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19 Jul
22 Jul 07:30
Libourne | 2017 Indépendante Liège 3948



Freddy Vandenheede... his brother Jacques is on holiday in Palma De Mallorca. 


Zingem: Our yearly trip to Freddy and Jacques Vandenheede in the Heulestraat 63 in Zingem. The list of honour of the 2 brothers is truly unique and unseen!  This national Libourne is number 16 on the list…yes, that’s correct…16 national victories in 19 seasons and to complete the picture, the next national KBDB championships were won: 1st National Champion KBDB Long Distance 2014 – 1st National Champion KBDB Long Distance 2013 – 1st National ace bird long distance KBDB 2013 old birds – 1st National ace bird great middle distance KBDB 2013 yearlings – 1st General Champion KBDB 2012 and then we even don’t mention the 2nd and 3rd places in both the national results as the national KBDB championships. 


The underneath points, concerning the widow cock game, were being noted down for you at the Vandenheede place:

  1. The national victory was won by the yearling cock “Palma De Jacques” (B16-4065358). With a speed of 1,651.35 m/m he won from all the other yearling pigeons from Libourne. “Palma De Jacques” is part of a 110-headed widow cock team. An extended team that came after the move (in 2016) from the widow cocks from the right side of the loft to the left side of the loft. Despite the fact that the department of the widow cocks can be divided, all doors are open and the widow cocks live all together on 1 large loft.
  2. The cocks used to stay together the entire winter, but since a few years of time this system isn’t being followed anymore and the sexes are separated now the entire Winter.
  3. On the 15th of March, the widow cocks were coupled. They could raise a youngster and on this nest position, they went to their first races. 
  4. The only disadvantage is that this late coupling brings the widow cocks sooner to moulting. The national winner from Libourne already lost his 3rd pin.
  5. At basketing the widow cocks are just taken from the loft. No hen neither a nest dish to motivate. The atmosphere on the loft has to take care of the necessary motivation. Al lot of space, a lot of pigeons, straw on the loft…it has to be as cosy as possible so they are triggered enough to get home really fast.
  6. It is really not a necessity that the widow cocks train twice a day at home. With one training it works out as well perfectly. If they train, we like them to go away for a while and move with a lot of power for a full hour.
  7. We used to attach to so many details that didn’t do any good any way. Feeding is one of these . We work from light to heavy with Super Diet, Sport and an energy full mixture. The widow cocks can eat as much as they want for half an hour before the dish is taken away.
  8. Medically, the widow cocks are being cleared from tricho and ornithes before the start of the season. This cure was being repeated in the week prior to the basketing of Limoges II (1st week of July).
  9. We enjoyed fully our result on Libourne of the yearling birds. According the first prognoses they win nationally: 1st – 9th – 46th -47th – 66th and so on…Our old birds did disappoint a bit. Despite the fact that they are on the same loft, get the same treatment, they didn’t fulfil the expectations. Does the weather has something to do with it…are the old birds ‘too smart’ and do they dare to fly around the rainy zones…who knows?
  10. And if you are wondering where the name of the national winner comes from…well, Jacques was on holiday last weekend in Palma De Mallorca.

Freddy and Jacques… congratulations from the entire Herbots team and see you at your next national victory ! 


"PALMA DE JACQUES" B16-4065358


Stefan Mertens


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