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Alex Rans, Herent, since decades top on the extreme long distance races

17 Mar 2021

Alex Rans (68y) and his wife Annie are world famous amongst the Flemish-Brabant fanciers as Alex is the president of the Brabant Union, the organisation that organizes races on the middle distance as well as doubles on the national races on the middle distance and long distance and as president of their local club ‘Sans Peur’ in Herent, one of the biggest and strongest clubs in Belgium with still 155 members.  But not only by that, they are even more famous in entire Belgium and abroad as they have been top fanciers on the extreme long distance since decades. As from the age of 8, Alex already clocked the pigeons by himself and Annie is responsible for the breeders. Alex learned all about pigeons from his father (Frans Rans) who was also president of the Brabant Union for 40 years. The pigeon germ is strong in the Rans family as the iron strong duo Stijn and Jeroen Rans (who won in 2019 Barcelona International) are the sons to Alex his brother. Stijn lives next to Alex and Annie in the paternal home 


Their pigeons are especially built up with pigeons from Herman Brinkman out of Tuk (Nl)(bought end of the eighties).

The “317” NL 1663317/83 was a super racer at Herman and won 13th and 33rd National St.Vincent and 99th and 157th National Dax and became afterwards a super breeder at Alex. 

5 children played a huge roll and are still to be found in the pedigrees of my current pigeons and others namely: “Arthur”, “Arafat”, “Zilverberg”, “Zoetemelk”, “Alexis”

“Arthur” won 1st internat. Bordeaux ’95 and great-grandfather to “New Laureaat” 1st Internat. Barcelona ’13 at Luc Wiels from Roosdaal 

“Zilverberg” is grandfather to 1st Nat. Perpignan ’05 at Regnier Guy & Michael – Pêsche

“Arafat” is grandfather to the 1st Nat. Perpignan ’03 at De Schepper & Zn from Gooik and is father to the ”Ransduivin”, 1 off the best breeding hens at late Jef De Ridder (St.Ulr.Kapelle)

“Zoetemelk” Father to the 1st Prov.Blois – 6th Nat.Marseille and 20th Nat.St.Vincent

Also the pigeons from Gebr.Van Doorn from Someren(Nl) have played a huge roll.  A son out of their “Dexter” x a hen from Brinkman “Dorene” bred 3 different provincial winners, they won in 1997 1st Pau-Bordeaux-Barcelona.
A sister to them is also grandmother to “New Laureaat” 1st Internat.Barca’13

Also in the strain of the 1st Internat.Barcelona’19 from cousins Rans Stijn & Jeroen is the blood of the “317”to be found – in the 5th generation. But also the proof that the iron strong blood keeps on giving their super genes on and on. 

Game and food

They race only old pigeons on nest. Beginning of the season of 2021 will be started off with 40 old nest couples and about 80 year birds on total widowhood. This on the extreme long distance races (+750km) with focus on the international races. 
The youngsters are only being trained if possible and this after the season of the old birds and until about 200km.

30 breeding couples take care of all the racing talent in Herent. 

In Winter until end of February the racing team are resided in aviaries and from half of September. They get a moulting mixtures and once the old plumes have changed totally in new feathers they only get yeast. 
They are being placed on to the lofts beginning of March, the year birds are being placed together and can pair up, lay eggs and breed but can’t raise youngsters.

In a matter of food they give Super Recup from Anthoons and this once a day as much they can eat. When the first leave their nests, the hens will be placed in the aviaries from where they fly out. From then on they get an obliged training during 1 hour, first the hens and following the cocks. After the training the hens come in on the loft and get their food in the hallway. At that moment the cocks are in the aviaries. 
The old pigeons can come together once around the 20th of April, they are being trained and the nests are being taken away in function of the foreseen races. They always get as much to eat as they want and this is also Super Recup, once they race above the 400km this is changed into Race Exclusive from Van Robaeys and the last two days before basketing for a long distance race they get Top-Energy. Top-Energy is what they also get in a separate cup in their box the last 2 days before basketing and this mixed up with TOVO, pealed sunflower seeds and hemp. 


Last year all the pigeons were vaccinated on the 24th of February against paramixo, on the 11th of March against small pocks, on the 21st March against worms (2 days water) and the racers also got on the 7th of April a drop of giamectine.
When they breed they get a cure against trichomoniases during one week and if necessary also against coccidiosis. In December during 2 weeks parastop. Alex is lucky that his cousin Stijn who is a vet doesn’t live too far and can interact quickly if necessary. 

During the pigeon season there is a weekly manure check and every Sunday before basketing of a long distance race all pigeons that have to go along get a pill against trichomoniases, so at the most 3 times a year. 

In a matter of side products they make alternating use of Giantel and Belgavet (Joost Mix system) and aside that twice a day a mixture of different kinds of fresh grit and red stone. They make a lot of us of Avidress in the water and at arrival they get electrolytes and Lugol in the drinking pot. Also at arrival of a long distance race they get immediately a K&K pill from Rhönfried for a quick recovery. 

I look up enormesly to fanciers as my cousins Stijn and Jeroen and also to Jan and Joris Rommelaere and Luc and Cedric Sente. 
Also I learned a lot from the late top fanciers Louis Van Der Wielen and Jos Deno. 

Most important victories

1 International Ace of Aces Hens over 2 years 2019-2020 with 'Zaïda'
1 National Ace bird Long Distance K.B.D.B. 1981 with “KOJAK”
1 International Bordeaux old 1995 with “ARTHUR”
1 Narbonne national – Entente Belge 1997 with “BOLIDE”
3 National ace bird extreme long distance and 4th European Ace bird in 2020 with « ZEVLAKOV » 
3 Europe cup and 5th Europe Marathon 2020
1st and 2nd World Best Pigeon Marathon (Belgium) with « Zevlakov and « Chadli »
1 Provincial champion extreme long distance 2020 + 1st ace bird year birds with « CHADLI »
1 Champion Super Long Distance Brabant Union (+800km) in 2019
1 Champion Extreme Long Distance(+800km) “Sans Peur” Herent 2019
1 General Champion “Royal Belgian Flying Club” 2017-2019
1 Champion Extreme Long Distance (+800km) Derby Henegouwen 2018-2019
1 Champion Extreme Long Distance “Grote Brabantse Fondclub” 2019

Nice to know is that top pigeon 'Zevlakov' is the father to new topper 'Chadli'.

BE16-2291922 'Zevlakov'
1    Brabant Union Agen 703b
9    National Agen 5,140b
11 International Agen 15,271b

1   Local Agen 182b
2   Brabant Union Agen 775b
28 National Agen 5,355b
48 International Agen 13,189b

7   Provincial Narbonne 651b
44 National Narbonne 4,454b
74 International Narbonne 12,848b

BE19-2028667 'Chadli'
13 National Narbonne 4,120b
23 International Narbonne 8,492b
57 National Agen 5,955b
81 International Agen 14,799b

In the online auction that is on from the 14th of March until the 24th of March you can find direct children out of a few top pigeons mentioned above like for example 2 direct children  ‘Zevlakov’ namely BE20-2026398 (Lot 1)and BE20-2142052 (Lot 2) . And a direct child out of  ‘Chadli’ namely BE20-2142055 (Lot 4) . Also a direct daughter to top hen 'Zaïda' (1 International Ace bird 2019-2020) and a full brother to her namely BE20-2142052 (Lot 2) and BE20-2141999 (Lot12).


3 Europe cup 
5 Europe marathon
3 National Ace bird Extreme Long distance KBDB with “Zevlakov”
4 European Ace bird Extreme Long distance with “Zevlakov”
4 Gouden Duif Extreme Long Distance International (1st Belgian)
World Best Pigeon Marathon (Belgium) 1st with “Zevlakov” 2nd with “Chadli”
1 Provincial champion (1+2) extreme long distance old 
1 Ace bird Long Distance & Extreme Long Distance Year birds Province Flemish-Brabant with “Chadli”
3 Pipa-ranking ace bird Extreme Long Distance year birds (Agen-Narbonne) with “Chadli”
2 and 3 Provincial Ace bird Extreme Long Distance old with “Zevlakov” and “Zaida”
1 and 2 Ace bird “Sans Peur” Herent Extreme Long Distance with “Zevlakov” and “Zaida”
2 champion Extreme Long Distance (1+2) “Sans Peur” Herent
3 champion (1+2) extreme long distance Derby Hainaut
1 Ace bird extreme long distance year birds Derby Hainaut with “Chadli”
2 champion International Gentse Vijfdaagse ELD (1+2)
1 ace bird International Gentse vijfdaagse with “Zevlakov”
6 ranking 2019/20 Montélimar with “Aldina”
7 championship Long Distance LCB
5 national ranking en 9 International ranking Marseille 2019/20 with “Alita”
20 national ace bird Long & Extreme Long Distance year birds with “Chadli”

Won prizes on the 7 international races with the old birds 

Pau 7/10   
Agen 4/7   
Marseille 3 / 4   
Barcelona 9/20   
St.Vincent 1/3
Perpignan 7/13   
Narbonne 7/13

Total 38/70 (54%) where off 16 per 10 (22%)


At the same weekend W.E. 24/7/20

9 National Agen old with “Zevlakov” and 57th Nat. year birds with “Chadli”
13 Nat. Montélimar year birds with “Camparita” 110th Nat. old with “Aldina”
73 Nat. Marseille old with “Alita”