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19 Jul
22 Jul 07:30
Libourne | 2017 Indépendante Liège 3928



FASTEST OF 7,876b.

Oordegem: With Steven Van De Velde we have a real colourful person as national winner Libourne. Steven is a market vendor and has his own view on pigeons and pigeon sport. Steven lives in Erpe-Mere but his loft is at a distance of 10km of his house, in Oordegem. On his own way, adjusted to the little spare time he has, he practises pigeon sport. Steven doesn’t keep an all-day method but it is a method that resulted last weekend in a national victory !


We let Steven tell his story : ’the winning hen (B12-4251684) was marked on the list for Limoges but the day before basketing I noticed that she left her nest. No Limoges, so she should race Jarnac instead, is what I thought and gave her a just born youngster. My national winner cared for the youngster, and was ready to go to Jarnac. But on the day of basketing I noticed she was about to lay an egg…so I left her home to basket her a few days later for Libourne. So…my hen went into the basket with a youngster of about 10 days and on 5 days breeding at the same time..

The father was bought in 2009 at the total sale of Jos Francken as he raced their very well. Jos, who races again in the meantime, also got a super breeder out of him, father of a.o. 2nd Provincial Libourne and 1st Provincial Agen 2014. The mother comes from their own strain of his father, the late Richard Van De Velde…mainly Peiren ,De Ceunink –Vanhoucke, Coutteau through late Antoine Vanhove.


We already told you…Steven has a busy job so very little time to take care of his pigeons. Steven explains: “Every day I leave very early to the market, so I can only spent time with the pigeons in the afternoon. You can surely call my method ‘not a daily one’. Believe it or not, but the old, yearlings and youngsters are all on one loft. Everything is being released together once a day and during the season I’m out waving the flag for about one hour to keep them in the air. I never clean…the dry method is ideal for me. Feeding always happens in an ‘all they can eat’ way, giving them a standard mixture accomplished with barley and once in a while Top Energy or a Black Label mixture of Versele-Laga.
Medically I try to keep the medicine cupboard closed as much as possible. And if I treat them, I will do this individually with either Flagyl or BS. This season I went for a check-up the week before Barcelona to vet Vandercruyssen (Oosterzele). My pigeons got some coccidiosis but we didn’t treat them against it. Youngster are only being bred in the summer and the ones who get sick have to sweat it out. This is how they built up a strong and natural resistance. As year bird they race one time Toury to be able to race the nationals as an old bird.”

As a reporter we didn’t go a lot to places where this kind of method is being followed. But in Oordegem we saw and felt that this is where it has to be about in pigeon sport and that is that a group of friends can enjoy this wonderful result of a small blue hen that won against almost 8,000 other Libourne racers !

Steven… congratulations from the entire Herbots team and enjoy your national victory… 

B12-4251684 : 1st NATIONAL LIBOURNE 3,928 OLD BIRDS - FASTEST OF 7,876b.

Stefan Mertens

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