The 1st Semi-National race of the season is traditionally Vierzon. No less than 9,892 old birds started off on this race, where the winning pigeon is to be found in the Eastern part of Flemish-Brabant at Paul Jamar. Paul has been a strong opponent since a few years now in the club of Rummen and nationally you can find him between the best of the best. This year his racing team is on track fantastically and his top hen "Dina” 2114805/2016 takes care for the frosting on the cake early in the season. She isn't only the fastest of the 9,892 old pigeons but also the fastest against all 15,722 released pigeons and this in a hard but fair race. The rest of his racing team also took care of a nice total result on Vierzon and his year birds did a fantastic job on the middle distance race. We are convinced that we will see his name within the coming national races as the shape of his pigeons is top.

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Only racing the hens

Paul chose to race just as many amongst us only the hens and to focus on the greater middle distance. He has been doing this with a lot of successes over the last few years. They were being coupled during Winter time so they are all fond of their box and have a solid home staying partner. They could race one youngster and after this their season could start of. They raced 2x Momignies, 2x Soissons and 2x middle distance before the old racing team (11 pigeons) went off to Vierzon.

They train twice a day daily, the first time at 06u30 in the morning and the 2nd time at 15h00 in the afternoon. The flag is being hoisted but actually they train one hour without any effort. Former years I went to feed them in between the trainings but as they like to train so much now I'm not doing this at the moment. .

At basketing they always come together in their breeding box where their partner sits waiting, they all get one by one their cock and when the last pair is together I start to take away the first again. After the race they can always stay for about 3 hours with their partner before they move back to their loft.

On this hens loft are small boxes where Paul has placed an extra shelf so they certainly can't fit in with two and there are aluminium rolls on the floor so that pairing up amongst each other isn't possible either. He also has ATX - plates to improve the climate on the loft. I set it up on 15-16°C and 75% humidity, especially after chilly nights in the month of May you can notice the difference in heat on the lofts.  

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2114805/2016 Dina Blue White Pin Hen

The winning hen is a classy hen, not very big, a superb wing and a set of very special eyes ! She shined last year on provincial races more than once, this because she stayed away once during 3 days whereby she got first the opportunity on the provincial races before she was placed on a national race. Last year it was Bourges II where she won a price again which also made that she survived the racing team selection at the end of the season. Giving pigeons time to recover fully pays off !

1       S.Nat             Vierzon ‘18             9,892b        468km
1       Fastest                                      15,722b
1                            Blois ’17                    102b         462km
2       Br.Union                                      3,122b       
1                            Blois ’17                      89b        462km
9       Br.Union                                      1,681b       
22                          Melun ‘18                1,377b       305km
36      Br.Union        Chateauroux ‘17      3,449b       520km
74      Nat (z)                                        6,297b
41                          Chevrainvilliers ‘18      732b       348km
43                          Soissons ‘18             1,661b        206km

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Father 6225617/2012 Den 17 – Van Eynde – Goovaerts
Super breeder 
 Father of “Karen” 3 Prov Chateauroux 1,817b - 45 Nat Gueret 16,262b – 97 Nat (z) Argenton 5,327b

Gr.F. 6181005-2009 Blue Tornado Van Eynde – Goovaerts
           Son of “TORNADO STAMKOPPEL”
           Son of “585/04” Tornado cock grandson 231/86 Engels x “163/05”
          Kaasboerin Daughter Kaasboer G Vandewouwer
Gr.M. 6358771/2009 Blue Van Eynde – Goovaerts
           Super breeding hen
            Mother to “447/15” Prinses Jana 1 Nat Montlucon 10,752b( fastest against 20,214b )
           Daughter to “094/08” Sergio Zoon Kaasboer x “084/02” Nest sister 
            Father Palme D’Or De Belser

Mother 2165985/2010 Blue white pin inbred Kaasboer

Gr.F. 6111723/2009 ½ brother Laura – Gaston Vandewouwer
          ½ brother “Laura” 1 Nat Bourges 
           Son of “129/07” Rony Zoon Kaasboer x “210/04” Asduifke 2004
Gr.M. 6181106/2009 De 106 - Van Eynde – Goovaerts
           Super breeding hen
           Mother to “243/14” 3 x TOP 100 National
           Mother to “752/11” 6 x 1st 
           Daughter to “735/07” Blue white pin Brother Olympiad Gaston
           Vandewouwer x “484/06” Blue white pin Jozef Goovaerts

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I always use the mixtures from Beyers. They always get Beyers Sport Energy together with Tarsin from Raf Herbots at homecoming and electrolytes in the drinking water. Afterwards I give them Beyers Galaxy Light accomplished with Tarsin in the morning and in the evening the same mixture but without anything added. I keep it up like this until Wednesday morning.

On Wednesday evening I give 50% Beyers Galaxy Light and 50% Beyers Sport Energy. Day of basketing it is 100% Beyers Sport Energy in the morning and at 16h00 they get 50% Beyers Sport Energy together with 50% Turbo Energy from Matador and peanuts.

The pigeons always train on the day of basketing and this in the morning, just as they did last Thursday before the basketing for Vierzon. They came home after one hour of training in bits and pieces and this is how Paul knew the shape was ready. They get then their last feeding and then they have to be ready.

In a medical way he trusts blindly on the advice of Raf Herbots, before the racing season they are being purified against tricho and the week after against head diseases and every three weeks a check-up is being planned. But until now he didn't have to give anything anymore, the shape and health is at the right point so leave them as they are is the message.

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Paul, the entire HERBOTS TEAM likes to wish you a big congratulation on this beautiful victory.

Buelens Kim