Patricia VERHAEGEN, Aarschot - When you don’t find your choice here, you won’t find it anywhere


“Patricia VERHAEGEN”, Aarschot

“When you don’t find your choice here, you won’t find it anywhere”

That’s how we can open this total auction because here we’ll present a colony that didn’t only brought great success with Verhaegen but many others scored at the top with the Verhaegen pigeons.

When we talk about the Late SWA, we can easily describe him as a master on the breeding loft as well as in the selection.  He admired “beautiful eyes”, though the “body” and the complete pigeon were all important. Nevertheless, he was a great master in BREEDING quality!

Together with Patricia, a top care-taker, he scored super results and their pigeons became very famous, names like the “JACKPOT hen” - the “GRIJZE KANNIBAAL”, a direct Dirk Van Dyck, out of brother RAMBO, ….”MISS RAPIDO”, a miracle with wings (3 x 1 Provincial - 6x1 …..) - FLORIAN and FABIAN … Each of these birds wrote history in Aarschot by winning Provincials and astonished many other fanciers.

These are beautiful pigeons and these last few years, Swa made sure that their hereditary qualities were fixed, till the smallest details by inbreed.

It’s regrettable that he died in November 2014, now, 2 years later there’s the total auction.  Patricia tried to continue the life work but it’s no longer possible all by herself. She had to make a very hard decision but you need to come and take a look. In a lot of 200 pigeons, you have choice enough.  Only 51 birds will be presented on the internet, where you can make your pre-offers.

Those that want to win NATIONALS or get classified among the national champions, follow the road like GEERINCKX LBJ, VERRECKT ARIEN, … did.

Some examples


Vanoppen Luyten logo

The 2198281/04 Kleine Kannibaal  with VANOPPEN LUYTEN- Super breeder

Direct Patrica Verhaegen

He won 1 Vierzon 250p en 6 Orléans 1789p. Strain Kannibaal x JACKPOT hen

He became father of top pigeons like:

- Super 205 1 Soissons 124p father of 1 Nat Issoudun 5670p '13.

"Kalisto" – father of 424/12  : 10 Nat Nevers 2918p
father of 313/11 :  43 Nat Chateauroux 4757p

"Second Best" 2 Nat As Bourges I and II - Argenton I '09
1 Chateauroux 772p, 21 Nat C Bourges 6621p, 32 Bourges 2188p, 33 Bourges 2804p, 42 Argenton 2434p
"Karia"  18 prov Gien 2360p, 22 Melun 2067p, 23 I.prov Toury 4106p
"Bonte Kannibaal" 7 prov Orléans 3516p, 30 Nat Chateauroux 6005p, 73 Nat Issoudun 5670p

"Kaatje" 3 prov Salbris 1614p, 6 Melun 1418p, 6 Soissons 1117p, 11 prov Moulins 2057p, 12 prov Gien 2877p, 27 I.prov Toury 4106p, 53 Nat La Chatre15780p

"Karen" is mother "Bonte Favoriet" 3 Nat La Chatre 21180p
"427/10" 26 Nat Montlucon 17865p, 55 S.Nat Never 2135p

"Kato" 16 Nat Montlucon 18568p, 17 prov Gien 2185p, 28 prov Gien 5599p, 34 Nat Issoudun 5670p

Luc van mechelen 

Luc VAN MECHELEN, Mechelen

WON 1 NAT Zone Montluçon 4841 p - 2 NATIONAL MONTLUCON 16982 p

Father of this top pigeon is the  6042539/12 Brother Acy L-B-J Geerinckx

Grandson of the “053/04” Rapido I Patrica  Verhaegen


Thijs Nick en Roger 2 logo 


The sensation with the young birds on the national races 2016

One of their top birds was the 6255577/16 Blue hen, which won 5 NAT ARGENTON 19592 p - 89 NAT BOURGES 28078 p…… grandmother is the 857-09, Gr.M. 1619857/09 Chequered Patrica  Verhaegen


JOHNY JONCKERS, ….. the MESSI 145-10,

A super cock with a super prize list : 1 Pithiviers 464d, 1 int.prov Bourges 2883d, 7 nat zone C Argenton 2064d, 11 int.prov Argenton 2574d, 11 int.prov Chateauroux 3199d, 20 int.prov Toury 2143d, 21 int.prov Argenton 2203d, 35 int.prov Toury 2134d, 37 int.prov Montlucon 3180d, 59 nat zone C Chateauroux 5564d, 78 nat zone C Bourges 6289d en 88 nat Bourges 10035d

In his origins, we find the 6243897/06 Agy - Verreckt - Ariën – Daughter of the 230/02 Blue white feather Inbreed Jackpot Patricia Verhaegen x 030/02 Daughter basic pair Dikke Lowet x Lange Lowet Verreckt - Ariën




1 Olympic Pigeon Cat. C Budapest 2015

2 NAT Ace Heavy MD KBDB 2014

1 Nat (z) Bourges 3.750p, 2 Nat (z) Montlucon 3.721p, 3 Nat (z) Argenton 3.519p, 3 Nat (z) Tulle 1.817p, 3 Nat (z) Argenton 832p, 4 Nat (z) Montlucon 2.162p,11 NAT Chateauroux 6.005p

Father is the 6229105/07 Fast Boy Son of the “053/04” Rapido I,  Patricia Verhaegen

Hok Freddy Kestens logo 

1 UNION BR. VALENCE 845 Old birds

A top LD-racer, teh 2221687-14, won in 2016, 1 Un.Br. VALENCE 845 p - 12 Nat Z 3996 p - 22 NAT 6236 P - 216 Nat Montauban ….

His father, the 444/09, cross breed R Menten x P VERHAEGEN

His mother, the 007-07, Rene STERCX X P VERHAEGEN

Daniel Parijs 

DANIEL PARIJS , OTTENBURG – at the base of his colony: Klak, Van Hove - Uytterhoeven and Patricia Verhaegen


The ISABEAU 2119212/13  - 7° Prov Ace Heavy MD Un.Brab. of GEOFFREY JANSSENS from Baal, which collected an impressive prize list with 5 NAT LA SOUTERRAINE 9137 p - 14 Blois 1164 p - 232 NAT Issoudun 16615 p - 563 NAT La Souterraine 13089 p - 1099 Nat Bourges 24019 p…..

Grandfather was the 2049088/07 Chequered grandson of super pair: "Grijze Kannibaal" x "Jackpot Hne" Patricia Verhaegen


Patrick LISMONT , Bekkervoort … the 2224311/14 - 10 Nat Ace SD Y.B.KBDB 2014

A top pigeon with 1/52 - 3/1755 - 4/237 - 5/1789 - 8/83 - 9/2442 - 13/1432 - 13/1039 - 19/3152 - 104/3693 - ….

Grandmother is the 2047224/11 Dark chequered P Verhaegen  Daughter of the 446/08 Garfield won 3 x 1st x 406/08 Pagy, daughter of half-brother "Miss Rapido"


 Laremans Liesl logo

LIESL LAREMANS, Veerle Laakdal - 1 NAT C1 NEVERS 2892 Y.B. - 3 NAT 11579 p.

Grandmother of this 6201170/13 was the 2198231/04 Norton 1 prov Le Mans. Son of the 074/02 Son Griet x 071/02 Miss Granada Patricia Verhaegen Daughter Provinciaaltje.


Guido LOOCKX, Tessenderlo

1 Prov. BOURGES 2181 Yrl.

Bourges-specialist Guido Loockx from Tessenderlo, always honours his name. On the first confrontation from Bourges of May 23rd ’09, his yearling team dominated the complete province of Limburg.

KAI-MOOK, the famous hen of Guido LOOCKX, OLYMPIC hen MD Poland, she won among others 1 Prov. BOURGES 2181 p - 5 Ptihiviers 1017 p

Her father is a direct Patricia Verhaegen , brother of the Super, which is father Miss Rapido (2nd Nat. Ace-pigeon MD).

He also became father of GRINTA 202-11, which won 1 Prov TULLE 1049 p (9 minutes ahead) - 1 NAT ZONE 3330 P - 8 NAT 10251 p (also won 2/605 - 3/1783 - …)


Out of the best pigeons of Patricia Verhaegen (Aarschot) of basic hen Jackpot - Grijze Kannibaal (Dirk Vandijck), got paired on the loft VERRECKT ARIEN to their basic pair Lowet and they produced several super pigeons!!!


We only found 2016 :

1 Nat Bourges 7416 on father’s side Patrica Verhaegen

1 Nat Bourges 19735 p , as well on father’s as on mother’s side P Verhaegen ....


The base VERHAEGEN ……

In 1997, they visited GOMMAIRE VERBRUGGEN, where they bought the « Zwarte VERBRUGGEN », a cock of the strain of the world famous « 020 ».  There also was the input of some Guido LOOCKX-pigeons, Tessenderlo, out of strain Vooruit …. Afterwards, they also went to Edwin Verstappen in Booischot, where they bought a brother of his OLYMPIC pigeon.  A grandson of « James Bond » with  Eyerkamp and super breeder, strain RAMBO - KANNIBAAL with Dirk VAN DYCK and some top pigeons of Theo YSKOUT.  The best of the loft was the famous JACKPOT hen, which they received of Josef Vuistermans, Ramsel.  She became a world famous breeding hen. Together with the KANNIBAAL cock of VAN DYCK, she became mother top pigeons like the « Super » 657/00, paired to the 443/99 Theo Yskout, parents of the famous « MISS  RAPIDO »  3 NAT Ace MD KBDB 2003,


Important INFO

This is a total auction!

Patricia did all she could to make a clear pedigree of all pigeons present, very correct. The way Swa ennobled his «colony» by inbreed is beautiful.

Here, we present QUALITY ! BREEDING MATERIAL of the highest level.  Besides, it’s a TOTAL AUCTION with more than 200 pigeons, which will be sold in only one day. So, you have enough to choose from.  You don’t have to expect high prizes but prizes that everybody can afford.

The results of these pigeons didn’t get written down these last few years.  We did look and found the most important top pigeons, which always returned and most of us already know them all because of their famous «hereditary qualities».
That’s why we decided to write down the results of these toppers.  Let these be your guide in this auction.  We prefer to give the necessary information to the buyers so they can make a choice.



2251396/ 99 ,

1 Prov. BLOIS’99

2 Prov. BLOIS’00


31 NAT BOURGES 18028 p

56 NAT La Souterraine …

95 NAT BOURGES 11249 p

2251413-99, Den 13

3 x Top 100 National

31 NAT LA Souterraine

45 NAT Argenton

79 NAT Bourges

‘ MARIKA’ 2198254/ 04

daughter ‘ Provinciaaltje’

2 NAT Z Bourges’05


De Super 2168657-00

(father Miss Rapido)

75 NAT Bourges 23952 p

2 Pithivers 356 p

2 Soissons 238 p

4 Noyon 1435 p

212 NAT Bourges 16119 p

 ‘MISS RAPIDO’ 2204067/ 01

3 NAT Ace MD KBDB’03

1 Momignies 401 p

1 Soissons 284 p

1 Sens

1 Prov. Argenton 2431 p

1 Prov.Blois 1424 p

1 Prov.  Bourges

2 Prov. Bourges 306 p

2 S/Nat Argenton 10767 p

6 S/Nat Argenton 9302 p

21 S/Nat Chateauroux 4242 p

26 I.Prov. Chateauroux 8538 p


2198277-04,  (son Miss Rapido)

1 Prov. Chateauroux 1956 p

16 S/Nat Chateauroux 11526 p

22 Prov. Montluçon 1258 p

43 I.prov. Montluçon 7459 p

32 Prov. Argenton 844 p

122 S/Nat Argenton 4522 p

602 Nat Bourges 10759 p

Norton 2198231-04,

1 Momignies

1 Blois

1 Prov. Le Mans 798 p


‘IVANA’  2244226/03 




2049103-07, « den 103 »

1 S/Nat Bourges

1 Prov. Argenton

(father of Florian and Fabiana…)



1 Prov. Bourges 2506 p

1 CFW Bourges 6778 p

14 NAT Bourges  24676 p

24 CFW Montluçon 6185 p



1 Prov. Argenton 1905 p

1 Soissons 337 p

3 Pithiviers 260 p

137 Nat Bourges 17138 p

48 CFW Montluçon 6185 p


 "Den Hoero"

1 Nat B La Chatre 5452 p

13 NAT La Chatre 15780 p

48 Prov. Chateauroux 2043 p

91 CFW Argenton 1535 p

189 NAT Argenton 3501 p

303 CFW Bourges 6778 p


Now it’s up to you.  Make your choice and succeed!