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Bart & Nance Van Oeckel, Oud-Turnhout, top pigeons, top results,…in short toppers in its broadest sense !

23 Nov 2021

The love and affection for F16 in the Oeckel family that they decided to keep him with them, albeit in a different format after he had retired to Pigeon heaven. They don’t have one great pigeon on their loft in Oud-Turnhout, but more than one…thinking about the 5 National victories, the many Olympiad pigeons, National Ace birds KBDB, the amazing breeders such as ‘Gaston Jr’, ‘Crazy Boy’, ‘Zwarte Diamant’,…

When you visit Bart and Nancy you are going to be greeted by a family that love their pigeons and love life. You will also see a set up that will “take your breath way” 

They are a family that work hard to achieve success with their pigeons and have and do work hard in their business also.  The saying “work hard play hard” could have been meant for them.   

Bart’s father raced pigeons and Bart would help when he was younger, 40 years ago at the age of 10 Bart was driving around in the neighbourhood on his bike to note down who clocked when. His father raced especially the middle distance and national races, there weren’t too many fanciers back than on these distances, the short distance races were hot back then but he won in that period already a 1st and 2nd National Bourges. Bart’s parents had a grocery store in Oud-Turnhout and you could find 2 lofts of 7 meters in the backyard. This one had to go as the bakery was going to be extended and in 2001 a new loft came of 4 meters which was extended to 16m in 2002. By this time Bart was already racing on his own as his parents stopped the grocery store and Bart started his own bakery there. Now that local bakery is sold and Bart has since 2006 an industrial bakery in Dessel, where he delivers 7/7 bread to 38 customers with about 10 employees helping out. This is also the period that Nance started to help out with the pigeons as Bart didn’t have that much time anymore to do it all by himself. In the meantime they also got reinforcement from 2 helpers, Leo and Firmin and since last year loft manager Kjenten Van Hecke joined the team as well.  A lot of work both for the pigeons as the bakery, an amazing drive, a winners’ mentality, a super team…that’s what they are ! 

In the early years of racing Bart raced birds from local fanciers. In 2007 he had a helper and this one had direct Geerinckx birds and wanted to sell of his pack of Geerinckx pigeons. The birds were then split up between himself, his father and Jan Broeckx (Niels Broeckx, Oud-Turnhout) and in Bart’s birds he had the brilliant ‘Zwarte Diamant’ (‘Black Diamond’), the sire of ‘F16’ amongst others. The loft is now known as Diamond Loft. There were some great pigeons obtained in this group of birds for both Bart, his father and Jan Broeckx. ‘F16’ won 1 National La Souterraine – 5 National Bourges – 10 National La Souterraine which made him off course very wanted by the Asian customers, but how high the bid was…Nance didn’t want to sell him. And what a good decision this was, from then on the results went crescendo due to the off spring of ‘F16’. Not only ‘F16’ gave a boost to the loft, another super racer and breeder namely ‘Gaston Jr’, who is a ½ brother to ‘F16’ by having the same mother and his father was a direct Gaston Van de Wouwer pigeon.

They prefer to race in races that basket on a Thursday, so 500 to 600 KM races.  Since they moved to their new set up, they have begun to build a team for races from 700 to 800 KM.  To help with this they have introduced birds from the Herbots family and Ivan Baetens, both of whom are very strong at these distances.  Also for the middle distance investments have been made by acquiring pigeons from Geert Lambrechts since 2019 which are very successful at the loft of Bart. So now you can find pigeons on the lofts that can race top from 300km to 800km !   

5 National Winners

1 National Limoges               2017 10,544b                                         è BE16-2146311 ‘National Limo I’
1 National Chateauroux III  2018     4,641b                                        è BE17-6057266 ‘Lady Gaston Jr’
1 National La Souterraine   2006     3,607b                                         è BE04-6128470 ‘Jeff’
1 National La Souterraine   2011     3,562b (fastest  20,124b)      è BE09-6107016  ‘F16’
1 National Tulle                     2020     3,064b                                         è BE18-6058181 ‘Tully’

1 National La Souterraine 3,562b (fastest  20,124b) BE09-6107016  ‘F16’

The success story all started with the world famous ‘F16’, he started out being an amazing racer but when placed on the breeding loft he turned out to be a world class breeder as well!

‘F16’ won himself:

1    National La Souterraine           3,562b               620km
       Fastest of 20,124b !
5    National Bourges                     24,676b              510km
10  National La Souterraine          4,778b               620km

1 Ace bird Confidential Cup FCD Budapest 2012
2 European Ace bird Cat. C 2011
4 Olympiad bird Belgium Cat. C Nitra 2012

FATHER BE05-6054296 ‘Zwarte Diamant’ Original L,B,J Geerinckx
MOTHER BE02-6330844 ‘Super Kleintje’ Original Jef De Houwer

Super Star of the auction : “F Hao Hao”BE18-6058116 PART I – LOT N° 1

As mentioned above ‘F16’ is a super breeder of many fantastic racing pigeons in different generations. The ultimate proof is without a doubt f ‘F-Hao Hao’ who has shown himself as the best breeding son ‘F16’ and was also born in the last year that ‘F16’ gave children as ‘F16’ died in 2018. NOTE : in this auction it will be the last opportunity to buy direct children from ‘F16’ direct from the Van Oeckel loft ! 

 ‘F Hao Hao’ is father to ao:
'Shiba', winner of
4 National Ace bird Yearlings Long Distance KBDB ‘21
'Polkadot', winner of
5 National Ace bird Yearlings Long Distance KBDB ‘21

 1 Provincial Souillac     743b
    4 National Souillac 4,571b
1 Melun                            688b
1 Quièvrain                     545b
2 Tulle                              109b
    8 Provincial Tulle     1,008b
    29 National Tulle     7,267b
2 Chateauroux               239b  
   15 National z           2,053b
   90 National              6,306b
2 Narbonne                      63b
    32 Provincial              548b
    203 National           4,120b
2 Nanteuil                       456b
3 Provincial Souillac      743b
   30 National               7,267b
3 Quièvrain                   1,611b
3 Sermaises                     750b
4 Tulle                               184b
    31 Provincial             1,056b
    141 National             4,451b
4 Mettet                            149b
5 Chevrainvillers              858b
5 Momignies                     188b
   5 fastest against          543b
5 Quièvrain                       637b
6 Momignies                     301b
6 Melun                             153b
7 Quièvrain                    1,661b
7 Quièvrain                    1,263b
7 Momignies                     122b
7 Orleans                          240b
8 Bourges                         484b
   69 National z             4,514b
8 Sermaises                     807b
9 Quièvrain                   1,661b
9 Bourges                         629b
   71 National z             3,333b

Also his mother ‘Sister Olympic 306’ke’ BE16-6272408 and direct hen from the Niels Broeckx loft is being offered in this auction : PART I – LOT N°2

1 National Chateauroux III  4,641b BE17-6057266 ‘Lady Gaston Jr’

Direct daughter super breeder ‘Gaston Jr’ won : 

1 National Chateauroux III 2018
               Fastest against 24,780b
2 Local Bourges 2018
6 Local Melun 2017
8 Local Blois 2017
19 National Z Argenton 2018
Father : Gaston Jr BE08-6031121
Mother : Gucci BE11-6126059

½ sister to ao: BE18-6058094 ‘Gaston Jr II’
7   National Chateauroux 19,529b

Father : Gaston Jr BE08-6031121
Mother : F-Marlene BE16-6056641 (daughter F16) IN AUCTION PART II - LOT N°9

‘Lady Gaston Jr’ is not the only amazing daughter to ‘Gaston Jr’, ‘Witstaartje’ BE18-6058234 is another amazing racing hen who wins 2x Top 15 National and has as mother ‘F-Tulle’ a direct daughter from the best ½ brother ‘Gaston Jr’ that there is as in the ‘F16’ ! You have the unique opportunity in buying this pigeon as it is being offered in PART IV – LOT N°1

‘Witstaartje’ won: 
2x Top 15 National !!

1 Limoges                            104b
   3 National z                   1,837b
   6 Provincial                      775b
   13 National                10,319b
2 Limoges                            163b
   4 National z                   3,018b
   10 Provincial                 1,591b
   14 National                15,981b
11 Issoudun                        305b
     51 Provincial               2,147b
13 Sermaises                      449b
18 Quièvrain                       373b
22 Melun                          1,050b
34 Blois                                 442b
53 Pont St. Max.             1,294b
76 Quièvrain                       977b

1 National Tulle 3,064b  BE18-6058181 ‘Tully’

‘Tully’ won
5 Melun 111b
6 Chevrainvillers 442b
10 Quièvrain 202b
13 Chateauroux 229b
               79 National Z Chateauroux 2,439b
               157 National Chateauroux 6,377b
37 Chevrainvillers 742b
49 Toury 715b
54 Quièvrain 1,443b
64 Chevrainvillers 785b
65 Melun 1,050b

Father : BE16-6277078 ‘078’ IN AUCTION PART III – LOT N°2
Direct son to top racer and breeder ‘F16’ 

Mother : BE15-2157346 ‘Agy’
Direct Verreckt-Rutten-Deplae
Strain ‘Olympic Wacko’ Olympiad bird Long distance Poznan
Strain ‘James Bond’ who won
2 Provincial Ace bird Middle distance KBDB 
4 Best Old pigeon Belgium 2008
9 Semi-National Montluçon 7,302b
12 National Bourges 5,278b

Also a full brother ‘Tully from 2021 namely 'Brother 1 Nat. Tulle' BE21-6087334 is being offered in this auction PART III – LOT N°4

Crazy Boy

‘Crazy Boy’ winner of 2 Nat. Souillac – 2 Prov. Chateauroux - 10 Nat. Bordeaux - …was bought in an online auction directly from Erik Limbourg. Seen the results he was a super racer himself and made it to a top breeder on the breeding loft from Bart and Nance as well ! 

A few of his top children and grandchildren that you can find in the online auction ending on the 25th of November are: 

“Crazy 238” BE18-6058238 PART V – LOT N° 1
Direct son to super racer and breeder ‘Crazy Boy’ 
Grandson super racer and breeder ‘Gaston Jr’
29 National Ace bird KBDB Long Distance KBDB 2020

“Mother Cardano” BE18-6058202 PART V – LOT N° 2
Granddaughter super racer and breeder ‘Crazy Boy’ 
Won herself
6 Chateauroux 229b
   28 National z 2,439b
   35 Provincial 1,219b
   61 National 6,377b
12 Argenton 433b
    72 Provincial 2,579b
13 Limoges 163b
    71 National z 3,018b
15 Issoudun 205b…

And is mother to top pigeon ‘Cardano’, winner of :
Co-winner 1st National Champion Long Distance KBDB 2021
3 National Ace bird All Round Old KBDB 2021 

Another highlight in the auction is a pigeon that was bred in the fantastic breeding loft of the Herbots family. ‘Olympic 231’ is a direct daughter of their wonderfull racer & breeder ‘Kenzo’ and won herself at the racing loft of Bart & Nance Van Oeckel underneath results. You can find her in PART VI – LOT N° 1

“Olympic 231”
Original Herbots Gebr.


12 National Ace Bird KBDB All Round Yearbirds 2017

1 Ace bird LD  Union Antwerp
4 Best Year bird Belgium LD with 4 results
11 Best Old bird Belgium LD with 2 results

! 8x Top 100 National ! 
7   National Tulle               3,064b 
     685km ‘20
21  National Limoges II  10,319b 
        700km ‘20
31  National Limoges     10,554b 
       700 km '17
72 National Libourne      3,950b 
      818 km '17
74 National Tulle             4,169b 
       685 km ‘18
77 National Chateauroux  18,799b 
      557 km ‘18
86 National Cahors           6,903b 
       803km ‘19
98 National Libourne       4,605b 
      801km ‘19
134 National Jarnac         5,117b 
         728 km '17
218 National z Tulle          2,275b
         685 km '17

Daughter ‘Kenzo’, winner of 
1 National Ace bird Middle Distance KBDB 2007

And especially for this auction, this amazing ‘Olympic 231’ hen was coupled to the best breeding son ‘F16’ namely BE18-6058166 ‘F Hao Hao’ (Part I – Lot N° 1
This beauty and once more unique pigeon is ‘Olympîc Acer’ BE21-6087342 and can be found in PART VI – LOT N° 2

And there are so many more top pigeons and unique opportunities in this total sale of the racing and breeding pigeons born between 2011 and 2018 from the loft in Oud-Turnhout. Take your time to explore them all, look at the video’s and take your chance in getting one or more of these top pigeons to your own breeding loft. 

Bart and Nance also took the opportunity to make a short movie as introduction for their auction which you can see underneath: 

Also don’t forget to have a look at the wonderful catalogue that is online viewable at each auction part. 

The auction ends on the 25th of November from 13h00 for PART I and the last part (PART VIII) will end at 16h30. 

Thank you and good luck to all bidders and buyers !