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12 Jul
15 Jul 07:15
Jarnac | 2017 Derby Hainaut 4.800





Oostham: A few weeks ago, Gert Noels won already the 1st Provincial Brive and now he can show off even more as he won last weekend the 1st National Jarnac against 4,800 year birds. The 1st national victory is a fact with this achievement next to the 17th Provincial victory at the Noels colony.

Jarnac became a nice long distance race where the first pigeons just didn’t make the 1,300 m/m. The national winner from Gert got a speed of 1,292.64 m/m and this for a distance of 715.718km. Gert explains:’ we got 2 pigeons at the same time. Honestly…I thought I got two home at once but one wasn’t mine. Luckily my hen ‘Lourdes’ went in very quickly and she didn’t lose any time with the strange pigeon.”


The story of the national winner ‘Lourdes’ is a bit strange…we let her boss tell her story. ‘My racing team exists out of 30 couples which are being raced on total widowhood. On the 15th of December they were being coupled, could raise a couple youngsters and were being separated afterwards. There wasn’t a second coupling but I left the couples together every week for about an hour. Just a matter of remembering each other.

During the season the cocks are on the loft with normal boxes and the hens reside on a department with small boxes to avoid pairing up amongst each other. A few hens…whereby my national winner ‘Lourdes’…did pair up with each other anyway and as I couldn’t help it, I just let them be. As an extra motivation I placed carton boxes over the nests of the hens who were on eggs. Also on the nest position they did perform well, but, and don’t ask me why, they stopped breeding after about 10 days. When I noticed that I took away the nests and the hens were on widowhood again.

Before basketing the cocks and hens come together for about 45 minutes. The hens were again ‘all in to it’, except for ‘Lourdes’…she just sat there watching the party from a distance. Where she took her motivation to get it all out on Jarnac, I just couldn’t tell you.


I have fully faith in the mixtures of Beyers. I use Galaxy Light and to feed them up towards a race I use Galaxy Energy. I’m also one of the ‘test-lofts’ for a new Thoné-mixture, but this will explained by the commercial people of Beyers when the time is there.

Before the start of the season I went for a check-up at vet Raf Herbots. I follow his advice blindly. I use yellow drops against tricho and I’m very satisfied with the products like Herbobeets (is being given always 14 days in a row), Pigeon HP, Recup Faste, Carbo, Amino Build (beginning of the week) and Tea Tonic (especially for the youngsters ) .


I have a lot to thank Jos Thoné (Niel-bij-As). He advices me with everything. I could get the best from Jos out of the strains of “Avril”, “Sachi”, “Goor”, “Sumo” and “Sedna I”. These Thoné pigeons were being coupled with ‘Claudio’ (3 x 1st Provincial) and children of ‘Olympic Wacko’ (Verreckt-Ariën). Further also pigeons out of the strains of “Primo” and “Valeska” from Albert Derwa and “National Treasure” and “Gladiator” L.B.J. Geerinckx.

Gert…congratulation from the entire Herbots team and do enjoy your victory. 

B16-2189226: 1st NATIONAL JARNAC 4,800 YEARBIRDS

Stefan Mertens

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