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19 Jun
24 Jun 07:35
Pau (Int.) | 2017 LCJ 11164


The 1st International race of the season is traditionally Pau. Normally the releasing point was in Pau itself but the organizer decided to move the releasing point to Mont de Marsan due to the bad weather the upcoming days in the valleys. On Friday morning there was bad weather with rain and clouds so the release was being postponed until Saturday morning, it was possible then to release early and at 7h35 the 11,164 old birds went off. The winner in Belgium became a hen  2173219/2014 “Zwarte Weduwe” (black widow) who let time stand still for a while in Wijgmaal. The beginning of a few stressful hours for Stijn and Jeroen Rans as what would it be, an International victory or not? In Belgium itself the winning pigeon would fly a bit more then 30m/min ahead, what already is amazing. On Sunday morning the results came and she became the 3rd International as she had to leave two Dutch pigeons ahead !

It was Wijgmaal at the top on Saturday on the National map as their fellow villager, Leon Van Horenbeeck, won National Argenton a few hours before. There’s going to be a big party the coming days….

This is a young long distance colony from the two brothers, Stijn and Jeroen, they run this colony together with their father Rudi who is responsible for the training of the pigeons where they are very grateful of !

Nesting game and chaos made this victory !

They make use of the nesting game with their year- and old racing pigeons to be able to race every long distance race with the best of the best. They prefer to race them on a 10-day breed at basketing and when they get home, the nests will be gone. They don’t see any youngsters most of the time in the nest. But sometimes it doesn’t work out as they want it to, on Vierzon they lost 5 cocks from one loft. That’s why 5 nests were lost and they had to do something with these hens. The national winning hen on Pau her partner was gone as well but she kept breeding anyway. She went along to Limoges and got a youngster just before basketing but she didn’t win big, just a small prize. Normally, the rule is that when a partner gets lost, the breeding box will be closed and the remaining partner has to look for another spot. After Limoges this was the case. The winning hen went looking and wanted to sit on the eggs of another lady, but this one didn’t allow that. As Stijn and Jeroen had noticed this, she got one egg on the floor where she was building a nest. She took the egg and defended it so the territorial instinct took over. A few days later she laid an egg herself and was being basketed for Pau on 4 to 5 days breeding with the known result. Her partner was favourite for Pau but she took all the honours for herself.

You see that a setback and the good attention of a fancier, can make something positive out of something negative.

Daily they are being trained twice a day for 1h15. Also in the weekend the pigeons have to train in between the long distance races, the count of the national winner is already above 3,000km. She raced Momignies, 7x Soissons, Vierzon, Limoges and now Pau. Also on Soissons she was early 14 days ago which was the sign that the shape was ok.

Last year she raced as a two-year old hen 3x prize on 4 long distance races with a 6th Provincial on Bergerac and the 30th Interprovincial against 1,678 old birds. There was already something in this one and now she showed herself fully ! When you have a look at her pedigree you won’t find a lot of information but both from father and mother they already bred top pigeons.

2173219/2014 Zwarte Weduwe Vuil Blauwe Duivin

  1 NAT    Pau          2,131b  872km
  3 I.NAT               11,164b
30 S.NAT Bergerac 1,678b  745km   

Clocked time : 18:43:02
Distance : 872,735km
Average speed : 1306,42 m/min

Father 2077505/2005 Jacques Versonnen through Ludo Ceuppens
Top breeder
Father of “262/14” 8 I.Prov Bergerac ‘15

Mother 2181644/2010 Rik Bruyninck hen
( strain De Clercq – Vervaeren )
Top breeder
Mother of  “359/13” 63 Nat Narbonne ‘14
Mother of  “262/14” 8 I.Prov Bergerac ‘15
Mother of  “997/15” 41 Nat Libourne ’16

The entire HERBOTS TEAM wishes the Rans family congratulations on this beautiful victory.

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Buelens Kim



De inrichter van de internationale wedvlucht vanuit PAU (23/06/2017), Colombe Joyeuse, in samenspraak met de buitenlandse inrichters en de KBDB, hebben beslist om, rekening houdend met 

  • de slechte weersomstandigheden in PAU m.n. dichte bewolking in de valleien
  • het feit dat deze weerssituatie nog dagen zal aanhouden

het konvooi te verplaatsen naar Mont-de-Marsan. De vrachtwagens zullen aldaar ter plaatse toekomen rond 19u00.

Pau   "+435502,00/-03029,00"



En concertation avec les organisateurs étrangers et la RFCB, l’organisateur du concours international de Pau (23/06/2017), la Colombe Joyeuse, a décidé, tenant compte:

  • des mauvaises conditions météorologique  à Pau c.-à-d. fort nuageux dans les vallées ;
  • du fait que cette situation restera inchangée durant quelques jours ;

de déplacer le convoi vers Mont-de-Marsan. Les camions arriveront sur place vers 19h00.

Ce soir, l’organisateur communiquera les coordonnées de Mont-de Marsan.

Number of pigeons


PAU 2017


België - La Belgique - Belgien - Belgium    2.147

Nederland - Pays-Bas - the Netherlands - die Niederlande 3.514

Engeland - Angleterre - Royaume Uni - UK    512

Duitsland - Allemagne - Germany - Deutschland    1.197

Frankrijk - La France - France - Frankreich    3.764

Luxemburg - Luxembourg     30


Totaal - Total:    11.164


Pau 2017    11.164        +1232,00

Pau 2016    9.932          +870,00

Pau 2015    9.062          +598,00

Pau 2014    8.464          -77,00

Pau 2013    8.541          +146,00

Pau 2012    8.395          -206,00

Pau 2011    8.601          +464,00

Pau 2010    8.137          + 529,00

Pau 2009    7.608          +714,00

Pau 2008    6.894



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