Nouvelles générales

Le tandem H.MELARD – E.JODOGNE de Riemst.

Un tandem auteur de nombreux exploits et de nombreux prix de tête. 2017 : encore de nombreux prix de tête avec l’exploit sur Châteauroux AWC : 1 dans 6438 Vx. (+ gd vitesse du concours)


For this report we have a nice talk with father-son combination Lecke Theo and Markus from Holzhausen (Germany). Father Theo is already since 1951 pigeon fancier. He tells about the good old days when pigeon sport was the hobby of a lot of people. In those days there were more than 30 fanciers in his town! Altough the number of fanciers is going down fast, Theo kept racing pigeons. Begin ’70 he became the general champion of his club and since that period Theo became the best fancier of his region, even on national level he became the man to beat.