Luc Van Coppenolle : 1st International Narbonne old birds.

Luc Van Coppenolle : 1st International Narbonne old birds.


A village in the Belgian province of the Eastern Flanders and part of Zingem. In the nineties, this place was called the “Golden Triangle” and also this year they proved this again! It’s almost impossible to count the number of provincial, zonal and national victories. A couple of weeks ago, there were the Vandenheede Brothers, who won the national victory from Libourne with the old and the yearlings, next there was David Vermassen from Gavere with 1st National Brive with the yearlings. And what do they say in the “Golden Triangle”? Not two without three… and so there was another winner; Luc Van Coppenolle from Ouwegem, who was the international winner from the heavy race from Narbonne.  It was hot, heavy thunderstorm in the air, heavy rain and still the “Blue Final” was clocked on Friday at 17h40min33sec after a distance of 864,957km, at a speed of 1350.33 m/min.

The Van Coppenolle colony became famous because of their results and many references. Luc, 59 years old, was a teacher in sports for years in Brakel but now he’s retired since January. His whole life, he has been a fancier, you could even say he’s born in a nest-bowl. Even as a little boy, he often accompanied his father on the loft.  His father, Leon also was a passionate fancier and known because of his strong marathon racers and a very strong base. Till 1988, they played the pigeons on the address of his parents by the name of Leon en Luc Van Coppenolle and they succeeded very well:

  • Eastern Flemish Marathon Champion 1984.
  • National Champion Cureghem Centre 1985.
  • General Champion van België K.B.D.B. 1986.

The colony

He started 2013 with 34 old birds and 40 yearlings. Luc also owns 20 steady breeding pairs and about 10 testing pairs. Eevery year, he breeds about 120 youngsters but this year he had some more because after they were weaned for 2 weeks, he already had many lost.

The top basic cock of the colony was the B74-4304943, "the Barcelona", which won 137 Nat. Limoges 1975, 28 Internat. Barcelona 77, 286 Internat. Barcelona 78, 168 Internat. Barcelona 79 and 599 Internat. Barcelona 80. The old base of the colony were all very good origins of that time: Desmet-Matthijs (Klaren+Blesse), Hector Desmet (Prins), Devriendt Brothers Moere (Catrysse) and string Motta Vanhee via Derweduwen. From 1989, they started to cross breed these basic pigeons with pigeons of Roger Florizoone and Rene De Meester. They also reinforced their colony with some Martin Ravelingien and Freddy De Ketelaere.


  • 1 Nat. Narbonne ’11 yl. (De Ryck-Duym) : 25% origine Luc Van Coppenolle.
  • 1 Nat. Cahors ’05 (De Vuyst N. ) : 50% origine Luc Van Coppenolle.
  • 2 Nat. St. Vincent ’05 yl. (De Coninck G.) : 50% origine Luc Van Coppenolle.
  • 2 Nat. St. Vincent ’07 yl. (De Coninck G.) : 50% origine Luc Van Coppenolle.
  • 2  Nat. Pau ’10  (Saeytijdt P. & S.) : 100% origine Luc Van Coppenolle.
  • 2 Nat. Tarbes ’10 (Taildeman P.) : 100% origine Luc Van Coppenolle.
  • 2 Nat. Narbonne ’11 (Netherl.) (Belleter F.) : 50% origine Luc Van Coppenolle.
  • 2 Nat. Tarbes ’11 (U.K.) (Corkett a. Sons) : 50% origine Luc Van Coppenolle.
  • 3  Nat. Tarbes ’12 (U.K.) (M. Grayston) : 50% origine Luc Van Coppenolle.
  • 3 Nat. Barcelona ’12  (Saeytijdt P. & S.) : 50% origine Luc Van Coppenolle.
  • 3 Nat. Perpignan ’12  (Saeytijdt P. & S.) : 25% origine Luc Van Coppenolle. 

The system

Their main purpose is to play the international heavy long distance. Last year, Luc had a very good season with 7 times in the national top-100. This year, it all went crescendo with the cherry on the cake; the international victory from Narbonne. Luc tries to keep it all as simple as possible.  Till 3 days before basketing, he choses for a light mixture, to which he adds some sport. The light mixture contains: 1/3 corn + 1/3 purification + 1/3 super diet. The sports mixture contains 1/3 Champion Versele-Laga + 1/3 Natural Sport + 1/3 Petite France. In preparation to an international race, they get a soupspoon twice a day. It’s also important to observe them well. Some pigeons gave all they had and so they need an extra, others let steel their food under their nose.

The loft isn’t exactly ideal.  It’s protected by the trees in his garden. In normal weather conditions, the humidity degree is always high and sometimes he tries to lower it down by lightning his heating plates. With tropical temperatures, these are the best lofts you can dream about. With the high temperatures of the last weeks, also the condition of the pigeons became better! About 4 weeks ago, the widowers were treated for their heads with Amoxocycline and this also made higher up the condition. For the medical guidance, he puts all trust in his vet Wim Bodaert, who makes a schedule, which Luc follows completely.

1st International Narbonne old birds : BE10-4292294 - “Blue Final”

He’s a Summer youngster, breed out of the very best. In the past, Luc always kept his best pigeons to breed with. It’s a vision of long terms but now he picks the fruit. When you look at the pedigree of the international winner, you notice national top-pigeon as well on fathers as on mothers side! “Blue Final” also has some brothers and half-brothers that already score within the national top-100. 

His pedigree:

Sire: BE08-4224236: “Son Beziers”, father 90 Nat. Marseille 2012.

Gr.S.: BE00-4497078: the “Beziers”, which won 5 Nat. Pau 2004 & 6 Nat. Pau 2005, 77 Nat. Beziers 2001 and 77 Nat. Dax 2006. Father and grandfather of several top-racers!

Gr.D.: BE04-4432754: “Muisblauwe 3-Band”, daughter “As-Roger” and half-sister “Rambo”.

Dam: BE06-4373957: “Fijn Witpen Favoriet”,  daughter “Favoriet”.

Gr.S.: BE02-4408930: “Favoriet” , 1 Internat. Ace-pig Heavy LD, 7 Nat. Pau 2212 p, 100 Nat. Dax 4534 p

Gr.D.: BE05-4348804: “Daughter Pau-pair”, granddaughter of a very successful Pau-generation.

Prize list.

Narbonne      Nat. 536 / 7.027 p

                  Internat. 673 / 9.666 p

Bordeaux      Internat. 1963 / 10.724 p

In the spirit of his parents, Luc mad this colony even more successful and famous. His father and mother were both very important to his colony by the daily care-taking and the advice they gave him. Luc also wants to thank his wife because she always keeps supporting him all these years. He also is very grateful towards his friends and helpers: Naeye Berger (he’s always prepared to help out),  René De Meester (neighbour and friend) and Filip Porrez (fancier friend).  

Maarten De Boe