Giel Janssens and Jean Hausoul, Epen have known a superb year in 2017

Epen, a beautiful village situated within the triangle Maastricht – Liège – Aachen. Unknown beautiful nature makes life there as a God on earth. Amazing for all, for men and for animal. Also for pigeon tandem Giel and Jean Janssens-Hausoul and their feathered friends, the pigeons.


And since years with loads of successes. The 66 year old Giel (the one with the beard) and his 78 year old villager Jean take care of their colony of pigeon the entire year around splendidly and the only thing they desire from them is that they take care once or twice a year of a top result on a long distance race saying a distance where they were born for. And this is also the case since many years. Top results on races of 1,000km.

Since 2003 Giel and Jean are a tandem, whereby Giel has to do the work by himself as Jean has a double allergy for pigeons and can’t come onto the lofts often. The breeding and the composition of the breeding couples is the biggest hobby from Jean. And with success, this is how they won the ‘Coupe de Wallonie’, this the best result International (France – Belgium – Germany – Holland – England – Luxembourg – Poland) with the 1st 10 signed hens on Barcelona (1,080km) in 2011. Also winner of the ‘Cup I.A.T.P. Pipa ranking 2008, meaning the best result with the 1st signed on the 6 most heavy international races with a morning release : Pau – Barcelona – St. Vincent – Marseille – Narbonne – Perpignan (all race from 850km to 1,100km). Janssens-Hausoul are known as owners of pigeons for the toughest work. Giel explains : ’Everything that flies around Epen has to be able to race Barcelona, otherwise they don’t fit in our colony’. That sounds clear to me. Jean emphasizes one and another with the words :’Our pigeons get, the entire year round – so 365 days, – a top care, so can we ask them once or twice a year a top result on a long distance race meaning a distance they are born to race?’’

Next championships are an obvious proof of this:

1st National Ace bird over 5 years 2009 – 2013 on Barcelona with ‘Evi’
2 x 2 International European Cup 2006 and 2008
2 National Marathon 2008
3 International W.E.S.M. 2008
1 National + International Pau over 3 years 2006 – 2008
1 National St. Vincent 2006
1 International Rhone Valley 2008
2 Cup of Flanders 2009
1 + 2 National Marseille 2011 (the only two hens that got home at the day of release)
1 National Ace bird Perpignan 2017 over 3 years 2015 – 2017 (also candidate Internat. over 3 years! )
And also this year again candidate winner I.A.T.P. Cup Pipa ranking and so on…


Also Barcelona 2017 was amazing with regional 1 – 2 and 6 against 136b and 12 – 16 and 96 national against 4,504b (the international result isn’t known yet). Mention worthy is that the mother of the 16th national is a full sister of the first pigeon (12th national). I also want to emphasize that out of Perpignan the 33rd national was won by the black ‘800/13’, released at 07.00 and clocked in the evening at 21.26 for a distance of 935km and also 1st national Ace bird over 3 years (2015 - 2017).

Our pigeon colony is built up with old strains from Braakhuis and Van de Wegen and the last few years we crossed them with inbred from ‘Witbuiken’ through Guus van Aken and pigeons from Bros. Van Hout. And how well these kinds work out proofs the next result from the 28th of July out of Narbonne (876km). Released at 06.45, arrivals in the evening at 18.40 (old bird and 15th national). Following at 18.55 – 19.04 – 19.09 – 19.11 (old) – 19.15 – 19.18 – 19.23 – 19.37 – 20.02 (old) – 20.27 – 20.18 – 20.34 – 21.06 (old). Sixteen in total at 21.06, whereof 12 yearling hens (of a total of 21 yearling hens and 10 old cocks). The international result is not known yet but the national result for the hens is:
8 – 15 – 18 – 20 – 24 – 29 – 45 – 84 – 86 – 102 – 103 en 113 ! We can truly ask ourselves the question : Who did better?

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