地点: LEEFDAAL - 比利时
区: B区

In 1998 Jos Deno and Filip Herbots decided to make a combination. The purpose was to be very successful on the races from 400km till 800km. About 15 years later we can surely note that their target was more than reached because the combination Deno-Herbots won everything what can be won on those distances. The domination of the Deno-Herbots pigeons was very impressive ! End December 2011 Jos Deno decided to slow down a little bid. Jos retired and now the time was there to enjoy life more. Together with his lovely wife Paula Jos would enjoy his “old days”. Life still had so much to offer . For that reason all pigeons older than 2011 were auctioned in a public auction. With a smaller group of pigeons Jos went on its way to enjoy his beloved pigeon sport. But fate decided differently. Health was not always good and on top of that, Jos wife Paula suddenly passed away. The death of Paula was for Jos an uppercut of the highest level…. On top of that Jos has additional health problems and therefore Jos decided, this together with Filip Herbots, to stop pigeon sport definitively. Every bird, every loft, every box, every electronic clocking system, every basket …. It will be all sold. This is really the end of Deno-Herbots !


Eind 1997, toen Jos na een succesvolle duivencarrière op het punt stond te stoppen met de duiven kon Filip Herbots er hem toe bewegen om samen een tandem te vormen en verder te gaan onder de naam DENO-HERBOTS.

Men ging verder met de oude soort en nieuw bloed: Eug Simon,G Verbruggen, G Vandenabeele,J-L-N Houben,M Vandersmissen en Herbots Gebr.
Voor de grote fond Hausoul, Florizoone, Van Eycken.
Dit geheel gaf schitterende successen: 1e nat Cahors 2001-1e nat Limoges 2005-1e nat Argenton 2009
Een resem as- en Olympiade duiven en nationale en provinciale kampioenschaptitels.