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Brugmans Sabrina (Halen): 1st Nat. La Souterraine 8,383 old birds

28 Jun 2021

Halen: Sabrina and husband Stephan Machiels won their 2nd National. After that they won the 1st National Bourges youngsters in 2015, they now won the jackpot out of La Souterraine. This national victory was won by “Sabrina” (B19-5082780). 
“Sabrina” is a very beautiful hen. Average of type and blessed with an iron carcass and strong muscles. The fact that she was basketed as 1st signed let us suspect that she already proved herself before and we were right about that. The following results were already set by her: 3rd Provincial Ace bird KBDB youngsters, 2nd Provincial Argenton 2019, 60th National Tulle 2020 and 7th Provincial Argenton 2021.

Ladies at the top 
Also Sabrina and Stephan drew the card of the hens game. They have to do this a team of 60 ladies. 
The 60 hens are being split up in 3 groups and are coupled to 20 cocks. They didn’t breed early and could come together during 4 days after the 1st short distance race. The racing team trains twice a day.
At basketing the hens can come alternating together with the cocks for 1h. After arrival of a race the time of being together will depend on the heaviness of the race. This can variate from 2h until the next morning.
When we ask about the care Stephan explains his system broadly speaking: “In winter I make use of “Aidi Winter Rest” mixtures but I figured out that my pigeons love this mixture and that’s why I gave it always very wide. Then when the trainings rhythm goes up I switch onto “Girl Power” from Aidi and “Winter / Rest”. I give this 50/50 and the last day I use “Turbo Extreme” from Matador. I did this now even during the first races of the season as these races always had head winds and where therefore no easy races. Also on these races the pigeons need enough energy in their tank. 
As extra they get peanuts, candy, P40, grit and Tovo after their meal and I mix different kinds of grit to offer them enough variation. The regular products that I give are especially Entrobac, Atemfrei, Moorgold, Carni Speed and Rotosal from Röhnfried together with Immunol and Conditional powder from Schroeder – Tollisan. At the day of basketing I always keep it on C-M-K from Brockamp. 
Mid of February they got a cure against parathypoid with afterwards also a vaccination and got end of March their paramyxo vaccination. I went for a check-up to Vincent Schroeder and the hens were clear on everything but their cocks were infected with trichomoniases. That’s why we didn’t take any risk and the hens were cured during 4 days against trichomoniases. After 6 races they also got treated during 3 days against airway infections. 

Sabrina and Stephan, congratulation from the entire Herbots team and up to national victory number 3 !

1st Nat. La Souterraine 8,383 old birds

Distance: 587km
Velocity: 1350,59 m/m


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Stefan Mertens