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Alex and Annie Rans, Herent, can look back onto a successful marathon season.

21 Sep 2021

Alex and Annie Rans, Herent, did it again, once again they had a fantastic marathon season. Time for us to make an overview of their best results and off course the best pigeons that made it happen 

A resumé – prizes per 10 on the 7 national marathon races, with each time a reference to the 1st provincial pigeon: 

PAU                      3,600b               311-325                                             Prov 32/441    Zorrayo
Agen old             6,938b               70                                                        Prov 31/886    Chadli
Agen yearlings 7,360b               92-371-391-570-684-728           Prov 12/997    Di Caprio
Barcelona          6,913b               9-194-265-311-620-652-690     Prov 2/1049    Bucki
St.Vincent          3,080b               24-162-199                                      Prov 1/333       Copy Cat
Marseille             1,882b              45-52-121                                         Prov 4/243      Chadli
Narbonne  O      5,805b              447                                                      Prov 61/691    Bravo
Narbonne Y        5,972b              38-104-257-333-506                     Prov 6/897      Disco Lady
Perpignan           3,901b              37-131-207-306                              Prov 7/468      Basile

In total 32 prizes per 10 on national level on the in total 214 basketed pigeons 

BE19-2028667 ‘Chadli’

 ‘Chadli’ won:

3 National Ranking Marathon yearlings 2020
2 Worlds best Pigeon Marathon Belgium 2020 (after his father ‘Zevlakov’)
1 Provincial Ace bird Long Distance yearlings KBDB 2020
1 Ace bird Marathon Herent 2021

13 National Narbonne 4,120b ‘20
               23 International 8,492b
45 National Marseille 1,882b ‘21
57 National Agen 5,955b ‘20
               81 International 14,799b
270 National Agen 6,938b ‘21

This makes “CHADLI” candidate Olympiad bird Marathon with the results 2020 – 2021. His coefficient is remarkably lower than the 1st Belgian Olympiad pigeon 2019, so wait and see and it might be that there is a wonderful Olympiad bird to be found on the lofts in Herent. 

‘Chadli’ is a direct son to top breeder ‘Zevlakov’ coupled to ‘Zylvia’

‘Zevlakov’ won himself :

1 Worlds best pigeon Marathon Belgium 2020
2 Provincial Ace bird KBDB Marathon 2020
3 National Ace bird KBDB Marathon 2020
4 European Ace bird Marathon 2020

‘Zylvia’ her best stunt is that one of becoming the 16th National Narbonne against 3,506b and is a ½ sister ‘Radetski’ who won 9 prizes on the marathon with 5x 5x Barcelona

BE19-2022323 ‘Copy Cat’

‘Copy Cat’ won:

1 Provincial St. Vincent – 24 National St. Vincent 3,080b

‘Copy Cat’ is a ½ brother to ‘Bionca’ 1 National Zone Libourne ’19 – 1 Provincial Libourne – 37 National Libourne 4,354b and share the same father namely super breeder ‘Quarter Back’ who is on his turn a son to super racer and breeder ‘Iron Man’ winner of ao: 3 National – 9 International Perpignan ’02 – 32 National Barcelona 11,806b - …
Mother ‘Agali’ is a direct daughter to super breeder ‘Lewis’ who is also father to ao : ‘Radetski’, ‘Zylvia’, ‘Xana’,…and grandfather to the above mentioned ‘Chadli’

BE18-2011325 ‘Basile’

‘Basile’ won :

37 National Perpignan 3,901b ‘21
60 National Agen 4,650b ‘19
108 National Narbonne 4,454b ‘20

Father ‘Zico’ is a direct cock from Danny Verhoeven, Meerhout and is out of his ‘Rode Vincent’, winner of 3 National St. Vincent x a  ½ sister ‘Zevlakov’ 3 National Ace bird Marathon KBDB (a gift by Alex to Danny) 

Mother ‘Wielske’ is a direct hen from Luc Wiels, Roosdaal and is out of a coupling father ‘New Laureaat’ x daughter ‘New Laureaat’. ‘New Laureaat’ is winner of 1 International Barcelona ’13 – Golden Wing ’13 
She is also an inbred product to ‘Arthur’ BE92-2300779 : 1 International Bordeaux ‘95

BE18-2148400 ‘Bucki’ 

‘Bucki’ won

2 Provincial Barcelona ‘21
               9 National Barcelona 6,913b 
27 National zone Aurillac ‘19
               135 National Aurillac 3,584b
27 Derby Hainaut Perpignan ‘21
               306 National Perpignan 3,901b

BE16-2291947 ‘Zaïda’ 

‘Zaïda’ won

1 European Ace bird Hens Marathon Ranking 2019-2020
1 Ace bird Marathon Herent ‘19

8/8 prizes +750km per 10

7 Provincial Pau 339b ‘19
22 International Cahors 1,523b‘18 
26 Provincial Pau 712b ‘20
122 International Marseille 2,651b ‘19
128 National Perpignan ‘19
150 National St. Vincent 1,767b ‘18
214 National Perpignan ‘20
556 Internationaal Agen 13,189b ‘17

Alex and Annie, congratulations on your wonderful season !