Vandenabeele Gaby

Gaby Vandenabeele from Dentergem in West Flanders… his pigeons are without doubt part of the history of Belgian pigeon sport.  Many people have asked the charming Gaby about his secrets but somebody who obtains this kind of results after all these years and who can keep his colony at such a solitary height, can only have one secret: to own SUPERIOR PIGEONS !
Gaby has without any doubt a flair for excellent pigeons… he somehow has the feeling to breed super pigeons like the world-famous “Kleinen”, “Wittenbuik”, “Bliksem”, “Rudy”, “Super Romeo”, “New Bliksem” and many more! Pigeons that bred unique class pigeons not only at Gaby’s but also worldwide.  How many winners against thousands of pigeons have been born from these famous Vandenabeele pigeons? This is really impossible to keep up. 


We would gladly give you different references but the problem is that this list is never-ending and too impressive ! Even after a severe selection of the names this reference list would still be too long.  
The proof is present… the Vandenabeele pigeons are the strong foundation for many top colonies.
The Vandenabeele pigeons are in some way a guarantee for success. If not in 1st generation than guaranteed in the 2nd or the following generations, the Vandenabeele pigeons will be successful.  Therefore so many pigeon fanciers are eager to invest in these class pigeons and for this reason the Herbots family, based on their many years of experience they have as top pigeon fanciers, has made a very severe selection of 10 pairs original Gaby Vandenabeele pigeons.  These are all pigeons which have been thoroughly selected and which have been paired up with the necessary feeling.
Please analyse very carefully the original Gaby Vandenabeele pedigrees because you have the chance to buy youngsters from the best of the best from the Vandenabeele colony. 

Babies born from son “Rudy” (father of “Super Romeo”: 1 National ace pigeon KBDB Fond yearlings 2013), babies born from sons and daughter “Super Romeo” and from the famous breeding lines of “New Bliksem” (1 Nat. Tulle 11.707 p.) – “Wittenbuik” – “Bliksem” – “Neptunus” – “Kapitein” – etc…
And this at a very exceptional price of
PAIR 1, 2, 4, 5: 500 EUR per young bird.
PAIR 3: 1000 EUR per young bird. (Parents 1st Prov. Ace K.B.D.B. All round Y.B. 2017)
PAIR 6, 7, 8, 9: 400 EUR per young bird.
PAIR 10: 350 EUR per young bird.

If you are looking for young, talented pigeons bred from these original Vandenabeele top pigeons published in this breeding book, do not hesitate to contact Jo Herbots (
We are here to help and advise you.

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