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12 Jul
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Jarnac | 2017 Derby Hainaut 4732



In 2016 father and son Loobuyck had a super season. Then their ‘De Jan’ (B14-4198064) won 1st National Montauban and became their “Spirit” (B13-4156913) 1st National Ace bird Long Distance KBDB at the end of the season. When we made a report of them last year, Jos and Jan closed our interview saying: ‘ It’ll be hard to have superb results again in 2017.  “Spirit” and “De Jan” were sold and a few great racers moved on to the breeding loft. Besides that, a few good pigeons were lost in races. But look…we didn’t even end the month of July and a new national victory can be added to the list of honour of the Loobuyck family. A victory that proves once again the class on their loft. 

This marvellous result was taking care of by widow cock “Jarnac” (B15-4008351). With a speed of 1,296.87 m/m he crossed a distance of 653km. He left all other 9,532 Jarnac racers, behind him. Whether the ‘Jarnac’ was motivated? Jan:’ honestly…not that we know of. He already won a first prize on Arras but other than that, he didn’t stand out yet. He surely wasn’t one of our leads. The shape of our widowers team did increase though. We didn’t only notice it on their eager to train but also at the results of the last weeks. We won 2 times 2nd on Limoges in our club and a 1st on Cahors.


The racing team exists out of 21 old cocks and 39 year birds. The racing pigeons don’t breed before the season. Half of February they are being coupled and breed 10 days. Beginning of April they are being placed together for a few days to get them trained. The hens can’t lay eggs anymore. The real game starts as from the first long distance race from Limoges, what even though didn’t precluded to win on Arras, Clermont and Fontenay.
Their shape mostly comes in July as most of the racers reside on brick lofts. It warms up a bit slower but do deliver a certain kind of shape once the classics are near. As soon as it starts to be warmer in the morning, the widow cocks train twice a day. In April we also place bean straw on the loft to make it cosier. After a fire in 2010, where all the hens and youngsters died, we don’t make any use any more of heating plates.’


The old an yearling pigeons are being raced every two to three weeks. When they get home on Saturday they find ‘Dhoca Energy’ in their individual eating cup and electrolytes in the drinking water. On Sundays it stays ‘Dhoca Energy’ and ‘yellow drops’ are being given. Then they change onto ‘Dhoca Fond Plus’ (sports mixtures) and this until a few days before basketing. Jos feeds the widow cocks, individually by spoon when feeding up. Afterwards they change again to ‘Dhoca Energy’. The cocks are also spoiled daily with a few peanuts and a fresh grit mixture with some candy is being given as well.

The widow cocks were only being cured before the season against the known diseases. Also against paratyphus (with an injection). Ruben Lanckriet is their medical councillor, but during the season they give as less as possible medication. They do make use of yellow drops and they do interact when necessary. The entire team was being purified before the season (tricho and head). A few weeks ago they were being treated for a first time this season against head diseases. They got during 3 days Soludox and Linco Spectin in the drinking water.

Jan and Jos… we saw that this victory was one that made you feel really good about. Enjoy it and see you again soon with a next one ! 

B15-4008351: 1st NATIONAL JARNAC 4,732 OLD BIRDS

 Stefan Mertens

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