75 – 87 -190 – 259 and so on… 

Keeping in mind that the 2019-edition was an extreme though one (the international winner got a speed of 944 m/m) then you know enough and you are able to judge and appreciate the class of the Janssens-Hausoul pigeons perfectly.


Luckily, Jean managed to admire this result from his sick bed.