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Valence | 2017 CFW 6846



Beernem: Almost for 11 years is our Romanian pigeon fancier a habitant of Belgium. The first 3 year he lived in Brussels and since 2009 he has got his own house in Beernem. He entered his first loft list in 2012 and the KBDB was a real fresh pigeon fancier richer as before – neither in Romania – Marius had one single pigeon. The first pigeons came from fanciers out of his neighbourhood and then we’re talking about Hubert Depoortere and Marcel Van Braeckeveld (Oostkamp). He started off on the short distance and the middle distance but Marius preferred to see his pigeons get home from a long distance race and that’s why he invested in pigeons from different international marathon champions. ‘Too many names to sum up’, he tells us, ‘but I’ve been already successful with pigeons from Hubert Debaene, Emiel Denys, Norman, Labeeuw, and so on... “. 

The fact that Marius took his chances on the national races with a mixture of strains wasn’t a disadvantage at all as the last few years Marius won amongst other: 1st International Agen hens 2015 – 10th National Agen ’15 – 13th National Chateauroux ’16 – 14th National Montauban ’15 – 16th National Pau ’16 – 16th National Montauban and so on …Results that count if you would ask us!

Last weekend the icing on the richly filled cake was the national victory out of Valence. It was ‘Eva’…a grey hen that showed her tail to all the other Valence racers. Clocked at 15h12min and 33 seconds for a distance of 699km ‘Eva’ had a speed of 1,337.85 m/m. She has beaten with this speed the pigeons of Dekeyser (Koekelare – 1,331.08 m/m) and Vandenheede (Zingem – 1,325.14 m/m)


Marius explains: “To be honest I would have never expected that I would get a national victory on Valence. Valence is on the agenda as a preparing race for my Barcelona hens. The Barcelona hens can stay after Valence with their partners all the time and will go to the Catalonian capital on 10 to 12 days breeding. Apparently ‘Eva’ had to be super motivated being able to shake this wonderful results of her wings otherwise she wouldn’t have been able to do this amazing trick.

I started of the season on total widowhood with a group of 30 old widow cocks and 15 couples. These 15 couples aren’t ‘fixed couples’…there is a kind of chaos on the lofts, as they can only choose a cock or hen that made it home also. Personally I don’t attach too much attention to the fact that one of the partners of a head racing pigeon gets home much later. I noticed that they dare to crawl up with another home comer and when their own partner gets home later, they go back into their own box.


The racing hens were being coupled in February. Normally I wait until April but due to the compulsory requirement to keep the pigeons indoor during the bird flu, the hens became fond of each other so I coupled them. After a 5 day breeding the nests were taken away and the widowhood started off. Before her result on Valence ‘Eva’ also went to Bourges National. She didn’t see the inside of a basket anymore, with the exception a short training flight a few days before basketing.

In a matter of motivation nothing special has been done. ‘Eva’ had been taken of the loft, just as all the others, to be basketed.

The mixtures of Matador are on the menu but not a lot of other things are being done. Also in a medical way, everything is being kept very simple. This is how the racing team hasn’t been treated yet. Only when the extreme long distance races are on the program, he makes sure that the hens are being basketed in top shape and seen that Valence was only a preparation flight, they aren’t being cured yet.

Marius…congratulations from the entire Herbots team and enjoy your victory. 

B15-3043547: 1st NATIONAL VALENCE 6,846 OLD BIRDS

father of 1st NATIONAL VALENCE


Stefan Mertens

Number of pigeons


National 6846 old birds

Club Fond Wallonie 3093 old birds

Noyau Direct 2385 old birds


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