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Boonen Pigeons from Buggenum – Super class on Marseille in 2019

04 Feb 2020

In 2019 we had to deal again with a very hot summer which made that the extreme long distance races were very hard for our pigeons. And the yearly tradition makes that Marseille is a very hard one anyway as the pigeons have to deal with the Rhone Valley. 

Where class have to come up in these kind of circumstances we found the best colony on Marseille in 2019 in the Dutch city Buggenum. Wil won both the 1st as the 3rd National Marseille in Holland with 2 yearling hens and also clocked a cock for the 12th National spot ! In total they had 6 pigeons within the top 100 National ! Wil & Johan Boonen are 2 brothers who run together the colony and show themselves on the extreme long distance races. Those who want to be at the top on a national level has to go and pay a visit to these guys. 

Have a look at the last results from  2013-2019  and you will notice immediately that they have true quality on their lofts. 

Results Top 20 (Int)National (2013-2019)

1         NAT    Marseille ’19              2.734p
1         I.NAT Marseille (h) ’19          2.651p
2         I.NAT Marseille ’19             10.029p
2         NPO   Bergerac ’13              3.830p
3         NAT    Bergerac ’17           21.204p
4         I.NAT Marseille (h) ’19         2.651p
3         NAT    Marseille ’19              2.734p
5         NAT    Marseille ’18              2.750p
6         NAT    Barcelona ’16            5.239p
6         NPO   Bordeaux ’16             3.127p
6         NPO   Cahors ’14                  3.107p
7         NPO   Bergerac ’16               2.743p
8         NPO   Cahors ’15                  2.173p
9         I.NAT Marseille ’18                9.387p
10       I.NAT Marseille ’19              10.029p
10       NAT    Perpignan ’17            4.789p
12       NAT    Narbonne ’17             4.566p
12       NAT    Marseille ’19              2.734p
16       I.NAT Barcelona ’16           17.729p
16       I.NAT Narbonne ’17           10.421p
17       I.NAT Perpignan ’17           14.851p
18       NAT    Marseille ’15              3.610p
20       NAT    Bordeaux ’15          11.727p

Directly after Marseille the 3 pigeons and the parents from the 1st National were placed on the breeding loft for an unique online auction at the Herbots website. Not many pigeons but the best were being coupled to the best to give the buyers more chance on success. 

The children that you find in this auction are all out of the 1st, 3rd or 12th National Marseille 2019 or out of the 5th National Marseille 2018. 

On top of that 2 children out of the parents of the 1st National Marseille 2019 are being offered and as icing on the cake the 1st National herself is being offered in this auction ! 

NL 18-1293545 “New Janske” 

1st National Marseille 2019 ( 2nd I. Nat Marseille 10,029b )

What a classful hen, being the best yearling in Holland over a distance of 883km in these very hard circumstance and Internationally she was the best hen and won 2nd International against all 10,029 competing pigeons. 

When you have a look at her family, she is on fathers' side a daughter to super racer 'Nightflyer' from Jan Stevens who won himself the 2nd National on St. Vincent against 3,824 pigeons and on top of that 3x top 45 National. On mothers' side you can find a direct daughter to 'Super Agen' in her pedigree. This top pigeon won 1st International Agen against 20,072 pigeons. So when you sum-up this pedigree you can only find National and International top racers in this fantastic hen. 

You can find underneath a full sister and full brother to “New Janske” 

After Marseille “New Janske” was being coupled to  “Blue Marseille”. 

This topper won 12th National Marseille 2019 and comes out of the best Barcelona blood that they have on their loft. 

That's why especially from this coupling 2 unique children in this auction  

The last 2 children we like to highlight are 

“NL 19-1784758” and “NL 19-1784759” 

These 2 come out of the above mentionned “Blue Marseille” with his 12th National coupled to “Joske”.  She won in 2018 the 5th National Marseille against 2,750b (9th I.National 9,387b) and also her full brother “Lowie” won 3rd National Bergerac against 21,204 pigeon. Again a family of national top racers who were being coupled against each other. 

In this auction you can buy pigeons from recent winners in 2019 that delivered together an unique result. An unique opportunity to get these young golden nuggets. 

Buelens Kim