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Stabel Louis & Eugene: 1st provincial Melun 12,374 birds

23 May 2022

Father and son Louis and Eugene we don't need to introduce anymore. These 2 very sympathetic Dutch men race already for years pigeons on a very high level with many championships won, many NPO-prizes including 1st NPO-prizes, Teletext prizes, provincial victories...And also in their own club, they are already 30 years in a row Over-all Champion.  

Last weekend, they hit the ground running again. From Melun they won 1st provincial against 12,374b.
We let Louis and Eugene tell their story: "Yesterday a flight from Melun 361 km was on the program and we raced 66 pigeons. 59 hens and 8 cocks, most of the cocks kept at home for the 1st long distance race next week. We won the 1st provincial against 12374 pigeons and also prizes 10 and 13! Moreover 47 prizes. On to the one day long distance next week. Especially the hens perform super the last weeks so hope for an early pigeon NPO.

1st pigeon 21-666 "Claire" was our best youngster of 2021 and won as youngster:
1st pigeonchampion young Samenspel Hart van Brabant2nd pigeonchampion middle distance young Samenspel Union Rayon 42nd pigeonchampion young all flights Samenspel Union Rayon 45th Chateaudun 391 b., 40.NPO 3796 b.9e Melun 558 b., 128.NPO 4903 b.

And as yearling 4 prizes with: 1. Melun 12374 b. - Melun 942 b., 55/4044 b.

Bred from top birds "Anthony" and "New Romy".



2nd arrival was "Queen 692" flew as a youngster already well with among others: 
18th Chateaudun 391b., 115th NPO 3796b.
39th Morlincourt 1122b., 196th Provincial 10.909b.

But as yearling now 6 prizes on 6 flights with:4.Melun 879 b., 10.Provinciaal 12-374 d.7.Morlincourt 1060 d., 13/4827 d. 21.Melun 942 d., 64/4044 d.55.Quievrain 1233 d.

The father comes from Stefan van Steenbergen and we got him on loan for the breeding of Dreamland loft from Pakistan. The mother comes straight from Wout Spierings.



3rd pigeon: 21-518 as youngster she won only 1 good prize, but as yearling already 5 prizes on 6 races with now a top prize. Melun 879 b., 13.Provincial 12374 b.320.Morlincourt 4827 b.370.Bierges 3899 b.

The father is top breeder D'n Hemert and the mother is "Romy 710" and daughter of "Romy".

Stefan Mertens