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Broeckx-Van Hees, Oud-Turnhout, 1st Provincial Vierzon 2,827b - 2nd Interprovincial Vierzon against 8,008b

03 Jun 2021

We were just last weekend talking about the amazing result Leo and Maria had set on the middle distance race and this weekend they hit the rose really by winning the 1st Provincial Vierzon against 2,827 old birds or the 2nd Interprovincial against 8,008b. 
Another visit was needed to see the pigeon that gave them this victory. 

A nice blue cock with ringnumber BE19-6188717 is the one that did it and was also their 1st signed. It wasn't the first result he set as he won already before:

2 Melun 349b
10 Issoudun 382b
11 Vierzon 576b
12 Melun 518b
16 Chevrainvillers 604b
17 Melun 1,164b
23 Bourges 708b

and now that marvellous result of being the fastest old bird in the Province of Antwerp against 2,827b

In total they had 12 out of the 19 basketed pigeons prize on Vierzon against 2,827 old birds with:

1 - 4 - 33 -72 - 239 - 293 - 296 - 319 - 321 - ... (12/19)

Yes, Leo and Maria are proud of their victory...and yes, this pigeon is ready to be basketed again for Bourges national this time...the photo's say more than words.

Leo and Maria, again a big congratulation on this result and shall I already make an appointment for the coming week?