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Benny Steveninck(Hamme): 1st and 5th provincial Vierzon against 7,433 old birds

24 May 2022

Last week Provincial Orleans was on the programme and we already saw that the formefee on the loft of Benny Steveninck was clearly present. And apparently she did her job very well because on the provincial race from Vierzon it was bingo.

Against no less than 7,433 old pigeons, places 1 and 5 were taken by Steveninck pigeons.

Provincial winner is "Ting 917" B20-41929917, a lady with many top performances on her record of achievements (see photo below).

As you can see, "Ting 917" is an inbreeding product to ancestor "Chipo". She is born out of the best son of "Chipo" and then we talk about "Chihaut 98" coupled to a daughter of "Nest brother Crack". For the record, this cock is also father of the co-winners 2nd National Championship old birds 2021. The mother of "Ting 917" is "B14-6211143", a daughter of the well-known national ace KBDB "Sagan", coupled to his own sister. 
This season "Ting 917" won already 
8e Orleans 1,204b. - 46th combine 4,439b.
11e Ecouen 722b. - 150th combine 3,631d.
36th Sermaises 749d. 

The second clocked Vierzon racer and good for the 5th prize provincial is "Son Limo". 

As you can see he is a direct son of the famous "Limoges" or how once again it is proven that the Steveninck pigeons perfectly pass on their superior qualities to their offspring.

Benny and Carine, congratulations from whole Herbots team and a lot of success for the next flights.


Stefan Mertens